VIlma Santos Dolls - Circa 1970s

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2013/02/28 A Very Long Rivalry – 1984
2013/02/27 Vilma Santos Seven Golden Years 1977 – 1984
2013/02/26 OPM Jukebox Hits – Original Artists
2013/02/25 Eddie Garcia’s Vilma Santos Films
2013/02/24 Higit Ngayon Ang Reponsibilites ni Vi
2013/02/23 Laurice Guillen’s Vilma Santos Films
2013/02/22 Aktres: Pelikula at Lipunan 2006
2013/02/21 Luis Enriguez’ Vilma Santos Films
2013/02/20 Money and Vilma Santos
2013/02/19 Elwood Perez’ Vilma Santos Films
2013/02/18 Special Film: Pinay American Style
2013/02/17 Chito S. Roño’s Vilma Santos Films
2013/02/16 Special Film: Mahinhin vs. mahinhin (1981)
2013/02/15 Danny Zialcita’s Vilma Santos Films
2013/02/14 Vi The Victorious
2013/02/13 Filmography: Relasyon (PHOTOS)
2013/02/12 Grand Slam film, Relasyon
2013/02/11 Top 100 Films
2013/02/10 A Very Long Rivalry – 1979
2013/02/09 Recorded Songs
2013/02/08 Bring Back “VILMA!” – The Greatest Musical Variety Show Ever! (Repost)
2013/02/07 Discography (PHOTOS) 2/2
2013/02/06 Film Review: Imortal
2013/02/05 Discography (PHOTOS) 1/2
2013/02/04 In My Life (Videos)
2013/02/03 Discography: SIXTEEN (1970) Lyrics
2013/02/02 Vilma ages gracefully (Repost)
2013/02/01 Victor Wood and Vilma Santos
2013/01/31 Filmography: Payaso (1986)
2013/01/30 Video Links (2011)
2013/01/29 Vicor Music 40th Anniversary The Hits of Yesterday – 2 CD Special Collector’s Edition
2013/01/28 Video Links (2010)
2013/01/27 A Very Long Rivalry – 1989
2013/01/26 The Classic Vilma Santos Movies
2013/01/25 Cory Aquino (Videos)
2013/01/24 58 Lessons in Life: Let It Vi!
2013/01/23 Anak (soundtracks from the movie)
2013/01/22 Vilma S. Meet the Real Sister Stella L.
2013/01/21 2002 Best Actress Awards
2013/01/21 Extra (Ekstra)
2013/01/20 Remembering Jay Ilagan
2013/01/19 Quotes from Peers (Repost)
2013/01/18 Vilma at OK Fine! Whatevers (2003)
2013/01/17 Vilma Santos and Hilda Koronel
2013/01/16 Vilma Santos’ Discography (Repost)
2013/01/15 Filmography by ABC
2013/01/14 Sweet sweep for Stella
2013/01/13 Sixteen
2013/01/12 Film Scenes – Confrontations (Videos)
2013/01/11 Film Review: Adultery: Aida Macaraeg
2013/01/10 Walang Himala (Repost)
2013/01/09 Most Memorable Performances (Videos)
2013/01/08 Feminism
2013/01/07 Vilma-Nora-Vilma-Nora-Vilma-Nora
2013/01/06 Remembering Nida Blanca
2013/01/05 Miss X (Videos)
2013/01/04 2000 Gawad Dekada
2013/01/03 Pilyang Engkantada (1976)
2013/01/02 Film Review: Burlesk Queen
2013/01/01 Apat na Sikat

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