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1970 Our Lady of Peñafrancia (Patroness of Bicolandia) – Film with Ric Rodrigo, Dindo Fernando, Zeny Zabala, Rosa Mia
Jan 01, 1970 Young Love – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Nora Aunor, Tirso Cruz III
Jan 01, 1970 Mardy – Film with Eddie Perigrina
Feb 02, 1970 I Do Love You – Film with Eddie Peregrina
Feb 22, 1970 Songs and Lovers – Film with Eddie Perigrina, Edgar Mortiz
Feb 26, 1970 Bulaklak at Paru-paro – Film with Amalia Fuentes, Eddie Gutierrez
Mar 04, 1970 My Pledge of Love – Film with Romy Mallari, Victor Wood, Edgar Mortiz
Mar 18, 1970 Love is for the Two of Us – Film with Helen Gamboa, Ricky Belmonte
Apr 16, 1970 From the Bottom of my Heart – Film with Victor Wood, Edgar Mortiz
Apr 25, 1970 The Young Idols – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Reycard Duet, Johnny Delgado
Apr 26, 1970 Sixteen – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Perla Adea, Boy Alano
May 14, 1970 Because You’re Mine – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Anita Linda
Jun 14, 1970 Love Letters – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Romy Mallari, Alona Alegre
Jul 17, 1970 Ding Dong – Story by Pablo S Gomez. Film with Tirso Cruz III
Aug 09, 1970 Sweethearts – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Arnold Gamboa, Snooky
Aug 14, 1970 Give Me Your Love – Film with Tirso Cruz III, Tina Revilla
Aug 23, 1970 Mga Batang Bangketa – Film with Edgar Mortiz
Sep 23, 1970 I Love You, Honey – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Esperanza Fabon,
Sep 27, 1970 Edgar Loves Vilma – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Perla Bautista
Oct 04, 1970 Sapagkat Sila’y Aming mga Anak – Film with Tony Ferrer, Gina A
Oct 07, 1970 Mother Song – Film with Eddie Perigrina, Millie Mercado and Rosa Mia
Nov 22, 1970 Vilma, My Darling – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Vic Pacia
Nov 28, 1970 Nobody’s Child – Film with Tirso Cruz III, Maritesse, Romy Lapuz
Nov 30, 1970 May Hangganan ang Pag-Ibig – Film with Eddie Perigrina, Romy Mallari
Dec 13, 1970 Baby Vi – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Ed Finlan
Dec 30, 1970 Renee Rose – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Romy Mallari
Feb 14, 1971 Love at First Sight – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Patria Plata, Joe Sison
Apr 10, 1971 The Sensations – Film directed by Tony Santos. Film with Edgar Mortiz
May 25, 1971 Angelica – Film directed by Emmanuel H Borlaza. Film with Edgar Mortiz
Jun 20, 1971 Wonderful World of Music – Film with Tony Ferrer, Boots Anson Roa
Aug 24, 1971 Young Lovers – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Ike Lozada, Romy Mallari
Oct 03, 1971 Ikaw Lamang – Film with Paolo Romero, Eddie Garcia, Vic Silayan
Oct 10, 1971 Our Love Affair – Film with Edgar Mortiz
Nov 07, 1971 Teen-Age Senorita – Film with Manny DeLeon, Ike Lozada, Geraldine
Dec 28, 1971 Eternally – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Jingle
Mar 03, 1972 Aloha, My Love – Directed by Emmanuel H Borlaza. Film with Edgar Mortiz
Apr 01, 1972 Don’t Ever say Goodbye – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Paul Cassidy
May 27, 1972 Inspiration – First film directed by Bernal. Film with Jay Ilagan
Jun 03, 1972 Dulce Corazon – Directed by Leody M Diaz. Film with Edgar Mortiz
Jun 11, 1972 Little Darling – Film with Victor Wood
Jun 18, 1972 Remembrance – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Jay Ilagan, Tommy Abuel
Jul 16, 1972 Sweet, Sweet, Love – Film with Walter Navarro, Lilian Laing, Lirio Vital
Sep 14, 1972 Ang Kundoktora – Directed by Romy Zusara. Film with Jay Ilagan
Sep 29, 1972 Takbo, Vilma, Dali – Film directed by Gosiengfiao. Film with Rita Gomez
Oct 03, 1972 Dama De Noche – Directed by Emmanuel H Borlaza. Film with Edgar Mortiz
Nov 08, 1972 Hatinggabi Na, Vilma – Directed by Gosiengfiao. Film with Barbara Perez
Nov 12, 1972 Tatlong Mukha ni Rosa Vilma – Film with Edgar, Jay, Nick Romano
Dec 04, 1972 Dalagang Nayon – Film with Walter Navarro, Perla Adea, Romy Mallari
Dec 23, 1972 Leron, Leron, Sinta – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Jay Ilagan, Florence Aguilar
Feb 02, 1973 Tsismosang Tindera – Film with Jay Ilagan, Chanda Romero, Ike Lozada
Feb 14, 1973 Now and Forever – Directed by Bernal. Film with Mortiz, Chanda Romero
Mar 23, 1973 Lipad, Darna, Lipad – Film with Gloria Romero, Celia Rodriguez
May 05, 1973 Cariñosa – Film with Manny de Leon, Chanda Romero, Romeo Miranda
Jun 17, 1973 Dyesebel at ang Mahiwagang Kabibe – Film with Romeo Miranda
Sep 06, 1973 Anak ng Aswang – Film with Gloria Romero, Leopoldo Salcedo
Oct 03, 1973 Wonder Vi – Film with George Estregan, Nick Romano, Marissa Delgado
Oct 06, 1973 Maria Cinderella – Film with Jay Ilagan, Blanca Gomez, Geena Zablan
Dec 10, 1973 Ophelia at Paris – Directed by Celia Diaz Laurel. Film with Victor Laurel
Dec 22, 1973 Darna and the Giants – Film with Helen Gamboa, Rossana Marquez
Feb 08, 1974 Vilma and the Beep, Beep, Minica – Film with Rudy Fernandez
Feb 28, 1974 Phantom Lady – Film with Nick Romano, Rodulfo Garcia, Max Alvarado
Mar 29, 1974 Kampanerang Kuba – Film with Celia Rodriguez, Dindo Fernando
May 04, 1974 Batya’t Palu-Palo – Directed by Pablo Santiago. Film with Fernando Poe Jr.
May 15, 1974 Twin Fists for Justice – Film with Meng Fei
June 23, 1974 Biktima – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Celia Rodriguez, Leopoldo Salcedo
Jul 12, 1974 Mga Tigre ng Sierra Cruz – Film with Charito Solis, Dante Rivero
Jul 26, 1974 Kamay na Gumagapang – Film with Rosemarie Gil, Romeo Miranda
Sep 13, 1974 Tok, Tok, Palatok – Film with Jojit Paredes
Oct 12, 1974 Vivian Volta – Film with Edgar Mortiz, Eddie Garcia, Darios Razon
Nov 15, 1974 Happy Days are Here Again – Directed by Cirio H Santiago
Nov 29, 1974 King Khayam and I – Film with Joseph Estrada, Rod Navarro
Jan 24, 1975 Basta’t Isipin mong Mahal Kita – Film with Eugene Torre, Coney Reyes
Feb 28, 1975 Nakakahiya? – Film with Eddie Rodriguez, Gloria Romero, Barbara Perez
Apr 25, 1975 Ibong Lukaret – Film with George Estregan, Alona Alegre, Nick Romano
May 30, 1975 Hotdog: Unang Kagat – (cameo role) Film of 70’s OPM band Hotdog
Jun 12, 1975 Dugo at Pag-Ibig sa Kapirasong Lupa – An all star cast
Jun 27, 1975 Teribol Dobol – Film with Chiquito, Walter Navarro
Aug 29, 1975 Vilma Viente Nueve – Film with Jun Aristorenas, Lito Legaspi
Sep 21, 1975 Karugtong ang Kahapon – Film with Gloria Romero, Celia Rodriguez
Oct 17, 1975 Tag-ulan sa Tag-araw – Directed by Castillo. Film with Christopher de Leon
Dec 25, 1975 Darna vs. the Planetwoman – Film with Rosanna Ortiz, Eva Linda, Bentot
Feb 13, 1976 Hindi Nakakahiya – Film with Eddie Rodriguez, Gloria Romero
Feb 26, 1976 Mga Reynang Walang Trono – Film with Amalia Fuentes, Rudy Fernandez
Feb 27, 1976 Big Ike’s Happening (cameo role) Ike Lozada in starring role
Mar 05, 1976 Let’s Do the Salsa – Film with Walter Navarro, Ronnie Henares
May 21, 1976 Mapagbigay ang Mister Ko – Film with Jun Aristorenas
Jun 25, 1976 Bertang Kerengkeng – Film with Lito Anzures, Rudy Fernandez
Jul 10, 1976 Mga Rosas sa Putikan – Film with Trixia Gomez, Merlee Fernandez
Aug 23, 1976 Bato sa Buhangin – Film with Fernando Poe Jr, Philip Salvador
Oct 22, 1976 Pilyang Engkantada – Film of Winnie Santos, Vi’s sister
Dec 03, 1976 Nag-aapoy na Damdamin – Film with Romeo Vasquez, Walter Navarro
Dec 25, 1976 Makahiya at Talahib – Film with Rudy Fernandez, Trixia Gomez
Jul 01, 1977 Pulot-gata, Pwede Kaya? – Film with Romeo Vasquez, Paraluman
Aug 05, 1977 Susan Kelly, Edad 20 – Film with Dante Rivero, Anthony Alonzo
Oct 07, 1977 Dalawang Pugad, Isang Ibon – Directed by Bernal.
Oct 21, 1977 Masarap, Masakit ang Umibig – Film with Christopher De leon
Dec 09, 1977 Apoy sa Ibabaw Apoy sa Ilalim (cameo role) Lorna Tolentino
Dec 25, 1977 Burlesk Queen – Directed by Celso Ad Castillo. Film with Leopoldo Salcedo
Jan 19, 1978 Pinagbuklod ng Pag-ibig – Film with Romeo Vasquez, Tirso C. III
Feb 03, 1978 Bakit Kailangan Kita? – Film with Romeo Vasquez, Laurice Guillen
Feb 10, 1978 Simula ng Walang Katapusan – Film with Eddie R., Carmen Soriano
Apr 13, 1978 Amorseko: Kumakabit, Kumakapit – Film with George Estregan
May 26, 1978 Nakawin Natin ang Bawat Sandali – Film with Christopher De leon
Jul 14, 1978 Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-itim ng Tagak – Film with Bembol Rocco
Jul 23, 1978 Kampus – Film with Bembol Rocco, Mat Ranillo III
Aug 11, 1978 Mga mata ni Angelita (came role) Julie Vega in starring role
Aug 25, 1978 Huwag Hamakin Hostess (cameo role) Nora Aunor, Alma Moreno
Sep 08, 1978 Promo Girl – Directed by Gosiengfiao. Film with Bembol Rocco.
Oct 27, 1978 Disco Fever – Film with Christopher De Leon, Victor Laurel, Rio Locsin
Dec 01, 1978 Pag-ibig ko sa iyo lang Ibibigay – Film with Romeo Vasquez
Dec 08, 1978 Ikaw ay Akin – Directed by Bernal. Film with Nora Aunor
Dec 25, 1978 Rubia Servios – Directed by Brocka. Film with Philip Salvador
Jan 25, 1979 Coed – Directed by Emmanuel H Borlaza. Film with Jay Ilagan
Mar 09, 1979 Swing it, Baby – Film with Romeo Vasquez, Tito, Vic & Joey
Jun 29, 1979 Pinay, American Style – Film with de Leon, Rocco, Victor Laurel
Aug 17, 1979 Magkaribal – Directed by Perez. Film with Alma Moreno
Aug 24, 1979 Rock, Baby, Rock – Film with Junior, Rolly Quizon, Leah Navarro
Oct 05, 1979 Halik sa Kamay, Halik sa Paa – Film with Eddie Rodriguez, Ronald Corveau
Oct 22, 1979 Buhay Artista, Ngayon – Film with Dolphy, Panchito, Babalu
Dec 25, 1979 Modelong Tanso – Directed by Cirio H Santiago. Film with Charito Solis

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