FILMS - Trudis Liit

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RELEASE DATE FILMS (click title for link to available film info)
Feb 21, 1963 Trudis Liit – Film with Lolita Rodriguez, Luis Gonzales, Bella Flores
Apr 05, 1963 Anak, ang Iyong Ina – Movie with Gloria Romero, Eddie Garcia, Rita Gomez
Jul 04, 1963 King & Queen for a Day – First movie with Dolphy and Chichay
Jul 13, 1963 Duwelo sa Sapang Bato – DZXL radio serialized drama
Oct 09, 1963 Aninong Bakal – First movie with Ronald Remy and Carol Varga
Jan 20, 1964 Ging – Movie with Olivia Cenizal, Carlos Padilla Jr, Ramon DaSilva, Aruray
July 19, 1964 Larawan ng Pag-ibig – First movie with Ben David, Martin Marfil
Aug 08, 1964 Naligaw na Anghel – First movie with Maggie dela Riva, Anita Linda
Nov 16, 1964 Sa Bawat Pintig ng Puso – Film with Zaldy Zshornack, Marlene Dauden
Apr 12, 1965 Sa Baril Magtutuos – Film directed by Ronald Remy. Film with Bob Soler
May 15, 1965 Maria Cecilia – First movie with Van DeLeon and Jose Mari
Jul 20, 1965 Morena Martir – First movie with Loreta Marquez
Aug 23, 1965 Kay Tagal ng Umaga – First movie with Eddie Rodriguez and Lolita Rodriguez
Sep 07, 1965 Iginuhit ng Tadhana – Portrayed Imee Marcos. First movie with Rosa Mia
Jan 09, 1966 Hindi Nahahati ang Langit – Film with love triangle Marlene-Eddie-Lolita
May 05, 1966 Hampaslupang Maton – First movie with Jun Aristorenas (or Erap)
Aug 01, 1966 Ito ang Dahilan – First film with an All Star Cast
Nov 05, 1966 Batang Iwahig – First movie with Joseph Estrada
Dec 30, 1966 Ito ang Pilipino – Film with Joseph Estrada, Jay Ilagan, Barbara Perez
Jun 18, 1967 Longest Hundred Miles – Film with Katherine Ross, Doug McClure
Mar 30, 1968 De Colores – First film with Amalia Fuentes, Leopoldo Salcedo
Jun 16, 1968 Kasalanan Kaya? – Film with love triangle Marlene-Eddie-Lolita
Nov 04, 1968 Eagle Commandos – First movie with Max Alvarado, Bernard Belleza
Nov 14, 1969 My Darling, Eddie – Film with Eddie Perigrina
Nov 16, 1968 Sino ang may Karapatan? – Film with love triangle Marlene-Eddie-Lolita
Sep 07, 1969 Pag-Ibig, Masdan ang Ginawa Mo – First movie with Nida Blanca, Dolphy
Jul 27, 1969 Pinagbuklod ng Langit – Film with Luis Gonzales, Gloria Romero, Gina Alajar
Dec 16, 1969 The Jukebox King – First movie with Eddie Perigrina, Edgar Mortiz

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