2011 – 2010

VIlma Santos Dolls - Circa 1970s

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12/28/11 Film Review: Saan Nagtatago Ang Pag-ibig
12/21/11 Film Review: LANGIS AT TUBIG
12/14/11 Film Review: Young Love
12/07/11 Film Review: Pakawalan Mo Ako
11/30/11 Film Review: Tag-ulan sa Tag-araw
10/10/11 Collection of brief articles (repost)
09/28/11 Sister Stella L (Photos) 2/2
09/26/11 Sister Stella L (Photos) 1/2
09/18/11 Eva Linda sa Wish Ko Lang
04/26/11 Relasyon (Photos)
12/12/10 The Bernal-Santos Collaborations
11/27/10 Ronnie at Vilma’s old Liwayway article (Photos)
11/26/10 Top 100 Vilma Santos Films
11/26/10 Top 100 Vilma Santos Films (part ten)
11/26/10 Top 100 Vilma Santos Films (part three)
11/26/10 Top 100 Vilma Santos Films (part eight)
11/26/10 Top 100 Vilma Santos Films (part two)
11/26/10 Top 100 Vilma Santos Films (part seven)
11/26/10 Top 100 Vilma Santos Films (part six)
11/26/10 Top 100 Vilma Santos Films (part five)
11/26/10 Top 100 Vilma Santos Films (part nine)
11/25/10 Top 100 Vilma Santos Films (part four)
11/22/10 Vilma Santos’ Top 10 Film Directors 6/6
11/22/10 Vilma Santos’ Top 10 Film Directors 2/6
11/22/10 Vilma Santos’ Top 10 Film Directors 1/6
11/22/10 Vilma Santos’ Top 10 Film Directors 3/6
11/22/10 Vilma Santos’ Top 10 Film Directors 5/6
11/22/10 Vilma Santos’ Top 10 Film Directors 4/6
11/18/10 an Emmanuel H. Borlaza films and other directors
11/17/10 Top 100 Vilma Santos Films (part one)
11/12/10 Film Theme Songs (VIDEOS)
10/13/10 Top 25 Memorable Movie Lines (VIDEOS)
10/02/10 Filipino Movie Queens with Vilma Santos in Films
09/17/10 The Films of Christopher De Leon and Vilma Santos (VIDEOS)
08/15/10 Ang Tambalang Subok na Matibay Subok na Matatag
08/15/10 Sweet Love, Sweet Sixteen
08/15/10 Vi And Bot – Sweet Sixteen
08/15/10 Pagbabalik-Tanaw: Eddie at Vilma
08/15/10 Vi-Boyet Tandem: Pinagtibay ng Panahon
08/15/10 Top 10 Leading Men (Videos)
08/10/10 The Seasons In Vilma’s Life
08/03/10 Filmography: Mga Mata ni Angelita (1978)
07/28/10 1st shooting day ng Darna and the Giants
07/24/10 A real Roman holiday
07/24/10 Classic OPM
07/24/10 Queen Vi
07/24/10 The Classic Vilma Santos Movies
07/24/10 I’m home!
07/23/10 poems
07/23/10 What’s Love Got To Do With It – Isang Gabi Tatlong Reyna
07/23/10 Gov. Vi for vice president?
07/23/10 Products Endorsements
07/23/10 No saint but not the devil
07/23/10 collection of brief articles
07/22/10 If Vilma comes, can Edgar be far behind?
07/22/10 Interview with Jojit Paredes
07/22/10 Remembering Joe Quirino
07/22/10 Eric Cueto’s My Interview with VILMA
07/20/10 Still a youthful movie queen at 32
07/20/10 My Earliest Memories of Vilma
07/20/10 At 28, a changing maturing Vi
07/20/10 The Superstar at 18 Vilma Blooms
07/20/10 Thrilla in Lipa
07/19/10 QueenStar, new title for Vilma?
07/19/10 Her Dreams and Aspirations
07/19/10 Why Vilma succeeded, Nora failed in politics
07/19/10 Career Highlights
07/19/10 kilometric lines and crispy diallogues
07/18/10 The Vilma Santos-Ralph Recto Romance
07/18/10 DEKADA 60: Si Ate Vi, Si GING
07/18/10 Reyna ng Pelikulang Pilipino
07/06/10 26 Days in Amsterdam
07/06/10 Kisapmata Wins Nine Awards
07/05/10 family life in the 70s
07/05/10 Governor Vilma Santos talks about her family, showbiz, and politics
07/05/10 Quotes from Peers
06/27/10 Vilma…Born Winner
06/27/10 Repost: Woman For All Seasons
06/27/10 Ang Sarap ng Buhay Kapag May Isang Vilma Santos
06/27/10 The Ultimate Vilma Santos Scrapbook
06/27/10 Komiks Ni Ate Vi
06/27/10 beauty secrets
06/27/10 v magazine feedbacks
06/26/10 the star for many more reasons
06/26/10 Da King and Ate Vi
06/26/10 People Asia article: Brings Together Old Friends, New Foes
06/26/10 ANG ATE NI ATE VI
06/26/10 trendsetter’s top 9
06/26/10 Close Up and Jealousy
06/26/10 Outrage Magazine article: “VSR Gay Icon”
06/26/10 Vilma Santos: “continues to shine”
06/26/10 The Mysterious Hanky
06/22/10 favorite penpal (photos)
06/12/10 The First Grand Slam Best Actress in the Philippines
01/03/10 STAR for TV RECOGNITIONS (and other TV awards)
01/02/10 Two Doctorate Degrees In Humanities
01/01/10 Longest Reigning Box Office Queen of All Time

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