The Plot: Film-Am Edgar falls in love with Vilma. The two had a set back that ended with Edgar returning all Vilma’s love letters that he regreted and wanted it back. He went to Vilma’s house to retrieve it but was caught and accused of stealing. The whole misunderstanding ended up in court but was settled eventually. Edgar left the country but returned for Alona Alegre’s wedding to Victor Wood. He also reunited Vilma. – RV (READ MORE)

The Reviews: Love Letters started with Vilma entering a living room and Baby De Jesus started playing the piano.  Suddenly, Vilma started singing and after finishing her song, she left the room, while a very young Alona Alegre sitting beside her appeared to be in her own world, as if she heared, nothing.  There were no interaction between the three, no dialouge, making this opening scene quite irritating.  The next scene, we found out that Edgar, played by Edgar Mortiz is a Filipino-American. We assumed that he is vacationing and taking some course. Next scene, Victor Wood is singing on the telephone while Alona Alegre is listening on the other line. Then it Edgar turn to sing.  This time, in the men’s dormitory followed by Baby De Jesus.  Her limited dialouge: she wanted to sing  “to entertain Vilma.”  Then Edgar and Vilma are set to meet in a park but because Vilma was so late, Edgar decided to leave. When she arrived and found no Edgar, she started to cry and ofcourse, she sings!  Not to be outdone, its Romy Mallari’s turn to sing!  Then its Edgar turn to sing again.  Edgar got so mad with Vilma and decided to return all of Vilma’s love letters.  In protest, Vilma returned his gift, a ring and bracelet.

Afterwards she sings the theme song, “Love Letter.” She followed this up with her day dreaming scenes, remeniscing the time when the two of them are singing in the park. She then fell asleep but was awaken by an intruder! Presto! It was Edgar! Stealing their love letters! He escaped when Vilma’s parent caught them talking. The next scenes was a courtscenes. Vilma and Edgar plus Vilma’s parent testified in front of a judge. A phone call from the mayor who is connected to Edgar postponed the judge’s decision.  As turned out, Vilma’s parent also owned some love letters which made them understand what their daughter is now going through. At the breakfast table the next day, Vilma all of the sudden proclaimed that she doesn’t care about Edgar anymore. Then they discovered that Edgar and his friends decided to have a picket line in their house (ala-“Occupy Wall Street”???).  They decided to remained in the picketline over night with more singing.  Sleeping outside, the girls headed by Alona Alegre, decided to join the picketline. Vilma’s parent confronted them and Victor Wood all of the sudden declared that he wanted to marry Alona Alegre! And to add to the drama, Edgar decided to leave the country. The next scenes was Vilma receiving love letters over time. Then finally the promised wedding of Victor Wood and Alona Alegre, Edgar then seranade Alona and Victor.  When Vilma heard and saw Edgar, she run to the church’s balcony.  They reunited with a duet!  The End.

Love Letters is a musical films specially made for the fans of “teeny-bopper” stars – Vi and Bot.  The film was probably shot with improvisations, which means, without a written script.  This was noticeably clear as the film’s main characters and the actual names of the actors were not change at all.  The film’s main plot was the the stealing of love letters that ended in court,  followed by picket line (ala-“Occupy” Wall Street) that was hard to believe.  And also the one-after the other testimonies of Edgar, Vilma and both parents that were irritatingly funny. Although we are used to Vilma’s tolereable singing, we’re more surprise to see a singing Alona Alegre!  She looked more like Eugene Domingo (clearly before her sexy films/image).  One more thing, Alona’s wedding gown was worth a second look, its not like your ordinary wedding gown.  The head piece was a beaded hood that covers her hair and neck.  With so much singing, Baby De Jesus’s voice stands out among the girls but her piano playing acting was over the top. Victor Wood’s duet with Edgar Mortiz, “Beautiful Dreamers” is worth downloading. Danny Subido was responsible for inserting all the musical numbers that was quite a tasks particularly without a well written musical screenplay.  The film was shot in Baguio City and cinematographer, Avelino Peralta’s did a wonderful job showcasing the city on Vilma’s day dreaming except for the akward courtscenes.  Love Letters was produced by Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Production and directed by Abraham Cruz, a forgettable film that only a die hard Vi and Bot fans (and those who loves film nostalgia) can only appreciate. – RV

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Vilma Santos-Edgar Mortiz Love Team Circa 1970

Filmography: Angelica (1971)

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Basic Information: Directed: Emmanuel H. Borlaza; Story: Pierre Salas; Screenplay: Manolo Hombrebueno; Cast: Edgar Mortiz, Vilma Santos, Romy Mallari, Baby DeJesus, Scarlet, Yazmin Romero, Ernie Vega, Imelda Alonzo, Lily Valdez; Original Music: Danny Subido

Plot Description: No Available Data

Film Achievement: “…Borlaza gave Vilma Santos her very first best actress, winning the 1972 FAMAS for via Dama De Noche. He is also credited in narrowing the popularity gap between her and the musical era’s darling of the 70s, Nora Aunor. Total Number of Films in our list of VSR’s Top 50 films = 4 (#10 Lipad Darna Lipad 1973, #32 Dyesebel at ang Mahiwagang Kabibe 1973, #48 Darna and the Giants 1973, #49 Dama De Noche 1972)…” – RV (READ MORE)

Film Reviews; “…By late 1969, movie producers had been tapping a Vilma Santos-Edgar Mortiz love team. Edgar was a Tawag ng Tanghalan winner. They started to be together in the movies, My Darling Eddie (1969) and The Jukebox King (1969)…In 1970, the love team of Vilma Santos and Edgar “Bobot” Mortiz was officially launched in the movie Young Love, together with the another popular love team during that time, Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III. The Vi and Bot love team went on to do 14 more movies in 1970—The Young Idols, Songs and Lovers, Sweethearts, Sixteen, Love Letters, Love is for the Two of Us, Mga Batang Bangketa, My Pledge of Love, Renee Rose, Baby Vi, Because You Are Mine, Edgar Loves Vilma, From the Bottom of My Heart, and I Love You Honey. All did well at the box-office…” – Rommel R. Llanes (READ MORE)

“…Noong Dekada ’70, ang mga young stars ay kailangang marunong kumanta dahil yun ang uso kaya naman nagtayo ng sariling recording company ang nasirang manager ni Vi na si William Leary dahil ayaw niyang pahuhuli sa uso ang kanyang alaga. Ilan sa mga naging recording artists ng WILEARS RECORDS bukod kay Vi ay sina Edgar Mortiz, Ed Finlan, Sahlee Quizon, Hilda Koronel at Esperanza Fabon. According to Vi, kapag nagrerecord siya ng kanta ay nakatalikod siya sa dingding ng recording company at si Bobot ang umaalalay sa kanya. Ang SIXTEEN, na sinulat ni Danny Subido ang unang recording na ginawa ni Vi at ito ay flipsided by It’s So Wonderful To Be In Love. Ang SIXTEEN ay agad naging gold record at dahil dito ay gumawa ng pelikula ang Tagalog Ilang Ilang Productions, ang home studio ni Vi at ito ay ginawa nilang pamagat katambal si Edgar Mortiz. Hindi nyo naitatanong, muntik nang manalo si Vi bilang most promising singer sa AWIT AWARDS noong early ’70s…” – Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)

“…The loveteam of Edgar Mortiz and Vilma Santos endured a stiff competition from teeny bopper love team of Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III and came up with equal success with string of hit films during the musical era of the 70s. Together they did forgettable but commercial hits and also some hints of the years to come to Vilma Santos’ long career. The most notable one: Dama De Noche. Total Number of films with Vilma Santos – 25 (Young Love, Teenage Jamboree, Songs and Lovers, Renee Rose, My Pledge of Love, Mga Batang Bangketa, Love Is for the Two of Us, I Love You Honey, From the Bottom of My Heart, Baby Vi, Love Letters, The Wonderful World of Music, The Sensations, The Young Idols, Sweethearts, Sixteen, Leron-Leron Sinta, Edgar Love Vilma, Don’t Ever Say Goodbye, Dama de Noche, Anak ng Aswang, Because You Are Mine, Kampanerang Kuba, Kasalanan Kaya, Karugtong ang Kahapon…” – RV (READ MORE)

“…Si Edgar Mortiz ang unang nakapareha ni Vilma Santos as a teen star. Nakilala sila as the “Subok na Matibay, Subok na Matatag” loveteam called Vi and Bot at naging magka-steady sila sa tunay na buhay. Marami silang ginawang pelikula as teen stars in the early 70s…” – Showbiz Portal (READ MORE)

“…His films lack the arthouse style and social relevance that critics loves most in a Brocka or Bernal films but who cares about the critics when the paying public loves them. And the producers demand his service, from Doc Perez of Sampaguita Pictures, Atty. Esperidion Laxa of Tagalog Ilang Ilang Productions and later on, Vic Del Rosario of Viva Films and Lily Monteverde of Regal Films. Clearly, his films exists with one purpose, to entertain the masses not to depress or remind them with the country’s sad fate of economy or the below poverty line lives of many. The success of the Vilma-Borlaza films gave Vilma Santos versatility and preparation to a more serious acting career. It also narrowed the popularity gap between her and the musical era’s darling of the 70s, Nora Aunor. These are perhaps, the most significant contributions of Emmanuel Borlaza to Vilma’s career. Vilma who was considered only second to Nora couldn’t matched her singing talent and so, Borlaza countered this lack of singing with films that showcased Vilma’s acting versatility…” – RV (READ MORE)