Remembering Joe Quirino, Inday Badiday, Eddie Ilagan and Ike Lozada

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I am urging all Vilmanians to say a little prayer to the late Joe Quirino on his 10th death Anniversary.  I just would like to share with you how JQ admired and fought for Ate Vi. During the MMFF when Ate Vi won in Karma.  It was a triple tie between Ate Vi, Gina Alajar and Charo Santos. JQ as one of board of jurors defended why Ate Vi should win. On the second deliberation JQ convinced one of the jurors and Ate Vi won by 1 point.  JQ lambasted on his TV program the jurors in the MMFF when Ate Vi was not even nominated for her performance in Langis At Tubig.  The nominees are Nora Aunor for “Bona” and “Kung Akoy IIwan Mo” and Amy Austria for Brutal.  Its good that Amy won. JQ said that Ate Vi is good in langis compared to Nora in “Kung Akoy IIwan.”  Obiously that was manipulated by Dean Lukresia Kasilag who was the Board Chairman that time and a certified Noranian.  Kawawa talaga si Ate Vi basta involved si Kasilag lagi syang nabibiktima.  Remember Rubia Serbios and Atsay. JQ always regarded Ate Vi as the real Queen of Philippine movies and a certified box Office Queen.  I remember one time in an awarding ceremonies when JQ has to present the Best Actress award with Pilar Pilapil. Nora Aunor won that time. And JQ said before he announce the winner. Sasabihin ko pa ba kung sino ang winner, alam na naman natin kung sino ang panalo. Obviously disappointed s’ya sa results. Nora got mad at JQ kinabukasan sa interview sa kanya. I dont remember what year was that. I remeber when JQ program was No. 1 noon at talagang basta nag guest sa kanya si Ate Vi laging special. Hindi s’ya pumapayag na hindi sasayaw si Ate Vi. JQ said that Ate Vi is the best dancer of all times. Nobody comes close to her said JQ. – Aries aka “egrollon2001”, V Magazine Issue Nos 6 Feb 23, 2005 (READ MORE)

Joe Quirino, more popularly known as Joe Quirino or JQ, was a Filipino entertainment columnist. He was also the host of the 1970s and 1980s television show, “Seeing Stars with Joe Quirino.” – Wikipilipinas (READ MORE)

Isa sa mga naalala ko noon yung radio programs nina Ate Luds, Inday Badiday (RIP) and Eddie Ilagan (is this his last name? where is he now?). Si Ate Luds identified kay Nora at that time. Si Kuya Eddie Ilagan naman maka-vilma. Then nagkagulo noon sina Nora at Ate Luds because of that hula-hula sa TV show ni Ate Luds na si Ate Vi raw ang wagi sa “Rubia Servios” (which unfortunately turned out wrong). However, majority of the movie going public thought that Ate Vi was robbed of the best actress award that year. Di ba nagtampo si Nora kay Ate Luds. One thing led to another and by the time you know it, naging magkaibigan sina Ate Luds and Ate Vi. During this time nagtampo naman si Kuya Eddie kay Ate Vi sa dahilang hindi ko na maalala. Kaya ng nangyari nabaligtad ang kanilang loyalty. Si Ate Luds panay si Ate Vi ang prino-promote sa radio program niya while si Kuya Eddie naman ay napunta kay Nora. Bumibisita ang mga Vilmanians noon sa radio program ni Ate Luds at ang mga Noranians sa radio program ni Kuya Eddie. This was also the time yung kainitan kung sino ang dapat gumanap na Annie Batungbakal. Many believed that na bagay na bagay yung role kay Ate Vi. Since she is considered as the Dancing Queen. But lo and behold, napunta yung role kay Nora. Balita ko she bought the rights to make it into a movie yata. Naalala ko rin noon si Kuya Eddie ilagan panay ang patugtog ng mga kantang ikaw ang superstar ng buhay ko (tama ba ang title, Kuya Charlz?) at yung ngang Anie Batungbakal dedicated kay Nora. Si Ate Luds naman may kantang dedicated kay Ate Vi. If I am not mistaken ito yung kantang “Pinakamagandang babae sa balat ng lupa” (Tama ba yung title, Kambal?) or is it “Ikaw ang Miss Universe ng Buhay Ko?” whatever the song was, palaging pina-patugtog ni Ate Luds iyon dedicated para kay Ate Vi at sa mga Vilmanians as well. Then one day just as nagkabati sina Ate Luds at Nora, nagkabati din sina Ate Vi at Kuya Eddie. So to be fair to both, ang ginawa ni Kuya Eddie Ilagan pinapatugtog niya pareho yung mga kantang dedicated for Ate Vi and Nora.

Then kuya eddie had this idea to have a debate on who is more sikat and mas magaling between Ate Vi and nora (now we know the answer: Ate Vi). Kuya Eddie asked Beth Malongat and his younger sis na artista din at that time na si Dolly Ilagan to have a debate on who is mas sikat at mas magaling kina Ate Vi and Nora. Beth was asked to represent the Vilmanians while Dolly represented the Noranians. Araw-araw yung portion na iyon sa radio program ni Kuya Eddie. Beth will say something good and positive about Ate Vi while Dolly will do the same for Nora. Until one day, they decided to stop it kasi both Beth and Dolly were receiving hate mails/phone calls from the two camps (but now we know kung sino ang mas capable of doing these nasty things, di ba Kuya Mar?) both Beth and Dolly admitted that they were being affected by the negative criticisms, that they are receiving from both groups. After that wala na po akong maalala kahit panay ang kain ko ng kalabasa to sharpen my memory buti na lang hindi panay kalabasa ang mga grades ko sa school at that Liam & Alfons time. Ang buhay talaga, parang life! – Father Juancho Gutierrez, V Magazine Issue Nos 7, Oct 28, 2005 (READ MORE)

Eddie Ilagan “…I have been working since I was 8,” says Eddie Ilagan, “and I haven’t stopped working since then.” Eddie Ilagan is more popularly known to radio listeners and movie fans as “Eddielat:” Isa siya sa anim na anak ng batikang movie direktor na si Conrado Conde, ang panganay sa magkakapatid na Gerry de Leon, Tito Arevalo, Angel Esmeralda at iba pa. Isa si Eddie sa sikat na announcers ng DWWA at mapapakinggan siya araw-araw magmula alas-5 ng hapon hanggang alas-8:30 ng gabi. Puno ng mga balita (mostly movie news) ang kanyang programa at mahilig siyang magbigay ng komentaryo sa mga current events hindi lamang sa movies kundi pati na rin sa ibang fields. Nagsimula si Eddie sa Showbiz bilang child actor at karamihan ng mga ginawa niyang pelikula ay sa ilalim ng Sampaguita Pictures. He did some 20 movies as a child actor and his most important role was in his Uncle Gerry’s Noli Me Tangere where he played the role of Basilio. He also acted in radio shows, a difficult type of acting, according to Eddie, because you portray your character with your voice. “Kaya dapat mahusay ka sa vocal acting para lumabas na malinaw ang role mo,” he says. One of his memorable radio roles was as the sidekick of Kapitan Kidlat. Eddie took up several courses in college – Commerce, Computer Programming, etc. – but he never got to finish one. He also did stints on stage and in television but his world is really radio. “I’ve been a disc jockey since 1967,” Eddie says, “and I enjoy every minute of it.” Soon, if plans push through, Eddie might host a TV variety show to be called Most Beautiful Show, one feature of which is the Most Beautiful Contest he initiated in his radio program…” – Eddie Ilagan, JEH, April 27 1981 (READ MORE)

“…Inday Badiday (a.k.a. Ate Luds) doesn’t remember now who gave her the tableau containing that little prayer (“Ewan ko kung kaaway ko o kaibigan ko”) but that’s beside the point. The tableau stands on her headboard and it’s the first thing Inday sees when she wakes up every morning. Sa totoo lang, Inday has been trying, during the past many years, to observe that prayer — to no avail. “Para akong si Mother Lily,” says Inday, “pag hindi ko binuksan ang bibig ko, magugutom ako, hindi ako kikita. Aray ko!…Remember when Nora Aunor, displeased by a news report which she deemed favored Vilma Santos at her expense, asked her secretary to get back (that same evening!) a P5,000 check she had gifted Inday with a week earlier during the blessing of Inday’s house in Meycauayan, Bulacan?….Inday’s constant reminder to her children is this: “Don’t come to me crying!” That is also what the Ambassador would often tell his children: “Don’t ever come to me crying.” “Military man kasi ‘yon, e.” Inday hasn’t run back to Daddy crying ever since. “Alam mo,” she admits, “people can accuse me of not having been a good wife. Pero walang makapagsasabing hindi ako naging mabuting ina.” And that, would you believe, is the truth and nothing but.” – Ricky Lo, Weekend magazine, March 10 1985 (READ MORE)

Lourdes Jimenez Carvajal (August 6, 1944 – September 26, 2003), better known as Inday Badiday, was a Filipino host and journalist who was known as Philippine television’s “queen of showbiz talk shows” and “queen of intrigues”. Referred to by many in the entertainment industry as “Ate Luds”, Inday began her broadcasting career as a radio host who talked about show business. Her commentary and knowledge about the industry eventually brought her fame. One of her first shows was Nothing but the Truth and later See-True and Eye to Eye, which served as Philippine television’s template for showbiz talk shows. These shows were all produced by GMA News and Public Affairs and her production company, LoCa Productions (LoCa is the combination of the first two letters of her names, Lourdes Carvajal). She made her television comeback in GMA Network in 2002 with the show Inday, Heart to Heart. Inday Badiday died on September 26, 2003, from multiple organ failure due to two strokes at 59 years old, at St. Luke’s Medical Center, Quezon City. She had three children, Dolly Anne and Ricky from a previous marriage, and Clara (Klang-klang) by her beloved Gene “Bo” Palomo, the man Inday referred to in her famous parting shot, “Saranghamnida, Bo” (Korean for “I love you, Bo”) in her program Eye to Eye. She was also the grandmother of Juicy co-host IC Mendoza. – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Naisip ko bigla si Ike Lozada for some reasons. Sayang kinuha na siya ni Lord, isa pa naman siya sa maituturing na tunay na kaibigan ni Ate Vi at mga Vilmanians. Lagi kong pinapanood ang mga TV shows niya noon, one of them was Big Ike’s Happennings. S’yempre laging guest si Ate Vi (at saka si Winnie). There was a time that he was interviewed about her side defending Ate Vi, the article’s title was “Si Vilma Santos sa paningin ni Ike Lozada” ito yung parang sagot niya sa colum ni Kuya Germs about “Si Nora Aunor sa paningin ni German Moreno.” Nakakatuwa ang mga banat ni Kuya Ike lalo na ng sabihin niyang “Si Vilma talaga dapat ang nanalo sa Rubia Servios sa opinion ko.” There was a time that he wrote a story for Vilma pero hanggang kwento lang siya hindi naman nagmaterialized dahil hindi naman niya ginagawa in writing. Binabangit lang niya sa Radio program niya yung plot ng story like yung “Kulaspira, Basag ang pula.” Kakatawa ang title pero gusto niya na luka-luka daw si Ate Vi dito or something like that. Meron pa ngang Annie Batungbakal na base sa hit song ng Hotdogs pero naunahan siya ng NV production at ginawang movie ni Guy. Inis na inis noon si Ike sa radio program niya pero wala naman siyang laban kasi nga hanggang kwento lang siya sa radio, walang black & white. Sabi pa nga niya si Guy daw ay mahusay kumanta pero sa sayaw daw ay mas bagay kay Vi ang Annie Batungbakal. Gosh, everyday ay naririnig ko sa radio program niya ang plot na plano niya for the said movie, naka-program na nga sa utak ko na para kay Ate Vi yon eh. Pero ganoon talaga, unahan lang yan. Ang isa pang di ko makalimutan ay during the shooting of “Yakapin mo ako Lalaking Matapang.” Vilma-Lito Lapid movie, ang working title noon ay “Ang Senyorita at ang Driver.” S’yempre may-I plug ang Ike sa movie ni Ate Vi kahit filming pa lang ito. Sabi niya “O mga Vilmanians, abangan nyo na ang Senyorita at ang Atsay.” Sabay tawa ng malakas si tabatsoy. “Sorry, slip of the tounge po, Senorita at ang Driver pala”. Hahahaha. Meron pang instance noon na nasa States si Ate Vi while shooting “Pinay American Style” nag-overseas call si Ike, collect pa ha. Tapos syempre on the air ito sa radio program niya. Ang daming kwento ni Ate Vi, nakatutok talaga ko sa radio noon pati Nanay ko. Nung medyo mahaba na ang conversation nila ay nag-paalam na si Kuya Ike kasi daw baka malaki na ang babayaran ni Ate Vi. Hirit naman ni Ate Vi “Ok lang Kuya Ike, akong bahala, mamaya mo na ibaba. Miss ko na kayong lahat eh” Hay naku, ang sarap ng buhay pag may isang Vilma Santos. And yes, miss ko na si Kuya Ike. May you rest in peace. – Franco Gabriel, V Magazine Issue Nos 6 (READ MORE)

Si kuya Ike Lozada ang nagbansag kay Ate Vi ng palayaw na “Precious” marahil dahil sa parang mamahaling kristal si Ate Vi sa paningin ng malusog na radio announcer na ito. Si Kuya Ike isa sa mga naging instrumento kung bakit naging sikat ang tambalang Vi at Bot. Kung si Guy at Pip ay mayroong German Moreno, si Vi at Bot naman ay mayroong Kuya Iking. Sa bawat radio commercial at mga kanta hindi mawawala ang mga balita’t dedikasyon niya sa kanyang nagiisang “precious.” Akmang akma para bigyan natin ng halaga ang isang taong malaking naitulong sa pagsulong ng career ni Ate Vi nuong mga dekada 70 at mga unang taon ng dekada 80. Ang isa pang mahalagang naitulong ni Kuya Ike ay pagpapahalaga niya sa mga Vilmanians. Kung hindi lang siya radio announcer marahil isa siya sa aktibong miyembro ng ating grupo…” – RV, V Magazine Issue Nos 6 (READ MORE)

“…In the early 70s, the local entertainment industry was dominated by the love teams of Nora Aunor-Tirso Cruz and Vilma Santos-Edgar Mortiz. Arnold was a young teenager by the mid 70’s. Ike Lozada, a famous radio and TV host (known for his radio program, “Dambuhalang DJ”) and part-time talent manager conceptualized a junior love team that would target the younger audience and would follow the footsteps of the Nora-Tirso and Vi-Bubot love teams. The young love teams will be introduced in a new TV show which was planned to compete with the Channel 7 show, “Eto Na Kami”, another TV show quite popular with the young generation back then. Ike gathered the team of Arnold and Maribel “Lala” Aunor, Winnie Santos and Dondon Nakar that gave birth to the “Apat na Sikat” in Channel 9. The show was an instant hit not just with teen-agers, but also for older audiences and it quickly acquired a high rating among viewers. It was aired during prime time, and lasted for five years. People who grew up watching “Apat na Sikat” often associate Arnold’s name to the TV show, as it made television history during its prime…“Apat na Sikat” in the 70s was borne out of the imagination of the late Ike Lozada. Ike made quite a name for himself on his TV show “Big Ike’s Happening” and his AM radio program, “Dambuhalang DJ”. Like his colleague, Kuya Germs, Ike was also instrumental in launching the careers of young stars. The four young stars were easily brought to fame, because the two ladies were related to the star of the season. Winnie Santos is the younger sister of Vilma Santos, while Lala Aunor is the first cousin of Nora Aunor…” – Romy R. Protacio (READ MORE)

Enrique “Big Ike” Lozada (August 13, 1940-March 8, 1995) was a Filipino comedian, actor and TV host. He was born on August 13, 1940 in Iloilo City. He started acting at the age of 11 on the movie Mga Bituin ng Kinabukasan with the younger Susan Roces. – Wikipedia (READ MORE)


Filmography: Buhay Artista Ngayon (1979)

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Basic Information: Directed: Frank Gray Jr.; Story: Roy Vera Cruz; Screenplay: Tony Cruz; Cast: Dolphy, Vilma Santos, Freddie Quizon, Panchito, Babalu, Eddie San Jose, Cachupoy, Bayani Casimiro, Metring David, Georgie Quizon, Amay Bisaya, Danny Catindig, Pons De Guzman, Tatlong Itlog, Ellen Esguerra, Moody Diaz, Odette Khan, Cloyd Robinson, German Moreno, Ike Lozada, Florante, Joe Quirino; Executive producer: Rodolfo V. Quizon; Original Music: Dominic Salustiano; Cinematography: Amado De Guzman; Film Editing: Efren Jarlego; Sound: Gabby Castellano; Theme Songs: “Buhay Artista” performed by Dolphy, Music by Dominic Salustiano Lyrics by Florante

Plot Description: No Available Data

Film Achievement: Dolphy and Vilma Santos did four films together. The first one was in her first year in show biz and in a Dolphy-Chichay film. After six years, the two reunited in one of early films of Nida Blanca and Dolphy. The film was sort of about family planning and birth control. Vi was in minor role and one of the child actors featured in the film. They followed this up with minor roles in the Cirio Santiago’s all-star-cast film. By later part of 1970s, both Dolphy and Vilma became a regular staples in award shows receiving several trophies as box office king and queen. Finally, after almost a decade from their last outings and no longer his film daughter, Dolphy and Vilma did their last film (to this day), this time, Vilma played the leading lady, in a film, ironically, about show business. Also, that year, Doply became the only male actor who portrayed Darna, the female comic-super-heroine in Darna Kuno. Not to be undone, Vilma will reprise the role the following year in her fourth and final film as Darna in Darna at Ding. At present time, both superstars made headlines as contenders for Philippines’ National Artists honors. Vilma respectfully and publicly asked for Dolphy to confer the title ahead of her. – RV (READ MORE)

Film Review: “…Dolphy and Vilma Santos were honored Dec. 28 by the National Council for Children’s Television (NCCT) and the Department of Education (DepEd). The King of Comedy and the Star for All Seasons received the Lifetime Achievement Award during the 1st Lingkod TV Awards held at the Rajah Sulayman Theater in First Santiago in Intramuros, Manila…” – Crispina Martinez-Belen, Manila Bulletin, December 29, 2010 (READ MORE)

“…Talagang poor second lang noon si Vilma kay Nora Aunor, subali’t nang gawin niya ang trilogy film ng Sine Pilipino na Lipad Darna Lipad ay talagang lumipad ng husto ang kanyang box office appeal. Sinundan pa ito ng mga pelikulang Takbo Vilma Dali at Hatinggabi Na Vilma. Anupa’t itinambal din si Vilma sa mga matured leading man na katulad nina Eddie Rodriguez sa mga pelikulang Nakakahiya, Hindi Nakakahiya Part 2 kung saan nagkamit siya ng Best Actress Award sa 1st Bacolod City Film Festival at Simula Ng Walang Katapusan, Dante Rivero sa Susan Kelly Edad 20, Chiquito sa Teribol Dobol, Dolphy sa Buhay Artista Ngayon, Joseph Estrada sa King Khayan & I, Fernando Poe Jr. sa Batya’t Palu Palo at Bato Sa Buhangin, Jun Aristorenas sa Mapagbigay Ang Mister Ko, Dindo Fernando sa Langis at Tubig at Muling Buksan Ang Puso at Romeo Vasquez sa Nag-aapoy Na Damdamin, Dalawang Pugad Isang Ibon, Pulot Gata Pwede Kaya at Pag-ibig Ko Sa ‘Yo Lang Ibibigay…” – Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)