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Although she’s still very much in demand and still on top, Vilma Santos’ supposed to be “heir to the throne” is still nowhere in sight.  Some says her throne  has been filled several times, but whoever came, faded – fast and furious. They had a taste of fame but like a flashing meteor, they fade. Some remain active but still pale in comparison to the longevity and popularity of the Star for All Seasons. They follow her footsteps, patterned their career decisions to hers.  They become popular but some gradually retired.  Those remained are the lucky ones…who learned from her experiences and  followed her footsteps…

Victoria Lorna Aluquin, better known as Lorna Tolentino, sometimes known as L.T., an abbreviation of her screen name (born December 23, 1961), is a Filipina actress, host, executive producer and widow of actor Rudy Fernandez. Together, they bore two sons named Ralph and Renz. – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Like Vilma Santos, Lorna started her stellar career as child star. She gradually transformed her image from sweet innocent teens into a mature versatile actress. Like Rio Locsin and Alma Moreno, Lorna started doing minor roles in earlier Vilma Santos films. Most notably, “Batya’t palu-palo” together with another up and coming actor, the young Philip Salvador. She eventually became as famous as Vilma with hit films like “Dulce Amor,” “Moral,” “Luksong Tinik,” “Abakada Ina” and her most controversial off-beat role, Brocka’s “Maging Aking Ka Lamang.” She even wore the “Darna” customes on small screen. With a series of dramatic roles, she always end up empty handed with award nighs as both Vilma and Nora were playing tug-of-war, during their hey days. When the Vi and Guy rivalry slow-down, she was able to succeed, receiving several trophies and even recorded a grand slam best actress win like Vilma. Lorna and Vilma finally did a movie where both played lead roles, in Eddie Garcia’s record breaking, “Sinasamba Kita.” The two remained friends through the years. Lorna even guested several times on Vi’s television show in the ’90s.

Alma “Ness” Moreno (born Vanessa Moreno Lacsamana born on May 25, 1959) is a Filipina actress politician who has made her mark both as a popular movie and television personality. She was born in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur to Frank Lacsamana, from Pampanga, and Jean Moreno. – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Like Lorna, Alma played bit roles in a Vilma Santos starrer, Tag-ulan sa Tag-araw. Unlike Lorna whose acting talent was evident early on even as a child star, Alma lacks the intensity. She eventually realized she needed to accept more daring roles to survive in this business, accepting roles that required her to disrobe She almost surpassed the commercial success of Vilma with starring roles in smash hits like “Mrs Eva Fonda 16,” “Bomga Star,” “Bitayin si Baby Ama,” “Nympha,” and “City After Dark.” Alma’s stiff competition during the height of her career was Lorna Tolentino and later on, a more daring star, Rio Locsin. Rio and Lorna also had a competition goin’ on when they did a much publicized film, “Step-sisters.” Meanwhile, Alma and Lorna’s competition reached its pinacle when they did Bernal’s ‘City After Dark.” Their subdued comfrontation scene in a narrow street while rain was pourin heavily was one of the most memorable scene in the film. Alma held herself, acting wise. This is not the only time that the two were connected, in real life, they share the love of one man, the late Rudy Fernandez. Alma was Rudy’s live in partner in the 70s to the half of 80s while Lorna became Rudy’s wife in the later part of 80s until his untimely death. Both actresses have children with the late action star. If Lorna portrayed Darna like Vilma while Alma portrayed Dyesebel like Vilma. Alma and Vilma did one film during the height of Alma’s career, Elwood Perez’s hit film, “Magkaribal.” Like Lorna, she also guested a few times in Vi’s television show despite the fact she also compete with Vi with her own musical variety show, Lovely Ness. It was reported in tabloid during Dolphy’s funeral, that the two tried to avoid each other (by the way, Dolphy was Alma’s ex) for some unclear reasons, some think it was politically motivated as both are now politicians.

Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan, better known as Sharon Cuneta, is a multi-awarded Filipino singer, actress and TV host dubbed the Megastar of Philippine Entertainment, and fondly called “Mega” by fans and people from the entertainment industry. Her success in the movies (53 starring roles), television (10 shows) and recording (40 albums) make her possibly the greatest Filipino entertainer of all time. Her popularity has translated well into the field of advertising, where she is the highest paid and most effective Filipino celebrity endorser. Cuneta’s long list of endoresements run the gamut from fastfood chain to bank, from make-up line to electronics, from ice cream to tele-communication company. On November 22, 2011, following months of speculations, Sharon’s big move to TV5 was made official by signing a staggering 1 Billion contract with the Kapatid Network – the highest ever paid to a Filipino artist. She parted ways with ABS-CBN, her home network of 24 years, on a cordial note. Her daily afternoon talk show Sharon: Kasama Mo, Kapatid premiered on May 14, 2012 and has been hailed as an engaging program that aims to entertain and to inspire. The show provides the perfect platform for Sharon to be in touch with her audience, reaffirming her stature as a well-loved icon who is now more accessible to fans and viewers alike…” – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Like Alma and Lorna, Sharon Cuneta became part of Vilma Santos movie in their earlier showbiz career. This time, Sharon sings the theme song of a Vilma Santos starrer, “Langis at Tubig.” Self-confessed Vilmanian, she mentioned that she used to gawked at her idol whenever given a chance since they used to both live in a same closely gated subpision. As Sharon established herself as a huge star herself, the similarities in their career path were quite significant. Both became a singer, although Vi adminitedlly said singing wasn’t her forte, Vi recorded a string of hit albums. Both Vi and Sharon recorded their earlier albums titled “Sixteen.” Both became a bankable contract stars of Viva Films producing such record breaking films like “Bukas Luluhud Ang Mga Tala,” “Sa Hirap at Ginhawa,” and “Sana’y Wala Ng Wakas” for Sharon and “Sinasamba Kita,” “Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan” and “Saan Nagtatago Ang Pag-ibig” for Vilma to name a few. During the 1990s, both became successful star on the small screen, Vi with her award winning show, “Vilma!” for GMA 7 and Sharon’s equally hit show, “TSCS” (The Sharon Cuneta Show) for ABS CBN Channel 2. In their long filmography, both became Darna, the Filipino flying-comic supershero and also did hit films with the late, Fernando Poe Jr. Sharon was quoted on several articles that she dreaming of one day doing a film with her idol, in an article written by Rose Garcia for PEP on May 14th 2009 she said: “…Bago pa man ang Sharon-Ai-Ai movie, matagal nang pinaplano ang pelikulang pagsasamahan sana ng Megastar at ng Star For All Seasons na si Gov. Vilma Santos. But how does she feel na mas nauna pa ang movie nila ni Ai-Ai sa movie nila ni Ate Vi? “Ay, naku, ‘yan naman talaga ang dream ko!” sambit ni Sharon. “I think, all actors, all actresses, we all have dreams, e, as to who we wanna work with. And I think, it’s a common knowledge na Vilmanian ako and I was never treated in a bad way palagi. And I think, I learn a lot from her on how to be a good idol at yung pakikisama sa tao at pag-appreciate. “I think, one of my ultimate dreams is to always work with Tito Dolphy. Isa sa dream ko, natupad na. Nakasama ko na si Ai and I always told her, before pa. Yung sa amin ni Ate Vi, probably will be a drama and by next year,” balita ni Sharon…”

Maricel Soriano (born Maria Cecilia Dador Soriano on February 25, 1965), known as the Diamond Star is a critically acclaimed Filipina film and television actress. She has starred in many films covering different genres including comedy, fantasy (Inday series), horror, suspense, action, romance and drama. She has appeared in hundreds of films and has scored a number of blockbuster hits. As well as acting, Soriano is also a singer and has recorded several songs including the theme song of her movie Oh My Mama in 1981. In 1987, she performed a sold out concert at the Araneta Coliseum titled “Hello, Hello Maricel.” – Wikipedia, 23 Jul 2009 (READ MORE)

When Sharon entered the scene, she find a stiff competition from the rival of her film studio Viva, Regal’s contract star, Maricel Soriano. Soriano like Vilma started as a child star and became a confident actress, tackling mature roles that her contemporary including Sharon didn’t dare to tackle. Like, Vi, she dared the public to accept her in such memorable films like “Hinugot sa Langit” and “Pinulot Ka Lang sa Lupa” where she played an abortionist and “bida-contrabida” sociallite. A similar career milestone movies patterned with Vi’s “Burlesk Queen” and “Sinasamba Kita.” The two finally did a film in the mid 1980’s in Regal’s commercial film, “Yesterday, Today and Tommorow.” Unlike Sharon who became known first as a singer, Maricel, like Vi were known for her dancing abilities. She did this in her own musical variety show, titled “Maricel Live!” and later in “Maria! Maria!” where she competed for TV ratings with Vi (and Sharon) during the 1990s (Like Vi, she also did TV drama anthology). During this time, Maricel became entangled with the controversial transfer of Vi’s TV co-host, Roderick Paulate to Maricel’s show. But in due time, all were forgotten and the three remained friends to this date. This is not the only time that Vi became part of Maricel’s personal relationships, Vi’s ex, Edu Manzano also became Maricel’s husband for awhile. Both Maricel and Edu, at one point, thought their relationship will last forever. But the two separated after a few years of bliss. Now, in her senior years, Maricel attempted several comeback after years of semi-retirement. Like, Sharon, Maricel confessed her respect and admiration for Vi in several movie articles. And after several year of semi-retirement, she is now reportedly starting some projects for ABS-CBN and also have some film projects lined up.

Claudine Margaret Castelo Barretto-Santiago (born July 20, 1979), popularly known as Claudine Barretto, is an entrepreneur, product endorser, film and television actress from the Philippines. – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

“…The premiere actress admitted that she has her own acting idols. She named the likes of Meryll Streep, Lolita Rodriguez, Nora Aunor, and Gina Alajar. Gov. Vilma also commended Claudine for her versatility as an actress. “Claudine is a very flexible actress. Pwede siyang gumanap na kaaawaan mo siya. Pwede ring sexy and very believable. In any roles na ginagawa mo ibinibigay mo lahat and you’re very believable. Kaya mo lahat gawin, believe me. Drama, sexy, action, comedy, you can do it. For that I commend you.” For Claudine’s exceptional talent, the Gov. Vi said she will not be surprised if Claudine becomes the next Star for All Seasons. “When we did Anak, sa mga promo for the movie, tinanong ako kung nakikita ko ba si Claudine na pwedeng maging next Vilma Santos, ang sagot ko, ‘Of course!’ You have a long way to go,” said Vilma to Claudine who became teary-eyed because of the compliment…” – Push, 14 Jul 2009 (READ MORE)

“…Ang sarap ng pakiramdam sobra, pero bilang isang Vilmanian ayokong may pumalit o sumunod sa yapak ni Ate Vi. There will never be another Vilma Santos. Nag-iisa lang siya. Ako mismo ayokong may magsabi na papalitan o ito ang susunod sa yapak ni Ate Vi unless anak niya parang ganun. Yun yung feeling ko bilang Vilmanian but I’m very honored na of course galing siyempre kay Ate Vi Star for All Seasons yun.” Claudine also said that she respects Ate Vi so much that the latter’s approval is like an award In itself. She said that she promised the Batangas governor that she’ll be the best Claudine Barretto that she can ever be and not a “replacement” for her. “Siya ang pinakamarami nang napanalunang award na grand slam, Hall of Fame award etc. ‘Pag galing kay Ate Vi na sobrang respetado sa industriya at pulitiko, grabe yung honor at privilege na napansin niya yun yung talent mo, para akong nag-grand slam sa sinabi ni Ate Vi,” Claudine shared…” – Push, 23 Jul 2009 (READ MORE)

Among the junior actresses that followed Sharon and Maricel, Claudine and Judy Anny were the most successful in terms of sustaining their popularity. Although Claudine’s career in now on its downward phase, she remained one of the most talented and was praised by Vi herself for being one of those versatile. Claudine, like Vi, started her career as a teen star with an on and off screen love partner, the late Rico Yan. Rico and Claudine was one rumoured to be engaged but his sudden death ruined this wishful dream for their die-hard fans. Prior to her teen transitions, Claudine was a regular cast in Dolphy’s TV sitcom, “Home Along da Riles.” After Yan’s death, Claudine became a serious contender for acting supremacy with several drama tele-series competing with her stiff rival Judy Ann and several drama films. She won acting recognitions with her performance in 2004’s “Milan” (where she competed for acting awards with her rival Judy Ann Santos and with veterans, Vi and Nora) and 2005’s “Dubai” and “Nasaan Ka Man” where she received several trophies and nominations. She also became a certified box office star with films, “Sukob” with Kris Aquino in 2006 and her sole movie with Vi, the blockbuster, “Anak” in 2000.

Judy Ann Santos (born Judy Anne Lumagui Santos-Agoncillo; May 11, 1978) is a Filipino film and television actress, product endorser, recording artist, and film producer. She began as a child actress and made her professional television debut in Kaming Mga Ulila (1986) before her screen debut in the film Silang Mga Sisiw Sa Lansangan (1988) where she appeared as part of the ensemble playing a supporting role. Her first leading role in a television series was in Ula, Ang Batang Gubat (1988), but she received media recognition in her breakthrough television series Mara Clara (1992). She has since spawned highly rated television series, amongst these are Esperanza (1996), Basta’t Kasama Kita (2003), Sa Piling Mo (2006) and Ysabella (2007). Santos starred in commercially successful films in the early 1990s following motion picture adaptations of Mara Clara (1996) and Esperanza (1999). She further achieved television and film success with pairings opposite Wowie de Guzman, Rico Yan and Piolo Pascual. Santos’ performance in the film Sabel (2004) received critical acclaim and earned her the Gawad Urian for Best Actress. – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Claudine’s rival, Judy Ann also started as a child actress and a regular cast in several teleserye. Like Claudine she also transitioned into a teen star with her successful partner, Wowee de Guzman and later on, Piolo Pascual. Her rumoured real life relationship with Pascual was one of the most publicly dessiminated relationships in the local scene that did not resulted in happy endings, she ended up marrying a newcomer during that time, the more serious with intention to settle, Ryan Agocillio. Judy Ann with the guidance of Vilma’s former supporter Alfie Lorenzo, maintained her popularity compared to Claudine. She successfully turned her successful princess of teleserye career into a full-pledge serious actress with projects like “Magkapatid” (with Sharon Cuneta), and her more serious films “Sabel” and “Ploning.” Although many articles came that she prepared to work with Vi’s rival Nora, she recently clariffied this wasn’t the case, that she prepared to work with both.

Sarah Geronimo Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo, popularly known as Sarah Geronimo or Sarah G. is a Filipino recording artist and actress. Born and raised in Sampaloc, Manila she joined various singing and talent competitions with her father, Delfin Geronimo, as her trainer. In addition, she also joined the cast of now defunct ABS-CBN TV show, Ang TV. However, she rose to fame only after having won the Star for a Night singing competition in 2003. – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Like Sharon, Sarah Geronimo’s career is similar to Vi’s rival Nora. Both became a singing contest winner. But because of her venturing into television musical variety hosting, her supporter wanted her to follow Vi’s television experience with Sarah venturing into more production numbers. Sarah’s recent success were her film projects opposite John Lyod Cruz, her recording albums and endorsements. She mentioned in several articles that it would be a dream come true to be cast in a Vilma Santos movie. She recorded the theme song of Vi’s 2009 film’s “In My Life.”

Kim Chiu (born Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu/Zhang Jinzhu; April 19, 1990), is a Filipina actress. She lived in Cebu City before she went to Manila for Pinoy Big Brother. Chiu was the first winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition and is currently part of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic contract artists. She also having launched her only album entitled ‘Gwa Ai Di’ which means “I Love you” in Minnan dialect. Kim Chiu sometimes speak Hokkien at home back in Philippines. – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Among the new crop of stars, Sarah’s closes rival would be Kim Chiu. Like Sarah, Kim was a product of reality show. Kim won the pinoy big brother show. She capitalized her popularity venturing into singing and also doing teleserye that Judy Ann and Claudine used to do. Kim’s first encouter with Vi was in television special where she was able to impressed Vi with her intepretation of Vi’s film role, Dolzura Cortez. After this Vi requested her to be cast in this year’s smash hit, “The Healing.” Like her predecessors, Kim also ventured in love team path, first with on and off screen love, Gerald Anderson and lately Xiam Lim. Anderson was once linked to Kim’s contemporary, Sarah Geronimo. It would be a good project if the three reprised the film, “Ikaw Ay Akin,” the Vi-Christopher de Leon-Nora Aunor film. Kim’s recent success is in small screen, co-starring with Maja Salvador in highly rating tele-serye, “Ina Kapatid Anak.”

Maja Ross Andres Salvador (born October 5, 1988) is a Filipina actress, dancer, model, and producer producer who is one of the latest in line of the showbiz clan of the Salvador family. She is currently under the management of ABS-CBN, and a member of Star Magic. – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Maja Salvador, Kim’s co-star in TV’s “Ina Kapatid Anak” was onced Vi’s protege, she co-starred with Vi in 2006’s highly anticipated drama episode of “Maalaala Mo Kaya” titled “Regalo.” Her performance in this episode was highly praised and crtics even predicted that she is the one to watch. An article came that she was supposed to reprised Vi’s Burlesk Queen role but she clarified that she was too young to do a mature role. Prior to Ina Kapatid Anak, her recent success was her indie film, “Thelma” where she won a best actress trophy from the critic’s group, Gawad Urian.

Angel Locsin (born Angelica Colmenares; April 23, 1985) is a Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer and fashion designer. She starred in the fantasy-themed television series Mulawin in 2004. Soon after, she starred as the superheroine Darna in the TV adaptation of the Mars Ravelo comics. When her contract expired on March 2007, Locsin did not renew her contract with GMA Network and signed an exclusive contract with ABS-CBN. Her first project under ABS-CBN was the television series Lobo. Locsin starred in her first box office movie under Star Cinema, Love Me Again, directed by Rory Quintos. In 2012, she starred in the film ÜnOfficially Yours which became her highest grossing film to date. – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Angel’s recent project was the filmfest entry, “One More Try” where she played a mother of a sick boy reminiscent of Vi’s “Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan.” The two first film together was in 2004’s Regal Film “Mano Po 3: My Love.” Prior to this, Angel was one of the two actress who recently wore the Darna customes (the other one was Marian Rivera), as you’ll probably known, Vi was one of the most successful Darna in the history of this franchise. Although Angel remained popular, she lacks a clear rival that other stars has, this maybe to her advantage. Recent articles mentioned that there are plans for a second film for Vi and Angel. Writer Ethel Ramos in her colum for Malaya on July 30, Jul 2012 said: “Two Darnas to join forces…Speaking of Angel, there are talks that she might finally co-star with “Star for All Seasons” Vilma Santos, in a movie. Probably next year, right after the 2013 elections. Ate Vi (as we in showbiz fondly call her), as we all know, is running for a third term as Batangas Governor. By the time she and Angel shoot their movie, she would have won the office anew. The Ate Vi-Angel movie, we also heard, will be Star Cinema’s 20th anniversary offering next year…By the way, come to think of it, Ate Vi, like Angel, has once appeared in a “Darna” movie….”

Snooky Serna (born Maria Milagros Sumayao Serna on April 4, 1966) is a Filipina film and television actress…Being the daughter of actors Von Serna and Mila Ocampo, she started acting early in life via her 1970 landmark debut Wanted: Perfect Mother, where she immediately captured the hearts of Filipino audience as a cute, sweet and smart-talking four-year old. That same year she earned her first acting nomination from FAMAS Awards as Best Child Performer for the film My Little Angel. Trained by acclaimed director and National Artist, Lino Brocka, Snooky showed promise as dramatic actress and later proved to be a fine one. In 1972, she won her first FAMAS Award as Best Child Actress for the film ‘Sana Mahalin Mo Ako’. As a mature actress, she tackled roles which earned acting nominations from various award giving bodies. She was also in Kapag Napagod Ang Puso with Christopher de Leon and Inagaw Mo Ang Lahat Sa Akin (Harvest Home – official Philippine entry to the 1995 Oscars) but unfortunately was snubbed during awards night. Her other major films include Aabot Hanggang Sukdulan, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Hahamakin ang Lahat with Vilma Santos, the fantasy films Blusang Itim, Rosa Mistica, and Madonna: Ang Babaing Ahas. It was with Koronang Itim, that she finally won Best Lead Actress trophy. She has starred in over (80) films from 1970 to 2004…As a mature actress, she tackled roles which earned acting nominations from various award giving bodies. She was also in Kapag Napagod Ang Puso with Christopher de Leon and Inagaw Mo Ang Lahat Sa Akin (Harvest Home – official Philippine entry to the 1995 Oscars) but unfortunately was snubbed during awards night. Her other major films include Aabot Hanggang Sukdulan, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Hahamakin ang Lahat with Vilma Santos, the fantasy films Blusang Itim, Rosa Mistica, and Madonna: Ang Babaing Ahas. It was with Koronang Itim, that she finally won Best Lead Actress trophy. She has starred in over (80) films from 1970 to 2004. – Wikipedia, 23 Jul 2009 (READ MORE)

Snook Serna and Vilma Santos first film together was the 1971 musical, “The Wonderful World of Music” where they co-starred with Tony Ferrer and Boots Anson Roa, Snooky was still a child star and Vi was in a teenage love team with reel and real life sweetheart, Edgar Mortiz. Both actresses started as a child star, Vilma in Trudis Liit in 1963, where she won a FAMAS best child actress while Snooky did seven film in her debut year in 1970 and won a FAMAS best child actress for My Little Angel. Both actress’ route to fame were similar, taking mature roles, started with Vilma in Burlesk Queen (1977) and Snooky in Bata Pa Si Sabel (1981). The two did three more films, in 1986 with the box office hit, “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow” with Maricel Soriano; in 1988, Vilma appeared in a minor role in the forgettable film, “Bukas Sisikat Din Ang Araw,” with Gabby Concepcion; and finally in 1990 with Lino Brocka’s “Hahamakin Ang Lahat (All Be Damned).” Working with her former mentor, Brocka’s “Hahamakin…” earned both Vilma and Snooky several acting nominations but it was Snooky who was lucky enough to received a PMPC Star Award for supporting actress. Like Vilma, Snooky did television projects, she did a drama anthology for ABS-CBN in 1989 and several guest drama appearances after but her most successful stints was in 1987-88 where she tried to host a musical variety show titled, “Always, Snooky.” She earned two PMPC Star Awards nomination for TV Best Musical Variety Show Host but twice loss to Vilma.

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Kim Chiu in The Healing – July 25 2012

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Gerald Anderson – “…Abala muna si Kim sa shooting ng horror film na The Healing, kung saan gumaganap siya bilang anak ng Star for All Seasons na si Vilma Santos. First time ni Kim na gumawa ng isang horror film kaya aminado siyang nahirapan. “Medyo mahirap lang kasi horror ‘tapos may mga effects-effects, kaya ayun, nakakapanibago,”sabi ni Kim nang makausap ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) kahapon, March 11, pagkatapos ng ASAP 2012. Aminado si Kim na noong una ay medyo nahihiya siya sa mga eksena nila ni Ate Vi, pero ngayon ay wala na raw siyang ilang na nararamdaman dito. “Mabait naman kasi talaga siya, e,” pagtukoy niya sa Batangas governor. “‘Pag na-meet mo siya, close na kayo agad. Parang ganoon. Ganoon ang personality niya.” Si Chito Roño ang director ng The Healing. Kamusta namang katrabaho si Direk Chito? “Maayos naman siyang magdirek. Nakakatakot, pero at least, matututo ka,” sabi ni Kim…Kasi siyempre, two years na rin ang nakalipas. “Kaya ayun, kailangan na rin ng inspirasyon.” Ang ibig sabihin ni Kim dito ay dalawang taon na ang nakalipas mula nang mabalitang naghiwalay sila ni Gerald Anderson. Posible ba na si Xian na ang susunod niyang maging boyfriend? “Ay, ayoko namang sabihin kasi nakakahiya. Basta!…” – Rommel Placente (READ MORE)

Fuller and Gorgeous – “…Everyone gushes that pretty as she was, the new fuller Kim Chiu is now even more gorgeous. It all started with her role in the 2011 ABS-CBN television series My Binondo Girl where she likened her role to Disney’s Mulan. She had to appear stronger, fiercer. She was determined to gain weight and so she went to the gym. It was in the same show that the public warmed up on her team-up with Xian Lim, also a Star Magic talent. I invited myself to one of the photo shoots featuring the famous love team and they filled me in on how they keep fit. My daughter reminded me to tell Kim and Xian that I am one of the avid fans of their team-up. Endearing as they were on television, I walked out of the shoot liking them a lot more. Star Magic, now celebrating its 20th year in managing talents, has done a remarkable job not only in developing talents but also in nurturing great character. Kim was everything she was on TV – sweet, kind, friendly, charming, real, and funny. Her personal trainer Boyet Trinidad describes Kim as a model client. “She is very committed. She hits the gym thrice a week despite being extremely busy. She follows the exercise regimen without any complaint. She has gained pounds already, improved her cardio, strength, and has developed muscle endurance. She can now run 3k on the treadmill…” – Mylene Mendoza-Dayrit (READ MORE)

The Ultimate ‘It’ Girl – “…Kim looked exhausted from taping, but still agreed to do the photo shoot on a Sunday when she should have been resting. She arrived on time and smiled at everyone on the set, even to some fans. Kim showed energy posing for the camera, changing outfits, and sitting down for an interview…She considers having legions of fans, most of which are young girls, as a great blessing. Being famous, she is often allowed to cut into the front of the line or avail of a discount when she shops in stores. But in spite all these, Kim doesn’t see herself as a superstar. “I’m an actress,” as she prefers to be called…Kim confessed that when she has nothing else to do, she would splurge on shopping. She also revealed that when she chooses items, she doesn’t look at the price tag. Kim doesn’t have a stylist, so she relies on her own taste to come up with a look from head to toe. “I mix and match my own clothes. I like colorful dresses that are unique.” She admitted she feels uneasy if she doesn’t have lipstick in her purse. “Kahit maiwan na ang powder o ang concealer, basta huwag lang ang lipstick.”…Kim is constantly on her cellphone and the Internet to keep in touch with family and friends. “I ask them (older brothers) what they are having for dinner and what are they doing. For my friends, I invite them to join me at tapings to keep me company…” – Napoleon Quintos (READ MORE)

The Role – “…While filming the movie, there were moments wherein she felt intimidated by Vilma’s stature as an actress, which made it a bit difficult for her to deliver certain scenes. But Kim was grateful to Vilma because the latter encouraged her to stay focused in her role. “Sabi niya gawin mo dapat mong gawin sa isang eksena. Huwag mong sasayangin. Paulit-ulit niyang sinasabi na sayang yung eksena.” Vilma was equally very taken with Kim ever since they did a sample of a confrontation scene for Vilma: A Woman For All Seasons (a five-part TV special in 2009). In the meantime, Kim is gearing up for her newest soap Ina, Kapatid, Anak which also top-bills Maja Salvador, Xian Lim, and Enchong Dee. Aside from her easy camaraderie with fellow young stars, she is also excited to play Cherry Pie Picache’s daughter in the story. “It’s different dynamic. First time namin magkatrabaho ni Ms. Pie na mag-ina kami. Madaming beses na kaming nagkasama sa teleserye pero hindi siya yung kakampi ko. Yun ang isa sa mga dapat abangan ng viewers dito…” – Rachelle Siazon (READ MORE)

Kim Chiu (born Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu on April 19, 1990 in Tacloban/Chinese name: Zhang Jinzhu, Chinese characters, is a Filipino-Chinese actress. She lived in Cebu City before she went to Manila for Pinoy Big Brother. Chiu was the first winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition and is currently part of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic contract artists. She is also a recording artist, having launched her only album entitled ‘Gwa Ai Di.’…Chiu is slated to do a horror film with Vilma Santos titled, The Healing and a reunion movie project with perrenial leading man, Anderson tentatively titled, For The Sake Of Love. Chiu will also be starring in a new upcoming drama entitled, Ina, Kapatid, Anak with Xian Lim, Maja Salvador and Enchong Dee and set to do a romantic-comedy movie with Xian Lim. – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Kim Chiu and Vilma Santos

The Healing (2012) – “…Stories about the Filipino tradition of going to faith healers for guidance and treatment of ailments have not yet been tackled in-depth in movies. And in our film, the viewers will not just be horrified, they’ll somehow be challenged to think as to how faith healing has already been part of our culture…” – ABS-CBN News (READ MORE)

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The Healing (2012)

“…Gagawin ko po lahat kahit ano, gumaling lang po ako…” – Cookie (Kim Chiu)

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Basic Information: Direction: Chito Roño; Cast: Vilma Santos, Kim Chiu, Pokwang, Mark Gil, Martin del Rosario, Allan Paule, Cris Villanueva, Daria Ramirez, Ces Quesada, Ynez Veneracion, Simon Ibarra, Abi Bautista, Joel Torre, Chinggay Alonso, Mon Confiado, Carmi Martin; Production Co.: Star Cinema; Release Date: July 25 2012

Plot Description: “…Stories about the Filipino tradition of going to faith healers for guidance and treatment of ailments have not yet been tackled in-depth in movies. And in our film, the viewers will not just be horrified, they’ll somehow be challenged to think as to how faith healing has already been part of our culture…” – ABS-CBN News (READ MORE)

Film Achievement: 9th USTv Students’ Choice Awards – Best Local Full-Length Film – Star Cinema/ABS-CBN Film Productions; PMPC Star Awards 2012: 11 Nominations – Movie of the Year – Star Cinema; Movie Director of the Year – Chito Roño; Movie Actress of the Year – Vilma Santos; Movie Supporting Actress of the Year – Kim Chiu; Child Performer of the Year – Abby Bautista; Movie Screenwriter of the Year – Roy Iglesias; Movie Cinematographer of the Year – Charlie Peralta; Movie Production Designer of the Year – Erick Torralba, Richard Somes, Fritz Silorio; Movie Musical Scorer of the Year – Jerrold Tarog; Movie Editor of the Year – Jerrold Tarog; Movie Sound Engineer of the Year – Mike Idioma

Netizens’ Choice Awards – Favorite Movie of the Year (Star Cinema); Favorite Movie Actress of the Year – Kim Chiu; Vilma Santos’ 50th Anniversary Movie; The Cinema Evaluation Board of the Philippines gave this film a “Graded A” and MTRCB rated this film Rated-13 (censored version) and Rated-18 (director’s cut); Ranked 3rd on the Highest-grossing Local movies of 2012, earning 2.06M US$ (85.96M PH); Star Cinema is very happy with the box-office result of Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos’ (photo) latest movie, The Healing, which has grossed more than P130M so far (and counting!).

100-million mark – Heavy rains may have flooded Luzon but that didn’t hinder to the success of Chito Rono’s most recent masterpiece “The Healing“. While expected to reach the 100-million mark, The Healing as of it’s 3rd week has grossed P85.96 million in ticket sales. The Healing actually started with an awesome 7-day gross at P80 million as reported by Star Cinema and P74.39 according to Box Office Mojo Philippines. That’s only a 6-million difference, but let’s say we consider P80 million as the first week gross of The Healing. After riding that week of wave of success, The Healing began to see a decrease in the box office earnings which may be caused by the storm that entered the country about two weeks ago (while the film was on it’s second week). And with Star Cinema’s The Reunion coming into theaters this week! I’m not sure if The Healing can still make it to the 100-million mark. Two other factors are Disney’s Brave (with 55-Million 2 weeks gross) and Philippines’ most awaited Hollywood movie event “The Bourne Legacy” which raked P110-million on its first week. Additionally, MTRCB’s two film rating cuts for The Healing (R13) and The Healing R18 might have affected their earnings. Like seriously! The malls where I went to watch The Healing are so damn strict that they looked for any identification/certification that I’m 18. Going back, the movie was given a grade “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board and was well-received by moviegoers and even the country’s top critics. “The Healing” is starring Vilma Santos, Kim Chiu, Janice de Belen, Mark Gil, Martin del Rosario, Jhong Hilario, Allan Paule, Cris Villanueva, Daria Ramirez, Ces Quesada, Ynez Veneracion, Simon Ibarra, Abby Bautista, Joel Torre, Chinggoy Alonso, Mon Confiado, Carmi Martin and Pokwang. The Healing is still on its 4th week! – Mark Glenn Cabrera (READ MORE)

‘This one’s really made for Ate Vi’ – “…Horror is one of those genres na hindi talaga siya kumukupas. Once it’s done well, everybody loves to watch horror movies. Kahit na ako. masaya siya eh. Lalo na pag may matatakutin kang kaibigan, ang sarap (laughs). It’s an experience na like no other. It’s like comedy where tawa kayo ng tawa. Kasi kapag iiyak ka, medyo nahihiya ka pa. pero this one’s really made for Ate Vi. Talagang role tailor made for her. Matagal na niyang hiningi ito,” he shares during The Healing’s bloggers conference held last July 23 at the ABS-CBN compound. Direk Chito says he and Vilma had talked about making a movie together as early as three years ago. After doing movies like Bata, bata Pano Ka Ginawa? and Dekada 70, The Healing is their reunion movie after almost ten years. He adds the multi-awarded actress has already proven her worth after 50 years in showbiz. “This is our fourth movie. I’ve always said na nakita ko na ang galing ng isang Vilma Santos sa ilang dekada, sa ang daming great movies na nagawa. Parang she’s one of those people na kailangan pa ba niya i-prove ulit? Yung parang I know she now always demands for something na medyo mas substantial. Huwag naman yung mediocre. Sabi ko the concept of the movie is bagay na sa stature niya. We’ve seen her do a lot of great scenes in most of her movies. The famous monologue scenes, the famous long takes. Ate Vi yan pag sinabi mong three pages na monologue, automatic na yan sa showbiz. Bihira na lang sa industriya yung kaya gawin yan. I’m very happy na pumayag si Ate Vi na ensemble ang pelikula…” – Push, 25 Jul 2009 (READ MORE)

Film Review: “…Director Chito S. Roño is a veteran in doing horror movies. In 2004, he helmed the box-office hit Feng Shui, an answer to the Asian horror movie phenomenon. The Healing, on the other hand, can be considered an answer to Hollywood’s torture-and-gore horror movie phenomenon. It may be the first local horror film to do so, and thus it is refreshing to watch. There is no shortage of shocking gore in The Healing. There are lots and lots of blood; horror movie fans will not be disappointed. The movie is also made more fun by moments of fan service, that recalls several niches of pop culture that seem to be taboo in Philippine mainstream cinema. There’s a small child wielding a ninja weapon killing groups of monks, before jumping to her death. There’s a beheading using a giant knife. There are many more.

The story also offers something new, away from familiar themes like haunted houses and vengeful ex-girlfriends. It exploits the Filipino tradition of faith healing, and the consequences of tapping this alternative form of therapy. What’s most admirable is the fact that The Healing’s actors went to great lengths to provide credence to the story. Vilma Santos, for instance, gets stabbed multiple times that you’d wonder how she can take these intense physical scenes at her age. Kim Chiu should also be praised for her handling of her character, Cookie. Her early scenes when she needs to act sick are believable and downright affecting. In summary, The Healing is suited for Pinoy horror fans. It is fun as it is shocking, and non-squeamish viewers should have no problem having a good time…” – Mark Angelo Ching, PEP, July 30, 2012 (READ MORE)

“…Santos’ spine-tingler is far from original, but as it tweaks the narrative conceit that has made “Final Destination” a box-office-busting film franchise, the movie finds innovative ways to establish an atmosphere of impending doom that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats: You feel that something gruesome is about to transpire, you just don’t know how it will play out—or when! The Star for All Seasons decided to make the film because she wanted to add something “new” to her formidable oeuvre—and, with “The Healing,” Santos accomplishes exactly that. The role doesn’t require her to do much except run in circles or look worried or scared. But, she displays flashes of dramatic brilliance when she is hounded by guilt, a motivation that presents her with forks in the road that just might lead to the resolution of the horrifying story’s main conflict. More than anything, it’s a treat to see the durable actress on the big screen again. The horror-thriller genre she dabbles in effectively introduces her to a younger (and wider) viewing demographic that derives pleasure from getting scared out of its wits….” – Rito P. Asilo, Philippine Daily Inquirer, July 28, 2012 (READ MORE)

“…The reason I like Chito Rono’s horror movies, and the reason I see most of them in the theatre, is because suspense-horror is a completely original genre, completely divorced from the hang-ups and expectations of movies that involve real people doing somewhat credible things. I remember when Chito Rono did a suspense project DAHAS, topbilled by Maricel Soriano and Richard Gomez. It was one of a kind. Very engaging just like the Healing. Kim Chiu, among other characters has lesser exposure here but a huge revelation. She epitomizes the typical Asian character on every horror films we watched. Her make-up was perfect and she looks so fresh on the movie. Pokwang, Janice and Martin Del Rosario did a great job as support role. Their characters are very important and happy to see Janice De Belen again on the big screen. Pokwang gave a little taste of comic on her dialogues, which gave everyone to catch their breath in preparation to next scene. Martin Del Rosario is a real charmer. Again the focus of the film is the story, its suspense package and for Vilma Santos, which they succeeded. I suggest everyone should watch the uncut version, brave the director’s cut as there seems to be obvious reason why some of the scenes are not included on R13. DISLIKE: There’s one thing I don’t like, they are trying to blur some of Vilma Santos physical feature. That looks very obvious on the big screen. But you will love the color coding (that’s for you to find out). Star Cinema gave another reason for everyone to go back to movie houses and appreciate local films. It’s another excellent film of 2012…The Movie is in honor of Vilma’s 50th anniversary, Star Cinema gathered an all-star highly acclaimed powerhouse cast composed of Kim, Janice de Belen, Mark Gil, Martin del Rosario, Allan Paule, Cris Villanueva, Daria Ramirez, Ces Quesada, Ynez Veneracion, Simon Ibarra, Abi Bautista, Joel Torre, Chinggoy Alonso, Mon Confiado, Carmi Martin and Pokwang. I am giving THE HEALING 10 out of 10…” – Rod Magaru (READ MORE)

“…Vilma is subjected to a lot of stressful scenes in the movie as she fights for dear life. We have to suspend our disbelief a bit in the scenes where she gets violently mauled, stabbed, hit by a chair, repeatedly hurled down into the floor, but it did elicit a lot of deafening screams from the theatre crowd. Some of her fans feel she should have just done another drama but we can understand her desire to flex her wings and do a vehicle of this sort. When we saw the movie, a lot of viewers were young people who enjoy watching scary films like this. With this, Ate Vi has successfully reached out to a new demographic, with the help of a young star like Kim Chiu, who in all fairness, also does well in her dual roles. For us, it’s a very wise decision indeed. And Chito Roño shows here to younger horror directors like Topel Lee, Richard Somes and Jerrold Tarog (Tarog did a fine job of scoring and editing the movie) that he remains to be the master of the genre who can be even playful with the orchestrated color scheme of the costumes worn by his characters in the movie…” – Mario Bautista, Malaya, Aug 6 2012 (READ MORE)

“…Roño elevated gore in this horror. From a decapitation scene in the middle of the street to a massacre inside a temple, the director inspired the MTRCB to give the film dual versions: The director’s cut rated R-18 and a trimmed R-13 that allows the fans of Kim Chiu into the cinemas. While the spooks work (including a stroke of brilliance of a popped, moving left eye when the victim becomes possessed), acting was also solid in “The Healing.” Vilma, who owns most of the frames, is convincing whether consoling her friends, guilt-ridden, confused, terrified. She’s even perfect as the ex-wife who, despite the fact that she was the one left behind for a new family, remained careful and concerned when dealing with her son and the daughter of her ex-husband because she always consider how her ex and his new wife would feel. Supporting performances are as engaging. Kim Chiu, whose Cookie is also healed but scheduled to die if Seth fails to stop the terrifying chain, traded convincing scenes with the actress/politician. Robert Arevalo and Allan Paule (Greta’s husband) offered moments of laughter and chances to exhale from the jolts and gore. Joel Torre and Jhong Hilario stole bits of the thunder in their moments leading to the climax…” – Kaye Villagomez, Manila Bulletin, Aug 07 2012 (READ MORE)

“…Vilma Santos is an icon and it is cool that she is accessible to a new generation of movie-goers. Ate Vi, this time without the benefit of long monologues or cinematic crying, proves her virtuosity as an actor in a horror movie, a genre she’s not really known for. But the good governor is indisputable as the leading lady within a great ensemble cast, including Joel Torre, Alan Paule, Janice de Belen, Cris Villanueva, Kim Chiu, and Pokwang among others. Look closely and you’ll find her photographed lovingly (by cinematographer Charlie Peralta) in almost soft-focus -is that what they call a two stocking shot? -running around in her platform mules and designer handbags. She’s awesome at looking surprised and seemed suitably spooked when a black crow flies in her face. (I will not mention any plot spoilers because the story is way too convoluted to summarize here, but I will say that yes, there is an ugly black bird in this movie)…” – Ria Limjap,, Aug 03 2012 (READ MORE)

To Rono’s credit, each “death scene” would top the last one as far as gore and blood are concerned. The cast did well, too. Vilma Santos is Vilma Santos. She will always be bigger than her roles. This is not to say that she did not perform well; she did. But, watching her, you see Vilma more than Seth – too strong to ignore. Kim Chiu appeared in very few scenes despite her second billing. As with her performances on TV, she would have done better if she injected more energy into her role. I did not know Martin del Rosario before this movie, but he delivered very well in his crucial role as Jed. I’m not really sure why Ynez Veneracion had to show her right boob in a scene – maybe for old times’ sake. Several camera angles used by Mr. Rono were very well-planned and executed, maximizing the tension onscreen. Like other productions (movies and theater plays) I watch nowadays, there was color coordination in the outfits/costumes of the characters onscreen. In “The Healing,” though, I did not quite get why a certain color was chosen to be the “theme” of a scene. It was too obvious, that when a scene’s color scheme continued into an unrelated scene, it became distracting. Many common scare tactics and music were employed in the film. Thankfully, there was no Sadako-like creature in this one (if you still don’t know who Sadako is, Google “The Ring” Japanese version — or search on YouTube). Overall, “The Healing” is okay. It is similar to other horror films in the way the friends of the lead female character are dying around her and it is up to her to break the curse. If it was Kris Aquino who played Seth instead of Vilma Santos, the movie would just be “Feng Shui” all over again…” – Fred Hawson, Rappler, Aug 12 2012 (READ MORE)

“…The movie has a cohesive plot. The editing is brisk. The story telling is to the point. The jolts, the surprises, the building tension as the plot thickens makes you squirm from your seat. You can’t take your eyes off the screen so as not to miss the details, the foreshadowing, the conflict resolution. From the impressive opening credits, to the alternate theme colors of blue, red, yellow & white, you know the movie is special. The ensemble acting reminds you of such sleuth movies as Murder on the Orient Express & Death on the Nile, where Rono is able to flesh out the best from each actor or actress, no matter how small the role is, whether in a group or singly . I particularly like Janice De Belen, Pokwang, Robert Arevalo (in a groovy role that Sildenafil users could relate to), Kim Chiu, Joel Torre & Martin Del Rosario. Vilma Santos is in almost every frame. It is a most restrained performance, akin to her Urian winning Amanda Bartolome character in Dekada 70 where she has mastered “doing less is more.” As the key figure or the cause of the sad fate of her friends, Vilma is able to effectively use her eyes to show fear, guilt, sadness, even remorse. Her best scenes are when she tells her son Martin to not leave Kim from his sight, while calling from a cell phone, her confrontation scene with Kim in a car while Martin is driving the van & her hair raising, thrilling confrontation scene with Kim, the evil twin…” – Mar Garces (READ MORE)

“…The Healing spends a great deal of time needlessly attempting to make sense of the plentiful contrivances it filled its plot with. Simplicity is not one of Roño’s priorities. The film indulges in so many points that require tiring explanations and expositions, some of which seem too farfetched to be believed or to be appreciated. While the genre relies heavily on the supernatural and the unexplainable, Roño’s story seems too all over the place, forcing everything to cohere seamlessly like a completed jigsaw puzzle. Unfortunately, the film’s insistence on forcing the details mostly backfires, creating a story that meanders a little bit too much. The key to good horror is not necessarily what is overtly shown and depicted but the quality and the extent of what is left to the imagination. Roño invests a lot in The Healing’s visual design. Practical effects are abandoned for computer-generated effects, allowing grislier and more deranged sequences to exist with absolute ease. Instead of heightening the tension, the computer-generated effects only deflates it, inviting humor with how closer it resembles cartoons than macabre realism instead of fear. The acting is also unnecessarily pronounced and hysterical, despite the characters’ unnatural reaction to impending amorality and death. There is just too little left for the audience. The film is just frustratingly cluttered, serving details and elements, motivations and reactions, all of which do not necessarily fit the material they are forced to support. The Healing is commendable only for the fact that it attempted to stray from the inanities of uninspired horror cinema that has occupied Philippine cinema for far too long. It bears ideas and an execution of such ideas that evince an ambition and effort to break away from tired conventions. Sadly, everything ends up in forgettable confusion…” – Oggs Cruz (READ MORE)

“…The film is, by turn, violent and the sexy episode given clinical treatment. The breast of Ynez Veneracion (as Greta) is fondled matter-of-factly to show that the cancerous lumps are no longer there. The series of death – suicide and murder, keep the moviegoers on the edge, screaming here and there and up to the very end when the ‘sanib’ victim Kim Chiu (as Cookie) opens her eyes. Rono has a perfect acting ensemble to make this film credible and engaging. Even with the limited exposure and dialogue that she had, Daria Ramirez was great acting personified in The Healing. Pokwang (as Alma) was another revelation. Here, Rono doesn’t allow her to take another crack at her comic talents and emerges a natural performer. Everyone has defining moments in this film from Kim Chiu (as Cookie), Janice de Belen (as Cita), Robert Arevalo (as Odong), Martin del Rosario (as Jed), Mark Gil (as Val), Carmi Martin, Cris Villanueva (as Ding), Allan Paule (as Ruben), Ces Quesada (as Chona), Chinggoy Alonzo and Simon Ibarra (as Rex), among others. Joel Torre -as the healer’s brother- turns in another winning performance. This is my first horror film with Vilma Santos in it and I must say that she acquitted herself very well. Her subtle acting in The Healing was reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in Wait Until Dark. I think she should do more horror film with Rono. Like it or not, The Healing is my Horror Film of the Year…” – Pablo A. Tariman (READ MORE)

“…The cast delivers a believable performance in The Healing. For a horror film, it sure has some good humor on it. The humor usually comes from Seth’s (Vilma Santos) father Mang Odong (Robert Arevalo). But never forget that this is a horror film, you when you least expect it the film delivers this sucker punch jump scare. The Healing has a good number of jump scares which you can either love or hate. I personally prefer the more psychological and creeping form of scare when it comes to horror films. Don’t get me wrong, The Healing has these creepy elements as well. The scares in the Healing are okay which have been generally enhanced by CG-effects…Star Cinema’s The Healing is a good horror film which has some pretty suspenseful and creepy moments…The Healing is worth the time, money, and effort. The film is more of a suspense than a horror in the latter part of the film which is not bad which doesn’t diminish how the story progressed. Pinoy Movie Blogger gives The Healing (2012) an 8 out of 10 (4/10) film review rating…” – Chris A., Pinoy Movie Blogger (READ MORE)

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Doppelganger – “…Chiu, who will play a doppelganger in the movie, said it was indeed a wonderful experience to be working alongside Star For All Seasons Vilma Santos. “It’s a wonderful experience. Ang dami kong natutunan sa kanya as an actress and as a person. And kay Direk Chito (Roño) din, sobra akong nag-enjoy,” she said. While there were times when she felt intimidated by Santos, Chiu said the acclaimed actress always encouraged her to just focus on her role. “Sabi niya gawin mo dapat mong gawin sa isang eksena. Huwag mong sasayangin. Paulit-ulit niyang sinasabi na sayang ‘yung eksena,” she said. Chiu said working with Santos helped her grow as an actress. “Parang nag-grow yung acting ko. Madami akong natutunan in terms of work sa set,” she said…” – ABS-CB Nnews, Jun 20 2012 (READ MORE)

“…She is happy daw na as an actress, napagbigyan niya ang sarili na makatapos ng isang pelikula sa taong ito. Her last film was In My Life with son Luis Manzano and John Lloyd Cruz released by Star Cinema nearly three years ago. Her new movie, D’Healing, is also for Star Cinema with Kim Chiu, Janice de Belen and Pokwang. Chito Roño directs…Pero hindi ko muna iniisip ang next movie ko after D’Healing. Kasi I want to focus on its release dahil it will coincide with the celebration of my 50th year in showbiz. “I assure the public na this movie is something new, ’di ko pa nagawa bilang aktres. Kaya sana, panoorin nila,” susog niya.” – Nel Alejandrino (READ MORE)

“Gov. Vilma Santos says Star Cinema wants to show her new movie “The Healing” on July 11. “But I told them that’s too soon,” she says at her launch as the endorser of Generics Pharmacy at Shangri-La Makati ballroom. “Aalis pa ako next week, pupunta kami ni Sen. Ralph at ni Ryan Christian sa Hawaii for a one-week vacation. Sabi ko, let’s meet when I come back. Gusto ko naman, mas mai-promote ‘yung movie kasi first time ko gumawa ng suspense thriller with Chito Roño and I’m so proud of it. Puro magagaling ang mga kasama ko like Janice de Belen, Kim Chiu, Pokwang. ‘Yun nga lang, gory ‘yung ibang death scenes dito so we’re worried na baka paghigpitan kami ng MTRCB. But Chito says ipaglalaban daw niya. The story is about doppelgangers.” After this, Star Cinema is offering another movie for her for the Metro Filmfest. “But I told them hindi ko na kaya talaga. They even want me to do a TV show in time for my 50th anniversary in showbiz in November but, I don’t know, siguro TV special na lang.” How about the indie film where she’ll play a Ma Barker character? “Adolf Alix gave me the script. Pinag-aaralan ko pa. Nothing is final…” – Mario Bautista (READ MORE)

“…Natapos na ni Governor Vilma Santos-Recto ang Chito Roño movie niyang The Healing nu’ng Sabado. Bale 37 shooting days ang ginugol ng Star For All Seasons sa movie niya na bahagi ng selebrasyon niya ng kanyang Golden Year sa showbiz. Before dinner ay pack-up ang hu­ling mga eksena kaya naman nagkaroon ng dinner kung saan nagkaroon din ng raffle para sa staff and crew. Dumating din sa kasiyahan ang mag-amang si Sen. Ralph Recto at anak na si Ryan Christian. Namigay rin ng black T shirts sa lahat kung saan naka-print sa harap ang “They survived The Healing in 37 days!” Kasama sa cast ng Star Cinema movie sina Kim Chiu, Janice de Belen, Pokwang at iba pa. After ng movie, isang malaking endorsement naman ang ilalabas ni Governor Vilma next month….” – Jun Nardo, Abante May 29 2012 (READ MORE)

“…Sa harapan ng black t-shirt na ipinamudmod ni Chito Roño ay nakasulat ang mga katagang “I Survive The Healing in 37 shooting days“. Naka-schedule na ipapalabas ang The Healing sa last week ng July…ayon sa sources, after The Healing ay wala nang kontrata si Ate Vi sa Star Cinema kaya malamang daw na tanggapin ng actress/ politician ang offer ni Mother Lily Monteverde and TV5. Naghihintay din si Chit Guerero para naman sa TV special ni Ate Vi bilang celebration ng 50th anniversary ng premyadong actress/ politician. May tatlong TV commercials and endorsements din naghihintay sa availability ni Gov. Vi.” – Jimi C. Escala (READ MORE)

SOMETHING NEW – “…The Star for all Seasons is slated to topbill The Healing with Kim Chiu. This drama-horror thriller will be directed by Chito Roño. The two actresses recently had the story conference for their movie, which will be shown during the latter part of the year. Governor Vilma told Showbiz News Ngayon that the movie: “has something to do with mga Pilipinong mahilig magpagamot sa mga healers. But at the end of the day, mga nangyayari sa kapaligiran pagdating sa…spiritual, doon iikot ang istorya. “I find this something new unang una sa story. First time akong gagawa nito plus the fact na I will be doing a movie with Kim Chiu. Definitely that is something very important. At this point in time, what is important is chemistry plus a good project, a good director.” For her part, Kim feels lucky to be given this chance to work with the Star for all Seasons. “Masaya ako and excited ako. Something new din for me to do a horror movie under Star Cinema and to work with Governor Vilma Santos.” The actress-politician then asked Kim to refer to her as Ate Vi and not Governor Vi. Kim laughed and exclaimed: Nahihiya ako!…” – PEP (READ MORE)

NA-STARSTRUCK – “…Personal na sumalubong sa kanya si Kim Chiu na makakatambal niya sa kanyang comeback movie matapos ang 2 taon. Sabi ni Chiu, “Nasa-starstruck pa ako. Teka lang, wala pa akong masabing word, nag-wave lang ako.” Sagot ni Santos, “Ang bago dito, kasama ko si Binondo Girl, excited ako ‘don.” Matatandaang unang nakita ni Vilma ang husay sa pag-arte ni Kim Chiu nang magpa-acting workshop siya noon para sa Star Magic talents. Ginampanan ni Kim ang award-winning role ni Vi bilang AIDS victim na si Dolzura Cortez. “Tingnan niyo po kung nasan si Kim ngayon, di ba? I am so proud of you,” sabi ni Santos. Nagpasalamat si Chiu rito. “Wow, thank you so much. Isang malaking karangalan siyempre ang makatrabaho ang isang Governor Vilma Santos. Sobrang thankful ako na pinagbigyan niya ‘tong chance na ‘to. Sobrang ang saya-saya.” Si Direktor Chito Roño mismo ang bumalangkas ng pagsasamahan nina Ate Vi at Kim Chiu, ang drama horror-thriller na The Healing…” – Mario Dumaual (READ MORE)

FAITH HEALER – “…The film, which is tentatively titledThe Healing, will revolve around the Filipino tradition of going to faith healers to treat their various ailments. The young actress said that she is also excited to work with her other co-stars in the said movie, like Janice De Belen. She added that she admires Janice for her acting in the teleserye Budoy. Parang idol ko na nga ngayon si Ms. Janice de Belen tapos kasama ko pa siya ngayon sa movie. So, yun, ang galing galing. Kim also shared some details about her character: Ang role ko dito, estudyante na may sakit. Lahat kami dito may sakit kaya lalapit kami sa faith healer. Exciting siya and kaabang-abang talaga ito. Kim added that she got a little scared herself when the plot was explained to her. Sobrang kakaibang horror film na parang kahit ako, habang nagkukuwento sila, natatakot na ako, bilang matatakutin akong tao. Acting alongside Vilma Santos is definitely a step-up for the young actress. When asked if she is expecting to win an award for it, Kim said that she will simply do her best and try not to think about it. Pressure? Hindi naman, basta relax lang and thankful ako na napasama ako sa pelikulang ito, she ended…” – Jamie Ortega (READ MORE)

Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu (born April 19, 1990 in Tacloban), better known as simply Kim Chiu, is a Chinese Filipino actress,singer and model. She lived in Cebu City before she went to Manila for Pinoy Big Brother. Chiu was the first winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition and is currently part of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic contract artists…Chiu started performing as a regular on ASAP XV in 2006. In 2011, Chiu will have a comeback in a primetime series via My Binondo Girl. This is her first television series without Anderson and instead she will three leading men namely, Xian Lim, Matteo Guidicelli, and Jolo Revilla. She is also slated to do a horror film with Vilma Santos. – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

“…The Healing. A Star Cinema horror film under the direction of Chito S. Roño starring Vilma Santos, Kim Chiu, Janice de Belen, Pokwang, Mark Gil, Martin del Rosario, Cris Villanueva, Daria Ramirez, Maria Isabel Lopez, Ces Quesada, Cogie Domingo, Angelu de Leon, Ryan Eigenmann, and Jomari Yllana with a tentative nationwide theatrical release of May 2012…” – Chris A. (READ MORE)

“Pero ang nakakatakot sa pelikula, yun palang tatay ni Vilma, kinukuha niya ang ‘life force’ ng lahat ng mga magiging pasyente nung healer”, dagdag na kuwento pa ni Mama maribel. “Kaya siya nabubuhay, kinukuha naman pala niya ang buhay o energy life force ng ibang mga tao, at yun ang mga magiging susunod na mga pasyente nung faith healer! Shocking, di ba? Naku, sorpresa ang role ko dito, ikatatakot ng lahat. At si Ate Vi, ngayon lang muli kami magkakasama sa isang pelikula. The last movie we made was Alyas Baby tsina during the late ’80′s pa yun!” At kilala naman ng lahat kung gaano kagaling si direk Chito Rono sa paggawa ng mga horror films, no? Isa sa paboritong horror film namin na ginawa ni direk Chtio ay yung remake ng clasic film na “Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara!” kung saan si Dawn Zulueta ang naging bida…” – Robert Manuguid Silverio (READ MORE)