Batangas Governor Vilma Santos: Sharing HEARTS for Progress

In her heart of HEARTS, the heroine of the celluloid world who stands by the right and plight of the underprivileged, has lent her heart to make the HEARTS program available to her constituents in the province of Batangas. The charm and charisma that endeared this actress-turnedpolitician to her millions of fans when she started her career in Philippine filmdom at age 9 is still embodied in Gov. Vilma Santos as she meets people, as she faces the challenges of her office. “Monday is people’s day. That’s the time when I get to meet and find out the needs of my constituents from various sectors.They follow up their requests, ask for assistance. Others just want to see me for picture-taking,” she pauses, smiles and adds, “There were many cases when they still demanded to see me personally even if I had already assisted them in one way or another. They just wanted to see me and thank me. Well, it’s part of my job. It’s physically draining, but the Vilma is still there.” Health & Home staffers and others witnessing the interview nod their heads in agreement. With regard to the urgent need of her constituency, the governor stresses that it is still the basic needs and these are what her government needs to address and enhance. “There are many problems, left and right, up and down. But it’s still the basic needs that are important and they are contained in our HEARTS program.”

This program, she clarifies, was not invented. “It was given enough study time when I won the mayorship in Lipa in 2007, with the help of my husband, Senator Ralph Recto.” The HEARTS Program Health, Education and environment, Agriculture, Roads, Tourism and technology, and Social service and security. For her health program, the governor says her government has many projects. “I’ll give only one. We have 12 district hospitals. One perfect example is the Lipa District Hospital. All of them [hospitals] were rehabilitated and expanded, and we bought new equipment and facilities and distributed Philhealth cards.” She further explains that even though these are district hospitals, people should pay. “We can’t subsist if everything is free. How can you maintain a hospital if everything is free?” (Purchase this H&H Magazine to further read on the article, please feel free to contact the Marketing Department or call us at (632) 364-5205) Jose F. Sarsoza Jr. is editor in chief of Health & Home. – Jose F. Sarsoza Jr. (READ MORE)

The houses that Vilma built (Repost)

Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos had the first-hand experience of waking up one day only to realize she had lost everything — as in everything: Money, vehicles and even her home.

Ever persevering she worked triply hard — to the point of sacrificing her marriage (she had no choice) — in order to be able to bounce back financially. She did — and recovered her Magallanes home from getting foreclosed by the bank.

Vilma is one of those intelligent and sensible people who know that having your own home is an excellent form of investment. She has wisely invested on real estate through the decades and that has made life a lot more comfortable for her (she could live off the rentals).

Raised in the Sta. Cruz district of Manila, Vilma didn’t really have to work as a child star because both her parents were employed and could very well afford to feed the brood. But what do you do with a precocious daughter loaded with talent and itching to act in the movies? Vilma has never stopped working since she was cast in the title role of Trudis Liit at age nine.

When she was a teen star, she got a house for her and her family in one of those subdivisions (was it Arfel Homes?) off Visayas Avenue. When her residence was featured in one of the fan magazines that time, the readers gushed over her choice of a round bed — as opposed to the conventional rectangular bed of rival Nora Aunor whose own bedroom was featured in the opposite page.

Vilma eventually moved to Magallanes Village where son Luis was eventually born. When he was a kid, Luis decided to raise a pair of pigeons and Vilma was just too happy to see her then only son learning how to be responsible. From two, however, the pigeons multiplied to about 40 and they were all nesting on the roof of the Magallanes home. Some found their way inside the ceiling where they continued to grow in number.

In a scene that could have come straight from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, the residents, Vilma included, were eventually terrorized by the avian creatures because these started pecking on the ceiling of the bedrooms and only heaven knew when the entire roof would collapse (and endanger the lives of the people below) from all that weight. Vilma was left with no choice but to ask Luis to give up this hobby.

In the early ’90s, Vilma felt that it was time to move to another residence and found one in Green Meadows, then a relatively new subdivision. She didn’t sell the Magallanes home, however (she worked hard to recover that, remember?) and used it as storage for pieces of furniture and appliances that couldn’t be accommodated in her new house. The trophies she won for having been proclaimed Box-Office Queen many times over, for instance, had to be left behind in the old residence because compared to the small glass citations being given away now those were huge and bulky back then — some even measuring three feet in height. But in time, Vilma decided to have the Magallanes residence rented out for additional income. Recently, it was torn down and rebuilt and is now being rented out again.

I never saw that Magallanes home, but I’ve been to the one in Green Meadows. In fact, I was there during the blessing where a dinner reception followed. The house on Green Meadows has four rooms, but one had to be turned into Vilma’s dressing room and closet (a star of her stature needs a huge closet space). The other two were divided between sister Emelyn and Luis.

According to the other Green Meadows celebrity residents, they had no problem with Vilma as a neigHBOr. Joey de Leon would even tell me that whenever he and wife Eileen Macapagal would host parties at their home, they would sometimes call Vilma to join them and if she was home and wasn’t doing anything, she’d drive over and join in the celebration until the wee hours of the morning. Vilma, however, is no longer a Green Meadows resident. The house had actually been turned over to Luis, who is now enjoying his independence (he is a responsible kid and I know he can take care of himself).

For the past couple of years now, Vilma, her husband, former Sen. Ralph Recto (now very much in the news), and their son Ryan Christian had been staying in Alabang. No, I haven’t been there. Neither had it been shown to the public in the past.

Tonight, we will be given the chance to finally have a peek at this very private residence because it will be featured — along with Vilma as wife and mother — in Vilma: A Woman for All Seasons after Charo Santos’ Maalaala Mo Kaya on ABS-CBN. (Ai-Ai de las Alas is the guest co-host for this episode.)

The house is said to be tastefully designed by Budji Layug. It’s mostly wood and done in minimalist style. Yes, it is Vilma’s dream house and so don’t miss it for the world. After all, it’s an invitation from no less than the star for all seasons herself. Best of all, you don’t have to travel to far Alabang. – Butch Francisco (


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1 A Kookie Little Paradise
2 A Love unspoken
3 A Wonderful Day
4 Abadaba Honeymoon
5 All Alone Am I
6 Aloha Oe
7 Always
8 Always With You
9 Among My Souvenir
10 Anywhere I Wonder
11 Ating Cu Pung Singsing
12 Baby Baby Baby
13 Baby Cakes
14 Batya’t Palupalo
15 Better Than All
16 Beyond The Reef
17 Bo Weebel
18 Bobby Bobby Bobby
19 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
20 Bring Back Your Love
21 Da Doo Ron Ron
22 Daddy
23 Do Re Mi Fa Sol I Love You
24 Don’t You break My heart
25 Donde Este Santa Claus
26 Dream
27 Drop A Line
28 Dry your Eyes
29 El Condor Pasa
30 Eternally
31 From The Bottom Of my Heart
32 Good Morning Starshine
33 Goodnight My Love
34 Green Grass Of Home
35 Grown Up Like Me
36 Have A Good time
37 Hawaiian Medley
38 Hawaiian Wedding Song
39 He’s so Near ( Yet So Far Away)
40 Holy Night
41 How I Wish I Were A Model
42 I Believe
43 I Have Dream
44 I Have dream
45 I Love You Honey
46 I Saw Mommy Kissing Sta. Claus
47 I Saw mommy Kissing Sta. Claus
48 I Understand
49 I Wonder Why
50 I Wonder Why
51 I’m The One For You
52 Isipin Mong Basta’t Mahal Kita
53 It’s Been A Long Long Time
54 It’s Wonderful To be In Love
55 Jealous Heart
56 Jingle bell Rock
57 Jingle Bells
58 Just Say You Be Mind
59 Little Brown Gal
60 Love Love
61 Mama
62 Mama Don’t Cry At My Wedding
63 Mamang kutsero
64 Mandolins In The Moonlight
65 Mary’s Boy Child
66 Mary’s Boy Child
67 May The good Lord Bless And Keep You
68 My Boy Lollipop
69 My First Kiss
70 My Promise To You
71 My Rosary
72 My Special Angel
73 My World Is Your World
74 Nine Little Teardrops
75 Oh Lonesome Me
76 Our Day Will Come
77 Palong Palo
78 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
79 Rudolph The red Nosed Raindeer
80 Sad Movies
81 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
82 Sealed With a kiss
83 Seven Lonely Days
84 Seventeen
85 Silent Night
86 Silver Bell
87 Sixteen
88 So With me
89 Something Stupid
90 Sometimes
91 Spinning Wheel
92 Sta. Claus Is Comming To Town
93 The Birds And The bees
94 The Rick-Tick Song
95 Then Along Came You Edgar
96 To Love Again
97 Tok Tok Palatok
98 Tweedle Dee
99 Two People In Love
100 Walang Umiibig
101 When The Clock Strikes one
102 White Christmas
103 Why Don’t You Beleive Me
104 Wonderful World Of Music
105 Yeahoo
106 You Don’t Love Me Any More
107 You Made Me Love you
108 Your Kisses Are Losing Their Sweetness
109 You’re All I Want For Christmas
110 Mga Rosas Sa Putikan

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The Plot: The first time they laid eyes on each other, they knew from that very moment that they were destined to be together. But their love was not meant to be consummated instantly-they had to wait. But their waiting spanned not just year but lifetimes. The time comes that they meet again. But now, they must break the walls that have for so long kept them apart. They must fight for their love because now is their last chance. – Viva Films

The Reviews: We saw the movie “Imortal” starring Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon, and directed by Eddie Garcia, which won most of the awards in the last Metro-Manila Festival. It was awful. People who make such movies, and those who hand out awards to them, thoroughly deserve each other. In its asinine plot, “Imortal” tells of the immortal love between two siblings with a common father — a doctor Christopher de Leon and Vilma Santos who becomes a nun, wife of an impotent husband, adulteress and a whore. They never make it because movie censor Manoling Morato would have gotten mad, but in the next generation, the daughter of the whore with foreigner (without AIDS, we hope) — also played by a younger Vilma Santos — marries the son of the doctor, played by a young Christopher de Leon, in a psychedelic wedding in the year 2016 AD. In the year 2016, youngsters Vilma (with brown skin and blue eyes) and Boyet are singing Happy Birthday to the father Old Christopher, a senile old man in a wheel chair. “Happy Birthday, Papa,” says Vilma as she kisses him on the cheek; he does not respond so she panics: “Papa… Papa… PAPA!” He does not answer because he is dead. According to the movie script, the father Christopher was born in 1954, which makes him in 2016 only 62 years of age — much younger than Director Eddie Garcia or even Dolphy, hardly an age to be senile and dying.

There are other laughable scenes. Vilma says, “My husband is (music rises ominously) — my husband is (music again) IMPOTENT (music rises to a climax)!” You’d think the husband just contracted the AIDS virus or got castrated by Sparrow units! Shucks, I know several husbands who just can’t do it anymore, and I hear no heavy music when their wives complain. As a matter of fact, wives prefer their husbands to be impotent, rather than be sexually active with other women. Another terrible scene. The car ridden by Christopher and wife Cherie Gil falls off a cliff. Cherie who is pregnant is mortally wounded and dies. And Christopher looks at his dead wife, and holds aloft a new born baby complete with umbilical cord. This is absurd without a caesarian operation by a doctor. The worst scene is when Christopher digs up the corpse of Vilma at the cemetery, amidst thunder, lightning, wind and rain, and embraces her passionately, while she exhibits no rigor mortis, and apparently no smell of formalin. You don’t find this kind of idiocy in a television commercial. Most of my grandchildren, including Angeli who is only four months of age, enjoy commercials more than dramas.

Some TV commercials can tell the story vividly, memorably, with impact in 30 seconds, better than two hours of unmitigated nincompoopery in filmed dramas. A simple love story is telescoped into a heartwarming half a minute of the Lizl Lebron commercial for San Miguel — boy meets girl against the parents’ wishes, in the tennis court, Fort Santiago in the rain, in the balcony — and ends as he gives her a engagement ring. Actresses with a roomful of acting awards can never match the birth of love and passion in the virginal innocence of this young girl. The same love story is retold in the Ligaw ad of Jollibee chronicling the Filipino traditional courtship — the chaperoned visit, permission to take the girl out for a snack, “Sigurado ka bang sa Jollibee?” the first tentative holding of hands, and the sudden appearance of papa — a slice of true life experience every young person can identify with, more than the bizarre events of “Imortal.” Movies are a director’s medium, the stage is an actor’s medium, a TV commercial is the medium of the advertiser who pays for the ad. The advertiser conducts enough studies to justify the expenditure in a logical way: product and consumer research to determine the most compelling reason to buy the product; careful attention to story boards, makeup, hair style, with no waste, irrelevances or digressions — long before shooting even starts.

A commercial of 30 seconds takes from P800,000 to P2 million to produce or as much as P67,000 per second. A movie of two hours or 9,600 seconds may take P5 million to produce, or P520 per second. A commercial costs as 128 times as much as a movie. Del Monte’s Spaghetti Sauce’s Godfather ad, mechado sauce’s Candida ad, and ketchup’s Family Dinner ad; the San Miguel series with Fernando Poe Jr., Tawa Marcelo and Freddie Aguilar; Jollibee’s Lola ad; and the Sarsi ad — are technical and artistic masterpieces. The Hope cigarette ads are colonial, sexist and insulting to the intelligence, as are those of Vos Brandy, White Castle Whisky and Old Captain Rum. But even the worst TV ad is better than “Imortal.” – Hilarion M. Henares Jr., Jan 14, 1990, Philippine Daily Inquirer READ MORE

Watching Imortal on ABS-CBN was purely out curiosity. At first I thought it was a remake of the old Vilma Santos-Christopher De Leon movie entitled Imortal. Gosh. Then only to find out the teleserye is about feuding wolves and vampires. You don’t have to be Twilight fan to realize how Twilight-y the plot is not even halfway into the first episode. And like any other Pinoy plot, the story line is just so darn predictable! The first episode isn’t over yet but you already know how it’s going to end. Why is it always like that? Can’t the writers think of new twists and be creative for once? (I’m already in my late 30s and they’ve been at it since I was in grade school.) Or is it that unpredictable twists don’t sell to the masses? Most probably! Either way, don’t blame me for being ‘unpatriotic’ because I get more satisfaction watching reruns of good old foreign films. – READ MORE

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Discography: SIXTEEN (1970) Lyrics


Kissing On The Park
Hugging On The Phone
Holding Hand In Hand
Down The Avenue

Strolling Down The Land
With Castles In The Air
A Kissin’ a Lovin’
A Kissin’ a Lovin’
A Kissin’ All Night Long

They Say I’m Only Sweet Sixteen
I’ve Never Been Kiss
I’ve Never Been Love
And All I Want Is Candy
Ice Cream, Teddy Bear and Lollipop

Riding On The Sun
A Lot Of Things We Do
Whispering To My Ears ” I Love You So”
Repeat II, III, I, II

A Kissing, A Lovin’
A Kissing, A Lovin’
A Kissing All Night Long (Fade)


Dry Your Eyes
Have A Little Smile
Won’t You Let The Sunshine through Your Hair
Wipe The tears
Discard Away The Fears
Don’t Be Afraid , To Walk By Yourself
Don’t Be Afraid , To Be Alone

And All The Blows,
That She Gave To You
Somehow Would Disappear From View
Then You Could Face The World With No regret
Just Like Before

Look Around
Never Try To Run
For The Things To Come
Could Be Your Chance
You’re Still Young,
To Suffer And To Cry
Don’t You Deny
For I Know your Part
I Also Cry, But They’re Gone
(repeat refrain, I )


Raindrop Keep falling On My Head
And Just Like The Guy
Who’s Feet Are To Big For His Bed
Nothing Seems To Fit
Those Raindrops Are Falling On My Head
They Keep Falling
So I Just Did Me Some Talking To The Sun
And I Say I Didn’t Like The Way
He’s Got Things Done
Sleeping On The Job
Those Raindrops Are Falling On My Head
They Keep Falling
But There’s One Thing I Know
The Blues They Sends To Meet
Won’t Defeat Me
It Won’t Be Long Till Happiness
Steps Up to Greet Me

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
But That Doesn’t Mean My Eyes
Will Still Be turning Red
Crying Is Not For Me
Cause I’ll Never Gonna Stop
The Rain By Complaining
Because I’m Free
Nothings Worry In Me


When The Clock Strike One
We Gonna Have Some Fun
When The Clock Strikes Two
I’m Outing For Two
My Love It’s You And Me
Your Hand, Holding Mine
We’ll Start The Fun
When The Clock Strike One

Your Sweet, Sweet Lips
Your Eyes That Shine
Your Rosy Cheeks
I Know They’re All Mind
(repeat I )

I’m Feeling Fine
Having So Much Fun
I’m Feeling Alright
Just Holding you Tight

When The Clock Strike Three
Love For You And Me
When The Clock Strike Four
We Gonna Have a Tour
In The Outer Space Of Love
With Kisses, romancing And Hugging
We’ll Start When the Clock Strike One
(repeat III, I )


Sometimes I wonder Why
You Couldn’t Love me
When You Could See From The Start
How Much You Mean To Me
So Darling Tell Me Now
If I Could Get Your heart
So I Could held Myself really Tough

Sometimes, When I Feel Sad
I Always Call Your Name
And These I Can’t Explain
Cause Your Driving Me Insane
So Darling Tell Me Now
If I Could Get Your Heart
So I Could Told Myself Really Tough

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
My Heart Is Aching
La, la, la, la, la, la , la,
I Think I’m Dying

(repeat I, III, II)


Used To be Afraid
I’ll Never Find, A Boy To Love
Hopefully, Good And Kind
Always On My Mind
Used To be Afraid
I’ll Never Find, A Boy To Love
Good And Kind

Then Along Came You “Edgar”
And I Know You’ll Be My Star
Young and Very Handsome
Full Of Lovely Things To Say
As Along Came You “Edgar”
And you ‘re A Star, You are

Used To Be An Ordinary
Lonely Little Girl
Living In A Shell
Never Having Fun
Used To Be An Ordinary
Lonely Little Girl
Living In A Shell
Not Having Fun

(repeat refrain)

Used to Date a Boy Who Swept Me Off My Feet
Someone I Admit While Walking Down The Street
Used to Date a Boy Who Swept Me Off My Feet
One Admit While Walking Down the Street
(repeat refrain)


Though’ We Gotta Say Goodbye
For The Summer
Darling I Promise You This
I’ll Send You All My Love
Everyday In A Letter
Sealed With A Kiss

Guess It’s Gonna Be A Cold
Lonely Summer
But I’ll Find The Emptiness
I’ll Send You All Love
Everyday In A Letter
Sealed With A Kiss

I’ll See You In The Sunlight
I’ll Hear Your Voice Everywhere
I’ll Run To Tenderly Hold You
But Darling You Wont Be There
I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye
For The Summer
Knowing The Love We’ll Miss
Oh Let us Make A Pledge To Me in September
And Sealed With A Kiss


People Always Say
Love Is Blind
Around Your Eyes
You’ll See Tears And Clouds
Before Myself I Think
It is Nice
It is Wonderful To Be In Love

But If this Feeling Inside My Heart
But There’s A Room
Cause You’re Bt My Side
Before Myself
I Think It Is Nice
It is Wonderful To be In Love

I Wanna Tell YouI’m Satisfied
To Be In Love
With The Boy Like You
I Didn’t Know
That Love Could be
As Wonderful As You
(repeat I, II, I )

It Is Wonderful To Be In Love
It Is Wonderful To Be In Love


(Bring Back Your Love 3x To Me)
You Used To Tell Me Honey ” I Love You So”
And You Make Me Believe, You’re always true
But One day, While I was Walking
I Saw You With My Best Friend
Sharing Laughs, While You Broke All My Dreams

Bring Back Your Love (3X)
You Once Gave To Me
Bring Back Your Love (3X)
To Me

I Hate To do, For What You Did
Still I’m In Love With You
Cause the Feeling I Used To Hide
Stronger Than My Pride
If You Could Still Remember It Right
What I Told You Before
No Matter How You Hurt me
I Will Love You More

(repeat refrain 2x)
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la (4x)
Yesterday I Found Myself
Crying Alone With A Broken Heart
All The Promise You Make to me
They Just Banish
When you said Goodbye
Love, Love
You Make Me Sad
Love Love
You Broke My Heart
When Will I Find
Someone To mend
The Things You Left in My heart

Was Left Alone And Blue
Crying Alone Over You
Since For Me
There’s No Regret
Though I Felt It Hurt Inside Of Me
(repeat refrain)
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
(repeat refrain. I refrain 2x)


You Boy, Say To Me
That You Care
That You Like To Be
My Only One Forevermore

And You Say
Though You Are Away
I’m Always In Your Mind
And Till The End Of Time
You Say That You will always be True
Never Leave Me Blue

(Now) It’s My Turn
To Say My Heart Burst
And That It Fits
For Only You
And As For all
The Things You’ve set
I Say, So With Me
So With Me
(repeat III)


I’ve Been Alone For Long
I’ve been Crying, Over You
I Never Thought
You Leave Me Here
And Then You Run Away From Me

You’ve Been Playing A Game or Two
You’ve been Treating Me
So Bad When I’m With You
Baby, Baby, Baby
You (Don’t) Made A Fool
Out Of me

You Know It’s Wrong To Lie
Cause Someone
Will Surely Cry

Photos and lyrics transcription courtesy of Nar Santander