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There was a time when a fan’s devotion to his or her idol wasn’t measured by how much they’ve spent on all the advertised merchandise made available to the public. Not every fan was able to afford the style of clothes sported by the stars, let alone be able to purchase the latest glossy magazine with their idol’s perfect smile on the cover. It was a time when making a scrapbook was enough to call one a devotee. Chosen photos collected from all sorts of publications were recycled, and carefully pasted on a simple spiral ring notebook. This would be one of many treasured volumes of personalized scrapbooks that would be shared, traded, and admired by other adoring fans. Here’s a look at an original late 60’s scrapbook made by a Vilma Santos fan. Many thanks to our good friend Edward De Los Santos for sharing scans of this amazing Vilma Santos scrapbook. For the best source of classic records, vintage magazines, and other amazing vintage collectibles, visit his Ebay stores: philippine.music (Ebay Philippines), and oldbestseller (Ebay USA). – Nostalgia Manila web-site (READ MORE)

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Vilma Santos-Edgar Mortiz Love Team Circa 1970
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