u can’t cut in line, go at the back, please

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This, time “Talagang Mali ang Hula nila…” – Would it be different scenarios if Nora Aunor won the Urian? It would probably get one of the eight spot in the 2014 MMFF for “Whistle Blower” and heightened the pressure for the President to include her in the list of this year’s National Artist. Two reasons that I could think off…that some of her supporter would probably would not like. Noranians has been very vocal particularly in social media. I noticed several Facebook comments that were tragically personal even attacking the President. In the social media, the three main reason suggested were, political, drugs, and her citizenship. I guess if you’re National Artist, your loyalty should be with your country and can’t be divide between two nations. Nora have to go back and forth between the Philippines and the Unites States of America to retained her Green Card. Another anti-Nora mentioned her addiction to gambling and substance abuse, which to some needs clarification from Nora. The other nasty comments were about her non-traditional relationship that ended up in a marriage in Las Vegas which also needs clarification from her. Our own personal opinion is that, all of her struggles makes Nora unique and like her kumare, Vilma deserving of the title, National Artist.

Success in Life – Logically, what is the rush? Why does Aunor’s supporter so obsessed for their idol to be proclaim this year? Truth is, she is clearly not at her peak yet or if you don’t agree with that (because of her so much awards), she is still very much active and can amass more career milestones! In fact she has four more indie projects – that can earn her more awards! Why are they in hurry? Even Nora said in an article, “…Wag na nating pag-usapan…Kung darating, pasalamat tayo. Kung hindi, pasalamat din tayo…” She is wise enough not to psych herself up to avoid disappointment and this could be a blessing in disguise for Nora. I don’t believe that she did not get the NA because of her past troubles. In fact her struggles can be seen as success in life. When you overcome and rise above all the test with your personal life it is a milestone in itself. These setbacks will not startle her when the right time comes, no one will hesitate or ignore her day in the sun.

Seniority – As for her rival, Vi believes in conformity. She knows Filipinos believe in ritual, habits and tradition. In fact, when it comes to National Artists, she believes, it is seniority. Gerardo de Leon got his NA a year after his death. Six years after his death, Brocka got his NA while Bernal got his five years after his demise. Manuel Conde’s recognition came in the longest, he have to wait twenty four years while FPJ only have to wait two years, this are after both died. The only film artist who got his bragging rights alive was film director, Eddie Romero in 2003 when he was seventy-nine years old and retired already in directing films (He will direct two more films after his NA recognition and died last year). That’s why Vi did not put herself into a position where everyone will assumed you will be declared the winner and end up the loser (lesson learned, remember Rubia?).

Don’t Cut in Line – Let’s face it, National Artists are for artists who are: dead, semi-retired and no longer active in their fields particularly in films. It’s stupid but can’t do much about that. We’re fond of rituals, habit and superstitions. Filipinos will say, “una una lang yan (if you’re first in line, you comes first) at bigyan ng “respeto ang mga nakakatanda, (respect the elders).” Which in this case, makes sense. Who will argue that the likes of Dolphy, Charito Solis, Gloria Romero, Lolita Rodriguez, Celso Ad Castillo, Joseph Estrada, Rogelio dela Rosa, Eddie Garcia, Anita Linda, and Carmen Rosales…don’t deserves their day in the sun? Some of these artists already left us but some are still alive. Some are still active and some are already retired. But definitely way senior than Vi and Guy, kunbaga nauna sila sa pila…sabi nga walang singitan sa linya (u can’t cut in line, go at the back, please). – RV

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