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1 A Kookie Little Paradise
2 A Love unspoken
3 A Wonderful Day
4 Abadaba Honeymoon
5 All Alone Am I
6 Aloha Oe
7 Always
8 Always With You
9 Among My Souvenir
10 Anywhere I Wonder
11 Ating Cu Pung Singsing
12 Baby Baby Baby
13 Baby Cakes
14 Batya’t Palupalo
15 Better Than All
16 Beyond The Reef
17 Bo Weebel
18 Bobby Bobby Bobby
19 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
20 Bring Back Your Love
21 Da Doo Ron Ron
22 Daddy
23 Do Re Mi Fa Sol I Love You
24 Don’t You break My heart
25 Donde Este Santa Claus
26 Dream
27 Drop A Line
28 Dry your Eyes
29 El Condor Pasa
30 Eternally
31 From The Bottom Of my Heart
32 Good Morning Starshine
33 Goodnight My Love
34 Green Grass Of Home
35 Grown Up Like Me
36 Have A Good time
37 Hawaiian Medley
38 Hawaiian Wedding Song
39 He’s so Near ( Yet So Far Away)
40 Holy Night
41 How I Wish I Were A Model
42 I Believe
43 I Have Dream
44 I Have dream
45 I Love You Honey
46 I Saw Mommy Kissing Sta. Claus
47 I Saw mommy Kissing Sta. Claus
48 I Understand
49 I Wonder Why
50 I Wonder Why
51 I’m The One For You
52 Isipin Mong Basta’t Mahal Kita
53 It’s Been A Long Long Time
54 It’s Wonderful To be In Love
55 Jealous Heart
56 Jingle bell Rock
57 Jingle Bells
58 Just Say You Be Mind
59 Little Brown Gal
60 Love Love
61 Mama
62 Mama Don’t Cry At My Wedding
63 Mamang kutsero
64 Mandolins In The Moonlight
65 Mary’s Boy Child
66 Mary’s Boy Child
67 May The good Lord Bless And Keep You
68 My Boy Lollipop
69 My First Kiss
70 My Promise To You
71 My Rosary
72 My Special Angel
73 My World Is Your World
74 Nine Little Teardrops
75 Oh Lonesome Me
76 Our Day Will Come
77 Palong Palo
78 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
79 Rudolph The red Nosed Raindeer
80 Sad Movies
81 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
82 Sealed With a kiss
83 Seven Lonely Days
84 Seventeen
85 Silent Night
86 Silver Bell
87 Sixteen
88 So With me
89 Something Stupid
90 Sometimes
91 Spinning Wheel
92 Sta. Claus Is Comming To Town
93 The Birds And The bees
94 The Rick-Tick Song
95 Then Along Came You Edgar
96 To Love Again
97 Tok Tok Palatok
98 Tweedle Dee
99 Two People In Love
100 Walang Umiibig
101 When The Clock Strikes one
102 White Christmas
103 Why Don’t You Beleive Me
104 Wonderful World Of Music
105 Yeahoo
106 You Don’t Love Me Any More
107 You Made Me Love you
108 Your Kisses Are Losing Their Sweetness
109 You’re All I Want For Christmas
110 Mga Rosas Sa Putikan

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Discography: SIXTEEN (1970) Lyrics


Kissing On The Park
Hugging On The Phone
Holding Hand In Hand
Down The Avenue

Strolling Down The Land
With Castles In The Air
A Kissin’ a Lovin’
A Kissin’ a Lovin’
A Kissin’ All Night Long

They Say I’m Only Sweet Sixteen
I’ve Never Been Kiss
I’ve Never Been Love
And All I Want Is Candy
Ice Cream, Teddy Bear and Lollipop

Riding On The Sun
A Lot Of Things We Do
Whispering To My Ears ” I Love You So”
Repeat II, III, I, II

A Kissing, A Lovin’
A Kissing, A Lovin’
A Kissing All Night Long (Fade)


Dry Your Eyes
Have A Little Smile
Won’t You Let The Sunshine through Your Hair
Wipe The tears
Discard Away The Fears
Don’t Be Afraid , To Walk By Yourself
Don’t Be Afraid , To Be Alone

And All The Blows,
That She Gave To You
Somehow Would Disappear From View
Then You Could Face The World With No regret
Just Like Before

Look Around
Never Try To Run
For The Things To Come
Could Be Your Chance
You’re Still Young,
To Suffer And To Cry
Don’t You Deny
For I Know your Part
I Also Cry, But They’re Gone
(repeat refrain, I )


Raindrop Keep falling On My Head
And Just Like The Guy
Who’s Feet Are To Big For His Bed
Nothing Seems To Fit
Those Raindrops Are Falling On My Head
They Keep Falling
So I Just Did Me Some Talking To The Sun
And I Say I Didn’t Like The Way
He’s Got Things Done
Sleeping On The Job
Those Raindrops Are Falling On My Head
They Keep Falling
But There’s One Thing I Know
The Blues They Sends To Meet
Won’t Defeat Me
It Won’t Be Long Till Happiness
Steps Up to Greet Me

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
But That Doesn’t Mean My Eyes
Will Still Be turning Red
Crying Is Not For Me
Cause I’ll Never Gonna Stop
The Rain By Complaining
Because I’m Free
Nothings Worry In Me


When The Clock Strike One
We Gonna Have Some Fun
When The Clock Strikes Two
I’m Outing For Two
My Love It’s You And Me
Your Hand, Holding Mine
We’ll Start The Fun
When The Clock Strike One

Your Sweet, Sweet Lips
Your Eyes That Shine
Your Rosy Cheeks
I Know They’re All Mind
(repeat I )

I’m Feeling Fine
Having So Much Fun
I’m Feeling Alright
Just Holding you Tight

When The Clock Strike Three
Love For You And Me
When The Clock Strike Four
We Gonna Have a Tour
In The Outer Space Of Love
With Kisses, romancing And Hugging
We’ll Start When the Clock Strike One
(repeat III, I )


Sometimes I wonder Why
You Couldn’t Love me
When You Could See From The Start
How Much You Mean To Me
So Darling Tell Me Now
If I Could Get Your heart
So I Could held Myself really Tough

Sometimes, When I Feel Sad
I Always Call Your Name
And These I Can’t Explain
Cause Your Driving Me Insane
So Darling Tell Me Now
If I Could Get Your Heart
So I Could Told Myself Really Tough

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
My Heart Is Aching
La, la, la, la, la, la , la,
I Think I’m Dying

(repeat I, III, II)


Used To be Afraid
I’ll Never Find, A Boy To Love
Hopefully, Good And Kind
Always On My Mind
Used To be Afraid
I’ll Never Find, A Boy To Love
Good And Kind

Then Along Came You “Edgar”
And I Know You’ll Be My Star
Young and Very Handsome
Full Of Lovely Things To Say
As Along Came You “Edgar”
And you ‘re A Star, You are

Used To Be An Ordinary
Lonely Little Girl
Living In A Shell
Never Having Fun
Used To Be An Ordinary
Lonely Little Girl
Living In A Shell
Not Having Fun

(repeat refrain)

Used to Date a Boy Who Swept Me Off My Feet
Someone I Admit While Walking Down The Street
Used to Date a Boy Who Swept Me Off My Feet
One Admit While Walking Down the Street
(repeat refrain)


Though’ We Gotta Say Goodbye
For The Summer
Darling I Promise You This
I’ll Send You All My Love
Everyday In A Letter
Sealed With A Kiss

Guess It’s Gonna Be A Cold
Lonely Summer
But I’ll Find The Emptiness
I’ll Send You All Love
Everyday In A Letter
Sealed With A Kiss

I’ll See You In The Sunlight
I’ll Hear Your Voice Everywhere
I’ll Run To Tenderly Hold You
But Darling You Wont Be There
I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye
For The Summer
Knowing The Love We’ll Miss
Oh Let us Make A Pledge To Me in September
And Sealed With A Kiss


People Always Say
Love Is Blind
Around Your Eyes
You’ll See Tears And Clouds
Before Myself I Think
It is Nice
It is Wonderful To Be In Love

But If this Feeling Inside My Heart
But There’s A Room
Cause You’re Bt My Side
Before Myself
I Think It Is Nice
It is Wonderful To be In Love

I Wanna Tell YouI’m Satisfied
To Be In Love
With The Boy Like You
I Didn’t Know
That Love Could be
As Wonderful As You
(repeat I, II, I )

It Is Wonderful To Be In Love
It Is Wonderful To Be In Love


(Bring Back Your Love 3x To Me)
You Used To Tell Me Honey ” I Love You So”
And You Make Me Believe, You’re always true
But One day, While I was Walking
I Saw You With My Best Friend
Sharing Laughs, While You Broke All My Dreams

Bring Back Your Love (3X)
You Once Gave To Me
Bring Back Your Love (3X)
To Me

I Hate To do, For What You Did
Still I’m In Love With You
Cause the Feeling I Used To Hide
Stronger Than My Pride
If You Could Still Remember It Right
What I Told You Before
No Matter How You Hurt me
I Will Love You More

(repeat refrain 2x)
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la (4x)
Yesterday I Found Myself
Crying Alone With A Broken Heart
All The Promise You Make to me
They Just Banish
When you said Goodbye
Love, Love
You Make Me Sad
Love Love
You Broke My Heart
When Will I Find
Someone To mend
The Things You Left in My heart

Was Left Alone And Blue
Crying Alone Over You
Since For Me
There’s No Regret
Though I Felt It Hurt Inside Of Me
(repeat refrain)
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
(repeat refrain. I refrain 2x)


You Boy, Say To Me
That You Care
That You Like To Be
My Only One Forevermore

And You Say
Though You Are Away
I’m Always In Your Mind
And Till The End Of Time
You Say That You will always be True
Never Leave Me Blue

(Now) It’s My Turn
To Say My Heart Burst
And That It Fits
For Only You
And As For all
The Things You’ve set
I Say, So With Me
So With Me
(repeat III)


I’ve Been Alone For Long
I’ve been Crying, Over You
I Never Thought
You Leave Me Here
And Then You Run Away From Me

You’ve Been Playing A Game or Two
You’ve been Treating Me
So Bad When I’m With You
Baby, Baby, Baby
You (Don’t) Made A Fool
Out Of me

You Know It’s Wrong To Lie
Cause Someone
Will Surely Cry

Photos and lyrics transcription courtesy of Nar Santander

The Classic Vilma Santos Movies

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1. RELASYON (1982) – “Vilma Santos represents womanhood in the film…Santos portrays a mistress who is an out-and-out martir. She serves De Leon hand and foot, ministering to his every need, including fetching beer for him, washing his clothes, serving as his shoulder to cry on, even baby-sitting his child. In return, all she gets from De Leon is chauvinistic love, void of tenderness, full of immature aggressiveness… Vilma Santos’ acting is adequate and extraordinary…” – Isagani Cruz, Parade 01 July 1982.

“Vilma Santos confidently showed she felt the character she was portraying. Her depiction of feelings and emotions easily involve the viewers to share in her conflicts and joys. In this film, she has peeled-off apprehensions in her acting. Christopher de Leon has also been supportive in emphasizing the characterization of Marilou. He suitably complements Vilma’s acting.” – Lawrence delos Trinos, Star Monthly 10 July 1982

”Vilma Santos holds the first ace on acting this year with her terrific performance in Relasyon – the range is wide, the insight deep, hardly a false note in the entire performance – she was always in control, even when she seemed totally lost in her role…basta magaling si Vilma, tapos!“ – Ador Cs Tariman

FACTS: Vilma Santos’s first best actress grand slam win.

FICTION: Vilma Santos’ wins can be attributed to her connection to Imelda Marcos. (That’s absurd.)

2. BURLESK QUEEN (1977) – “…naiiba ang Burlesk Queen, kahit ikumpara sa mga naunang trabaho ni Celso at sa iba pang direktor na nagtangkang tumalakay sa paksang ito. Matagal-tagal na rin namang nauso ang kaputahan sa pelikula, pero walang nakapagbigay ng katarungan sa lahi ni Eba bilang Pilipina at bilang puta… para kay Celso…ang tao ay hindi basta maghuhubad at magtatalik. Maraming pangyayari sa buhay ang dapat munang linawin at unawain, at iyon ang basehan ng kasaysayan.” – Jun Cruz Reyes, MPP, Manila magazine Dec 1977

“(about the hospital scense with Vilma and Leopoldo Salcedo) Tuloy-tuloy ‘yun. nag-experiment ako noong una, kumuha ako ng second take, pero di ko na rin tinapos. Perfect na iyong una. Alam mo bang nang gawin namin ang eksenang iyon tatlo kaming umiiyak sa set? Ako, si Vilma, at si Leopoldo? Dalang-dala si Leopoldo sa pagsasalita ni Vilma, lumuha siya kahit patay siya dapat doon. Buti na lang di siya nakuha ng kamera…(Kung Nahirapan ka ba kay Vilma?) …Oo, hindi sa acting dahil mahusay talaga siya kundi sa scheduling. Alam mo kasi it takes time before I can really get into the mood of a picture, mga two weeks, tapos kapag nandiyan na, that’s the stage when I’m ready to give my life to the project. Tapos biglang walang shooting ng two weeks dahil busy siya sa ibang pelikula…” – Ricardo Lee, Manila magazine Dec. 1977

FACTS: The film won 10 out of 13 Awards at the 1977 Metro Manila film festival including Best Actress for Vilma Santos.

FICTION: All of the awards that’s been given to the film has been given back due to the investigation that the verdict were rigged. (Up to this date, Vilma still has her medal and award.)

3. RUBIA SERVIOS (1978) – “The second rape scene in “Rubia Servios” which stars Vilma Santos, is reminiscent of the rape scene in “Santiago”, shown in 1970. Instead of Caridad Sanchez as the wife who is assaulted in full view of husband Mario O’Hara, it has Vilma Santos and Mat Ranillo III. This coincidence is not surprising since Brocka also directed Santiago, and O’Hara, who has since graduated from supporting roles, is the scriptwriter for “Rubia Servios”. Vilma does not expose much skin and Philip Salvador (as the attacker) has his pants on, but the scene could well be one of the most realistic rape scenes on screen in a long, long time. The anguish in Vilma’s face and the lust in philip’s eyes blended so well the effect was dramatic rather than sensual. The real climax of the film, however, is the killing of Philip by Vilma with a paddle aboard a motorboat at sea. Lino Brocka, who directs Vilma for the first time, succeeded in muffling her sobs even in the most hysterical moments. To our mind, “Rubia Servios” is geared towards mature audiences. It is engrossing despite the lack of fancy camera shots and an almost chronological presentation.” – Ricky Lo

FACTS: Vilma Santos lost The Best Performer Award in this 1978 Metro Manila Film Festival to rival Nora Aunor. Admittedly, this was the most painful lost she experienced in her whole career. With its “For Adults Only rating” in consideration, the film still managed to end up as one of the Festival’s top grosser.

FICTION: Vilma committed suicide after her lost, luckily Manay Ichu, her Rubia Servios producer came and rescued her. (Both Manay Ichu and Vilma managed to get drunk but Vilma did not commit suicide.)

4. DOLZURA CORTEZ (1993) Dahil Mahal Kita (Because I Love You): The Dolzura Cortez Story 1994, This Philippine drama chronicles the colorful life of Dolzura Cortez, the first publicly recognized AIDS patient in the Philippines. The film begins with a brief examination of Cortez’s pre-AIDS life. Initially she lived in a small village with her cruel husband and three kids. The spunky woman leaves them and moves to the big city where she engages in several affairs. Her second marriage to a rich foreigner does not last long. To support her children, Dolly begins an all woman “contract worker” agency. This also serves to facilitate her love of night-life. Tragedy comes to Dolzura after she collapses on a dance floor one night and learns that she has full-blown AIDS. At a Manila hospital she meets ex-lover Paulo, an AIDS researcher who encourages to tell her story publicly. The courageous woman does and she becomes instrumental in spreading AIDS awareness to the islands. – Sandra Brennan, The New York Times

“Still bearing activist weight is Vilma’s effort in Laurice Guillen’s Dahil Mahal Kita: The Dolzura Cortez Story in which she fleshes out a body and a mind for a person with AIDS. This initiative constitutes an advocacy not only for people afflicted with the dreaded pandemic, but also for women who have to overcome strata of ostracism in the process of survival and resist their being reduced to an aberration, in this case, a pathology.” – Patrick Flores, Manila Standard Today Jan 11, 2003

FACTS: Vilma Santos’ earned her 2nd Best Actress grand slam wins.

FICTION: Dolzura Cortez wanted Nora Aunor to play herself in this film. Aunor declined. (No. No. No. That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard – Simon Cowell from AI)

5. PAHIRAM NG ISANG UMAGA (1989) – “…a striking part of the movie (was when), Juliet watching intently as morticians work on her father’s remains, as everyone weeps when the coffin is lowered to its final resting place, and during the ritualistic pasiyam, the nine-day novena for the dead. It’s as though Juliet can see herself in her father’s lifeless body while mourners mill around it. The attempts to raise the level of the melodrama and present insights on life and death provide the movie its greatest strength – and wide appeal. How strangely ironic that a movie dealing with death could have so much life.” – Mario Hernando, Malaya 05 March 1989

“…Vi goes to the kitchen to prepare breakfast at habang nagbabati siya ng itlog, doon pa lang ipinakitang una siyang nag-breakdown. And this is shown nang nakatalikod siya sa camera. No overly ornate kind of emoting na akting na akting ang dating. Pero damang-dama mo pa rin…she becomes the part (lalo na sa eksena nila ni Gabby Concepcion sa simbahan na binalikan nila kung paano sila nagkasira), and if you notice that she is good, well, salamat po…Sa second viewing ng movie namin lalong napansin ang subtle nuances ng performance ni Vi, up to her death scene which confirms our supposition that the movie is not really so much about death than a celebration of life..’yan ang opinion namin…” – Mario Bautista

FACTS: Vilma Santos won her first PMPC Star Awards Best Actress.

FICTION: Mario Bautista fought hard to make sure Nora Aunor won the Star Awards. (It was actually the opposite!)

6. LIPAD, DARNA, LIPAD (1973) – “the quintessential actionfantasy Pinoy flick that appeals to all ages, from generation to generation. This movie is a major milestone for Vilma because it proved that she could really carry a solo movie and bring in the dough (up to now of course!). Vilma’s Darna franchise is the most memorable and successful of all Pinoy fantasy-action genre. Imitated but never equalled, Vilma’s Darna lives on. Unforgettable. Memorable. It grows on you. No Pinoy kid ever grows up without being a part of the Darna magic. Vilma, practically flew at the top of the box office in Sine Pilipino’s trend setting trilogy “Lipad, Darna, Lipad!” Many fans consider Lipad, Darna, Lipad, as one of the most entertaining Darna movies ever. After all, who could forget that climactic aerial battle scene between Darna and the Impakta (Gloria Romero)? That shot of Romero impaled in a giant crucifix ensconced on top of a church tops any gory scene in The Omen. The enormous success of Lipad, Darna, Lipad led to three more Darna movies with Vilma Santos. As a result, the star for all seasons became the star for all Darnas—Santos played her four times, more than any other actress in the superheroine’s history. “Lipad, Darna, Lipad!” were divided into three separate segments, directed by three different directors. In Darna’s case, the three directors were Maning Borlaza, Joey Goesiengfao, and Elwood Perez—three names that promised an adventure that could do Andy Warhol proud.” – Eric Cueto

FACTS: Lipad Darna Lipad broke all box office records and made Vilma as the most successful Darna to date.

FICTION: Vilma was immediately wanted to wear the two-piece sexy Darna cutomes. (Vilma wore skin coloured suit on top of the Darna custom but after some people who works for TIIP and her entourage convinced her that it looks tacky, she agreed to wear the custom without it.)

7. ANAK (2000) – “Living complex emotions with subtlety and humor, pic resists melodrama until the dam abruptly burst after 90 minutes; ill judged pileup of crying scenes, plot crises and more crying ensues…That’s too bad, since early reels observe parent-child relationships with considerable delicacy… veteran local star Santos is in fine form, while barretto lends impressive shading to what might have been a stock sexy “bad girl” role…” -Dennis Harvey, Variety Magazine 19 March 2001

“The slick production is turned into art by its star Vilma Santos. Her magnetic star quality makes her look so wrong for the part and yet she makes it all her own. She’s a natural comedianne and a great tragedienne-her look of resignation is heartbreaking. Vilma discards the glittering clothes and make-up for Anak, but she still looks youthful. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if the sensitive young actor playing her son would go on to play her leading man a few years from now.” – Dennis Ladaw

FACTS: Official Philippine Entry to the 73rd Academy Awards Best Foreign Film. Anak grosses 14 Million Pesos, a record breaking for a Filipino film!

FICTION: Vilma can’t portray a poverty stricken maid or “atsay” role, that role only suited Nora! (Tell that to the marines!)

8. SISTER STELLA L. (1984) – “…For a heart-warming film, the entire cast deserves congratulations, particularly Vilma Santos who reveals another aspect of her multi-faceted talent. From her usual soft and sweet romantic roles, she can be transformed into a strong and militant woman without losing any of her charm and beauty. Jay Ilagan, Tony Santos, Anita Linda and Liza Lorena are also in their best form. Mike de Leon as director, Jose F. Lacaba as scriptwriter are likewise to be congratulated for making a truly human film and for contributing to the cause of workers for justice and of the religious for the recognition of their social role. Not to be overlooked is the producer Lily Monteverde of Regal Films who has this time shifted from puerile erotic dramas to make a courageous film for which she will always be well remembered.” – Alice G. Guillermo, Who Magazine 30 May 1984

“…De Leon’s film was to have had special screenings, on the unanimous request of the Cannes’ board of critics. Sister Stella L., however, suffered from the rush of subtitling work that descended upon Cannes’ select group of translators and De Leon opted not to show the film without subtitles. He nevertheless had the distinct honor of holding a retrospective under the sponsorship of the French Cinematheque right after the festival. The film eventually competed at the Venice Film Festival. Under its original title Sangandaan (Crossroads), Sister Stella L. was invited to the Venice Film Festival in 1984, the second Filipino film (after Genghis Khan in 1951) to be honored with such recognition.” – Agustin L. Sotto, Pet Cleto, Philippine Panorama 02 December 1984

FACTS: Vilma Santos admittedly confessed SSL was a flop at the box office.

FICTION: Vilma was overshadowed by the supporting cast of this film. (The Urian critics disagreed! They gave Vilma, her third consecutive best actress! Hah! Beat that!)

9. DEKADA 70 (2002) – “Santos’ Amanda effortlessly and movingly chronicles the changed consciousness of the family and the country, with understatement her most reliable tool. Pic begins and ends with images of Santos at the forefront of a political demonstration, and nothing, from first image to last, for 128 minutes, is allowed to spontaneously or slyly deviate from the logic of her consciousness-raising.” – Ronnie Scheib, Variety Magazine “Last seen in ANAK (SFIAAFF ‘01), Vilma Santos delivers an understated, profoundly moving performance as the matriarch whose awakening redefines the traditional mother and wife role she donned for years. This is the story of an incredible character that survived an unforgettable decade.” – Michael Magnaye, The 22nd San Fransisco Asian-American Film Festival 2004

“As Amanda, Vilma Santos shows again why Brocka, before he died, had likened her to water. “She can register anything,” he said. In “Dekada”, its the same Santos of vigor and transparency. The only difference is the depth, the resonance, and the greater confidence. Can she ever go wrong?” – Lito B. Zulueta, Philippine Daily Inquirer 30 December 2002

FACTS: Vilma Santos’ 4th Grand Slam wins for Best Actresses. The film was exhibited in last year’s “Cinema of the world” section at Cannes. Philippines’ Official Entry at the 76th Academy Awards Best Foreign Language Film. Vilma’s 4th Grandslam Best Actress wins.

FICTION: Dekasa 70 was written by Lualhati Bautista for Nora Aunor.

10. BATA BATA PAANO KA GINAWA? (1998) “Sa tingin ko, sa Bata, Bata… pinakamagaling si Vilma Santos. Sa dami ng kanyang award, may ibubuga pa pala siya. Iba ang akting niya rito…Halatang feel na feel ni Vilma Santos ang kanyang papel dahil, gaya ng karakter ni Lea Bustamante, dalawa ang anak ni Vilma sa magkaibang lalake.” – Marra Pl. Lanot, Diario Uno 16 Sept. 1998

”And Vilma Santosis more than up to the challenge. Gone are the hysterically flapping hands, the melodramatic emoting, all the trademark acting tics. In their place is a heartfelt performance that distills Lea’s essence to an exquisite point-no movements are wasted, no gestures are overwrought. …Vilma rolls them on her tongue like the finest wine; when Lea is on the verge of breaking down, Vilma remains true to the spirit of her character… If the Lipa City mayor decides never to do another movie again, she can retire assured that her last performance-in a career already studded with formidable portrayals-may conceivably have been her best.” – Andrew E. Pardes, Manila Times 13 Sept 1998

FACT: Opening gross was 5.2 million pesos. Another record breaking for Vilma. The film earned her a third grandslam best actress wins and her very first international recognition, winning the Brussel International film festival’s best actress award.

FICTION: The film was offered to Nora Aunor

58 Lessons in Life: Let It Vi!

If I were to write the biography of Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos, I would open it when she was around 14, a period when a girl is deemed too old for dolls but too young for guys.

I was barely out of college then and Vilma was in her bobby socks stage. I fetched her and her mom, Milagros Santos (now into her mid-80s), from Torres Auto Supply on España St., Sampaloc, Manila, and we took a taxi to Manila Times office on Florentino St. in Sta. Cruz, Manila. Vilma was going to be featured on the cover of Variety, one of the then No. 1 broadsheet’s Sunday magazines, and I was tasked to do the cover story.

She was in that awkward stage, too old for tearjerker kiddie roles such as those in Trudis Liit and Ging that propelled her to child stardom and too young for adolescent roles that she would be doing shortly, such as those saccharine flicks that she did with Edgar Mortiz in the Vi-Bobot era that pitted them against the Guy & Pip tandem of Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III.

She’s called a Star For All Seasons for a good reason: She has successfully navigated the dangerous waters from being a matinee idol to a serious actress, paving the way for those in her league to go “daring” via her award-winning portrayal as the title role in Celso Ad. Castillo’s landmark movie Burlesk Queen. From then on, Vilma (who will forever be simply Vi to her family, fans and friends) successfully ventured into other fields, including doing an album that has become some kind of a “classic” that is a perfect soundtrack for a workout (try it!). She reaped awards along the way.

The bio will discuss how she manages to play to the hilt her real-life triple roles — in this order — family woman (wife to Sen. Ralph Recto and mother to Lucky/Luis and Ryan Christian), public servant (beautifully wrapping up three terms as Lipa City Mayor before becoming the province’s governor) and actress par excellence (she’s shooting The Healing for Star Cinema, directed by Chito Roño).

Of course, several chapters will be devoted to Vi’s colorful love life, punctuated by episodes of her running away from home with a leading man and holing herself up for days at a five-star hotel. If made into a movie, Vi’s love life will require several (a dozen?) leading men but there should be a “disclaimer” to the effect that it’s a “fictionized true story” lawsuits that may be filed by some of the men most of whom are now happily married.”

And how will the bio end?

It will be a cliff-hanger because the life of Vi is like an extended teleserye with subplots cropping up at every twist and turn. But it will hopefully have a happily-ever-after ending like a fairy tale that Vi’s life is likened to.

Anyway, before that tell-all biography, let’s ask Vi what lessons she has learned as she celebrated her 58th birthday last Nov. 3, taking time out for her annual family vacation, this time on an Asian jaunt kicked off by a weekend in Phuket, Thailand.

Vi herself made the list in her own handwriting, using her left hand, she being kaliwete.

01. Pray for guidance.

02. Respect the opinion of others.

03. Sing and dance.

04. Forgive and forget.

05. Drive.

06. Exercise.

07. Apply my own make-up.

08. Dress up properly.

09. Drink (socially) occasionally.

10. Be patient.

11. Work with dedication.

12. Respect colleagues in the movie industry and politics.

13. Talk with sense.

14. Make friends.

15. Appreciate good deeds.

16. Trust people who are trustworthy.

17. Share my blessings.

18. Wake up early.

19. Speak with responsibility in public.

20. Deal properly with my constituents.

21. Understand the problems of other people.

22. Be a liberated mother to my sons.

23. Be a good (not necessarily a model) wife.

24. Give priority to my family.

25. Budget household expenses.

26. Spend less than what I earn.

27. Manage my own finances.

28. Pay my taxes on time.

29. Appreciate the love and support of all my fans (the Vilmanians).

30. Extend a helping hand to people in need.

31. Be more humble.

32. Appreciate CNN (World News).

33. Be considerate of the feelings of other people.

34. Treasure true and real friends.

35. Respect my subordinates and treat them fairly.

36. Try to live up to advances in technology.

37. Accept my mistakes.

38. Run a local government.

39. Hone my craft.

40. Honor my commitments.

41. Love my career as an actress.

42. Respect my position as a public servant.

43. Be tough in facing challenges.

44. Not to disappoint people who give me their trust.

45. Choose my battles.

46. Love my enemies.

47. Eat healthy food.

48. Not to underestimate children.

49. Spend money wisely.

50. Always keep an open eye.

51. Not to hesitate to ask questions when I don’t understand the issues.

52. Read more books.

53. That health is wealth.

54. Be a nature lover.

55. Waste segregation.

56. Pay attention to constructive criticism.

57. Express gratitude to whoever, whatever and however minor the things are said about or done to and for me.

58. Say a never-ending “Thank you, Lord!” for all the blessings. (E-mail reactions at You may also send your questions to For more updates, photos and videos visit – Ricky Lo, The Philippine Star (READ MORE)

Vilma S. Meet the Real Sister Stella L.

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Those who have seen “Sister Stella L.” in its various previews and premieres nights are one the same in their opinion: it is indeed Vilma Santos’ best screen portrayal in the history of her long moive career! Si Vilma mismo ay inamin sa amin ito: “It is a once-in-a-lifetime movie role na talagang puedeng ipagmalaki ng kahit na sinong artista. Ang tagal bago tuluyang naisapelikula at natapos ang “Sister Stella L.” pero talagang mula nang ialok sa akin ‘yan, hindi na naalis sa isip ko. Kung kani-kaninong producer na nga inalok ‘yan. Like sa Viva noon na akala ko’y matutuloy na, pero hindi pa rin pala. Kaya’t kahit anong pelikula ang ginagawa ko noon, at the back of my mind, talagang nakareserba pa rin ang “Sister Stella L.” Itinatabi ko talaga ko ‘yan. Parang dream role na lagi kong binabalik-balikan. At finally, nang gawin na namin sa Regal, nabuhos na talaga ang buong atensiyon ko, ang lahat ng panahon ko. Ang now, after hearing all the favorable comments about the movie, and siyempre about me and my performance too, talagang tumataba ang puso ko at maha-high ako.

First and foremost, talagang it’s a great honor na makatrabaho ang isang direktor like Mike de Leon. Dati ko na siyang nirerespeto, pero after working with him and making “Stella L.”, lalo pang tumaas ang pagtingin ko sa kanya, First rate talaga!” Vilma recognizes the fact that without Mike’s help, she will not be able to give the right characterization that her role required. “Kaya paulit-ulit ko isyang tinatanong kung tama ang mga kilos ko bilang isang madre,” aniya. “and maniniwala ka ba, I met the real Sister Stella L.!” Nakakataw niya pahayag. Nagulat kami. You mean, sabi namin sa kaya, this is really a true story? Na ang kuwento ng madreng naging aktibista sa pelikula ay talagang ibinatay sa totoong tao? Akala namin kasi ay fiction lamang ito. “From what I heard,” sabi ni Vilma, “may kaibigan talagang madre si Mike na siyang naka-inspre sa kanya para gawin ang pelikulang ito. One day, dumating si Mike sa set na kasama niya. She is very pretty. Sa ganda, parang hindi madre.” Akala mo raw ay isa itong socialite. Ayaw sanang ipasabi ni Vi ang tunay na pangalan nito, pero we personally feel na wala namang masama dahil dapat pa nga siyang purihin sa kanyang prinsipyo. Kaya ire-reveal namin sa inyo ang tunay niyang identity. Her name is Sister Consuelo Ledesma, anak ng pinagpipitaganang si Pura Kalaw Ledesma at pamangkin ng ating current censors chief na si Maria Kalaw Katigbag or MKK. Now, isn’t that a very interesting sidelight of the movie? Ayon kay Vilma, tuwang-tuwa siya dahil naaprubahan ang pelikula nang walang anumang putol. “That means the censors now are broadminded enought to realize na wala namang talagang masama sa pelikula,” aniya. “Noon pa man, sinasabi ko nang ang ipinakikita lang ng movie, ‘yung totoong nangyayari, ‘yung mga prinsipyo lang ng taop ngayon. Like ‘yung mga strikes, manonood ka nga ng newscast sa TV, di ba makakapanood ka rin ng mga ganyan? Kaya I’m really very happy na it was passed without any cuts.

Kung pinutulan kasi, parang makukulangan na ‘Yung pelikula.” How does it feel when people keep on saying na siguradong mananalo na naman siya ng best actress award ss susunod na taon? “Naku, ha,” natatawa niyan wika, “ang layu-layo pa noon. Siyempre pa I’m flattered, pero ayaw ko munang isipin ‘yon. Ang tagal pa bago matapos ng 1984 at maraming-marami pang puedeng ibang mangyari. Malay natin kung marami pang ibang magagandang pelikula ang magawa featuring the equally good performaces ng ibang mga artista? Basta natutuwa ako’t ngayon pa lang, may panlaban na ko. ‘Yong lang.” With her fine performances in “Adultery” and “Sister Stella L.”, marami ngang movie insiders ang nagpapalagay that Vilma can easily rest on her laurels for this year. Sabi pa nila: “Maski huwag na siyang gumawa ng ibang pelikula at next year na uli siya magkaroon ng bagong release, okay lang.

For this year, talagang she has already proven herself.” We Believe similarly, too, but Vilma is apparently not content with just two good movies this year kaya she is on her way to making a third one. She is currently doing “Alyas Baby Tsina” for Viva Films. This time, reunited siya with Famas best director Marilou Diaz Abaya. “It’s a period movie, set in 1969-70 when unrest was at its peak,” ani ni Vi. “We’ve started shooting pero ilang ulit ding na-delay dahil ulang nang ulan, e. Tapos, nagkasakit pa ako for three days.” She will be completely deglamorized in the movie. Ang papel niya ay isang babaing naging puta at nabilanggo sa correctional kung kaya’t nilagyan doon ito ng tattoo. In several scenes, wala siyang make-up at ipinakikitang naglilinis ng kubeta. Clearly, this is another challenging acting vehicles for Vilma. Kaya nga may katwiran talagang magreklamo yung mga ibang artistang babae natin. How come she is getting the best roles in the best projects? What did she do to deserve such a wonderful, enviable fate? Vilma dismisses all these with a simple shrug of her frail-looking shoulders. ” I guess I’m just lucky,” aniya. “Talagang Somebody up there loves me. Wala naman kasi akong atraso sa kanya eh.” The bloom in Vilma these days is unminstakable. Talagang lalo siyang gumanda. And whatever joys and good fortune she is enjoying these days, we are sure she deserves all that bounty. – Mario Bautista MovieLIFE Magazine 1984

Vilma at OK Fine! Whatevers (2003)

Basic Information: Director: Danni Caparas; Writing credits: Sherwin Buenvenida, Rolf Mahilom, Divino Reyes, Rhandy Reyes, Woodrow Serafin; Cast: Aga Muhlach, Bayani Agbayani, Edu Manzano, Rica Peralejo, Gloria Romero, Dagul, John Estrada, Erich Gonzales, Darling Lavina, Juliana Palermo, Mariel Rodriguez, Tado, Jeffrey Tam, Nikki Valdez, Onyok Velasco, Arron Villaflor; Producer: Phoebe Anievas, Mark Anthony Gile, Cynthia Jordan; Film Editing: Roy Francia; Release Date:2003 (Philippines); Production Co: ABS-CBN – IMDB (READ MORE)

Reviews: “…With a guest list that includes Sharon Cuneta, Regine Velasquez, Roderick Paulate, and several top-secret guest appearances, OK Fine! Whatevers definitely become a must-see show for ABS-CBNs Tuesday primetime lineup. New cast additions Edu Manzano and Tado have also livened up the OK Fine! mix, as long-lost fraternal twins Michael (Aga Muhlach) and Miguel (Bayani Agbayani) have finally formed a family along with their Lola Barbie (Gloria Romero). Now, Michael is the middleman for the get-richquick schemes of his eccentric new neighbor Junior (Edu Manzano). Junior, elder brother of girl-next-door Icay (Rica Peralejo), can be seen operating a car wash, manned by sexy girls, by day while pursuing his interests in jewelry and archaeology on his off hours. Despite his business sense, Kuya Junior always needs Michaels hand whenever he gets into trouble. Meanwhile, ace mechanic Miguel does miracles with the neighborhood cars. Along for the ride are such characters as Lola Barbies maid Camilla (Nikki Valdez) and all-around sidekicks Dong (Onyok Velasco) and Tado…” – Manila Bulletin (READ MORE)

“…While the initial concept was to stir both curiosity and bewilderment among viewers on how on earth funnyman Bayani Agbayani could be the twin brother of drop-dead gorgeous Aga Muhlach, the show has evolved into some sort of weekly witty exchange of comic punchlines and outrageous situations. This, after the creative team behind the show finally found the right chemistry – meaning, the right people for the right roles. With the inclusion of Edu Manzano, undeniably another drop-dead gorgeous actor (although a bit senior in terms of age and experience, but nevertheless gifted with an endearing and highly intellectual kind of outrageous flair), the Aga-Bayani tandem has expanded into a funny triumvirate. Over dinner with Edu, Aga, Bayani and the show’s executive producer Cynthia Jordan last week, spirits ran high as each shared anecdotes and stories about the show, specifically the special anniversary episodes they have taped. Some of the brightest stars will make rare appearances on the show for the next four weeks. Vilma Santos, Sharon Cuneta, Roderick Paulate, Regine Velasquez will take turns in doling out laughs with Edu, Aga and Bayani, plus the other mainstays who include Gloria Romero, Rica Peralejo, Nikki Valdez, Onyok Velasco and Tado Jimenez…” – The Philippine Star (READ MORE)

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Sweet sweep for Stella

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It was a sweet sweep for Sister Stella L., the movie which garnered ten of the twelve trophies at stake during Friday night’s 9th Urian Awards rites. The Regal Films production was hailed the Best Fil; Sister Stella L., herself Vilma Santos, Best Actress; Jay Ilagan, Best Actor; Mike De Leon, Best Director; Laurice Guillen, Best Supporting Actress; and Tony Santos, Sr., Best Supporting Actor; Still Stella L’s Jose Lacaba, Jose Almojuella, and Mike De Leon were cited for the Best Screenplay category; Jess Navarro, for Best Editing; Ding Achacoso, for Best Music; and Ramon Reyes, for Best Sound. This is more than enough to compensate for its poor performance at the box office. ECP’s Misteryo sa Tuwa went home with two remaining awards for Best Production Design by Don Escudero and Rodel Cruz; and for Best Cinematography by Rod Ilacad. For his outstanding contribution to the film industry, the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino bestowed a special award to William Smith for bringing into the country the first colored film laboratory. Some people could use a lesson in courtesy. At his age, Smith, understandably, could harlly walk, speak well or display clarity of thought, therefore, the need for him to read his remark of thanks from a piece of paper. While national artist Lamberto Avellana and veteran actress Mary Walter paid due respect for Smith, a young man seated beside us took note of this and declared, “Pare, ‘yung speech niya binabasa pa niya, o!” Although the presentation ran smoothly and briefly (yes, of long waits and intermission), notable was the marked seriousness about the atmosphere that night. Champoy’s twosome’s (emcee Cherie Gil and Noel Trinidad) efforts to perk up the audience were futile. The Urian show, furthermore, lacked star luster. Several guest stars failed to attend the ceremony as shown by the many vacant seats. Some presentors even had to go upstage twice. Have we suddenly grown weary of awards rites? Even the major awardees were not present to claim their trophies, thus, only Vilma posed for photographers at the end of the show. (Photos: Luis Garcia Jr.)

Dinumog ang Premiere Night ng Sister Stella L.!

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Paano malalaman kung magiging malakas sa takily ang isang pelikula? Isa sa mga sukatan ang premiere ngiht. Hangga’t maari’y ayaw ng ibang produser na magpa-premiere night. Usually kasi, may nag-iisponsor nito, at sa kanila, sa charity – kung tutoo mang sa charity – napupunta ang bayad sa takilya. At siyempre pa, dahil premiere night ekstra ang halaga ng tiket, P25 sa orkestra, P50-100 sa balcony at loge. Bukod sa malaking kawalan din yon sa produser sa regular run ng pelikula, puewede pang mapintas-pintasan ito, at pag kumalat iyon, bagsak ang pelikula! Sa isang dako, kung gustong makatulong ng produser sa charity, at kung sampalataya siya sa kanyang pelukula, mainam magpa-premiere night para higit na maipaalam sa lahat na maganda ito. Iyon ang nasa isip ni Mother Lily nang ipa-premiere night ang “Sister Stella L.” sa Rizal theater sa Makati. Umbrella organization ng mga madre ang nag-isponsor ng premiere night, dalawang screening iyon. Umuulan nang gabing iyon, pero dagsa pa rin ang mga tao. Siksikan. Gayunpama’y disiplinado. Marami rin kasi sa mga ito ang mga madre. Kung karaniwan nang umaasa pa rin sa walk-in ang ibang nagpapa-premiere night, iba naman ang nangyari sa “Sister Stella L.”

Bago pa ang first screening, dakong alas sinko-medya, sold out na ang tiket. Nakikiusap na talaga ang mga hindi nakabili ng tiket na bibili sila, pero ubos na. Dumating doon ang ina ng tunay na Sister Stella L. “No, my daughter is not an activist, she only wanted to help the needy,” sabi nito. Sa kasalukuya’y nasa abroad daw ito, nagtungo roon pagkaraang lumabas mula sa pagkaka-detain ng 11 months sa isang militar camp. Mula sa siyuting ng “Alyas Baby Tsina,” dumating si Vilma Santos. Kagulo sa kanya ang mga tao sa lobby. Magkasabay na pumasok sina Gina Alajar at Michael De Mes, at naisip namin, mali nga ‘ata ‘yung balitang nagkahiwalay sila. Very, very successful ang premiere night na iyon. Katunayan, gusto pa itong masundan ng isang labor sector, tumanggi na lang si Mother Lily. “They will give me raw three hundred thousand, but I said no. Paano naman ang regular run ko?” – Bibsy Estrella, Photos: Peping Mendiola

Unprecedented Stella L PremiereKung ang batayan ay ang premiere night ng Sister Stella L na ginanap sa Rizal theater noong June 22, sigurado nang dudumugin nang masa ang pelikulang ito ni Mike De Leon kapag regula showing na ito sa commercial theaters. Talaga namang very, very successful ang nasabing premiere night at ayon nga sa mga nakakaalam, never in the history of local cinema na ang isang pelikula’y dalawa ang screenings sa premiere showing at parehong SRO. Obviously, maraming A-B crowd nung gabing ‘yon, tulad ng grupo ni Chona Kasten na namataan namin, pero marami ring mga manggagawa at mga miyembro ng iba’t ibang sektaryang pang relihiyon. Ang nag-isponsor ng premiere night na ‘yon ay ang The Organization for the Promotion of Church People’s Right/Response (PCPR). Ang Sister Stella L na pelikula ng Regal Films ay ipapaplabas umpisa sa July 14. – (Photos: Tess Evangelista). Movie Flash July 12 1984