Filmography: Promo Girl (1978)

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Basic Information: Direction: Joey Gosiengfiao; Writing credit: Wilfrido Nolledo; Cast: Vilma Santos, Ricky Belmonte, Roel Vergel de Dios, Bembol Rocco, Eddie Gutierrez; Release Date:8 September 1978 (Philippines); Production Company: Melros Productions – IMDB (READ MORE)

Plot Description: No Available Data

Film Achievement: Joey Gosiengfiao films with Vilma Santos: Hatinggabi Na Vilma 1972; Takbo, Vilma, Dali 1972; Lipad, Darna, Lipad 1973; Promo Girl 1978 – RV (READ MORE)

Film Review: “…Joey Gosiengfiao’s films are anything but righteous, much less respectable. That was their glory and greatness, and the reason he could never win an award–Christ, I think, with his abhorrence of respectability, would like the man’s style. Take, for example, the scene between Eddie Gutierrez and Ricky Belmonte in Bomba Star (roughly translated, Porn Star, 1980). Belmonte and Gutierrez are working out in a gym; Gutierrez starts casting looks at Belmonte; Belmonte coyly returns his looks. The two start teasing each other, tickling each other, suddenly find themselves on the floor wrestling with each other…enter Gutierrez’s lover, played by Marissa Delgado–she doesn’t do anything, just strikes a glamour pose, a sardonic expression on her face and the world’s longest cigarette holder between her fingers. I wish I could explain why the moment is so irreducibly funny, but I can’t; if I could, I suspect it wouldn’t be funny at all…” – Noel Vera (READ MORE)