Filmography: Susan Kelly, Edad 20 (1977)

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Basic Information: Directed: Maria Saret; Story, screenplay: Jun Posadas, Cecille Larrizabal; Cast: Vilma Santos, Dante Rivero, Anthony Alonzo, Romeo Enriquez, Chito Ponce Enrile, Cloyd Robinson, Sandy Garcia, Laila Dee, Ramon Zamora; Cinematography: Vic Anao

Plot Description: No Available Data

Film Achievement: No Available Data

Film Review: “…Alonzo was one of the busiest actors during that time and made a long list of true-to-life movies based on factual events and police records. Stardom came late for Alonzo. He was already 30 when he was given an important role in Hindi sa Iyo ang Mundo Baby Porcuna in 1978 for which he was nominated for the URIAN Best Supporting Actor. He was nominated in the FAMAS the following year for Dakpin si Junior Bombay (1979). In 1972, he won the FAMAS Best Actor for his role in Bambang. He also won the Best Actor awards in the 3 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) he participated in— for Bago Kumalat Ang Kamandag (1983), The Moises Padilla Story: The Missing Chapter (1985) and Anak Badjao (1987)…” – Wikipedia (READ MORE)