Filmography: Little Darling (1972)

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Basic Information: Directed: Leonardo L. Garcia; Story: Ernie Evora; Screenplay: Rico Bello Omagap; Cast: Vilma Santos, Victor Wood, Ruben Tizon, Tita De Villa, Priscilla Ramirez, Jovie Barretto, Tany Clemente; Original Music: Danny Subido

Plot Description: No Available Data

Film Achievement: No Available Data

Film Review: “…Besides teaming up with Edgar Mortiz during her teen years, Vilma Santos also starred and appeared in many movies opposite other leading men…” – Simon Santos (READ MORE)

“Victor Wood, dubbed as the Tom Jones of the Philippines, was a popular singing sensation during the 70s. Songs like Mr. Lonely, Eternally, Carmelita, Crying Time, I Went to Your Wedding, You Are my Destiny, Pearly Shells, Sweet Caroline, among others were all top hits. He was awarded a total of 34 gold and platinum records earning him the title of ‘Jukebox King.’ Titles of his movies, which were moneymakers too, were mostly lifted and taken from his hit singles…” – Simon Santos (READ MORE)