Rewind: the year was 1973 (Photos)

One of Ate Vi’s banner year was 1973. Not only she earned her first best actress award for 1972’s Dama De Noche (FAMAS), she established herself as the most bankable actress of the year. Hit after hit, she broke all box office records!

1973 Film List

FILMS - OPHELIA AND PARISOphelia at Paris -– Vi co-starred with Victor Laurel ; directed by Celia Diaz Laurel; Victor Laurel Productions (Jan)

FILMS - Now And Forever 3Now and Forever – Vi– With Edgar Mortiz directed by Ishmael Bernal; TIIP Valentine Special (Feb)

FILMS - Tsismosang Tindera 2Tsismosang Tindera -– Vi With Jay Ilagan, Ike Lozada, German Moreno directed by Emmanuel H Borlaza; TIIP “Ang naglalako ng bilasang isda at sariwang balita” (Feb)

FILM - Lipad Darna Lipad 1973Lipad, Darna, Lipad -– Vi With Gloria Romero, Celia Rodriguez, Liza Lorena; directed by Emmanuel Borlaza, Elwood Perez, Joey Gosiengfiao; TIIP 23 (Mar)

FILMS - Carinosa 3Cariñosa -– Vi With Manny DeLeon, yoyoy Villmae, Chanda Romero, Angelito; driected by Romy Susara; TIIP 05 (May)

FILM - Dyesebel at ang Mahiwagang Kabibe 1973Dyesebel at ang Mahiwagang Kabibe – Vi With Divina Valencia, Mina Aragon, Rossana Marquez, Romeo Miranda; directed by Emmanuel H Borlaza TTP Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions; Winner!!! 8th Manila Film Festival Top Grosser Best Musical Picture. (Jun)

FILMS - Anak ng Aswang 4Anak ng Aswang -– Vi With Gloria Romero, Daisy Romouldez, Rossana Marquez, Lucita Soriano, Edgar Mortiz, Leopoldo Salcedo, Nick Romano, German Moreno; Roma Films directed by Romy V Susara (Sep)

FILMS - Wonder Vi (1973)Wonder Vi -– Vi With George Estregan, Marissa Delgado, Nick Romano; directed by Arsenio Boots Bautista JE Productions (Sep)

FILMS - MARIA CINDERELLAMaria Cinderella -– Vi With Jay Ilagan, Blanca Gomez,, Florence Aguilar, Romeo Miranda; directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza; TIIP Entry to 43 Quezon City Film Festival (Oct)

FILMS - Darna and the Giants 7Darna and the Giants –- Vi With Helen Gamboa, Loretta Marquez, Rossana Marquez, Divina Valencia, Romeo Miranda, Dondon Nakar directed by Emmanuel Borlaza TIIP (Dec) – RV, (READ MORE)

Vilma in Horror Films

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The Healing (2012) – “…Stories about the Filipino tradition of going to faith healers for guidance and treatment of ailments have not yet been tackled in-depth in movies. And in our film, the viewers will not just be horrified, they’ll somehow be challenged to think as to how faith healing has already been part of our culture…” – ABS-CBN News (READ MORE)

Vilma is back in a genre she successfully done before.

Haplos (1982) – “…Al (Christopher De Leon) is a balikbayan who returns to his former hometown where his mother is buried. There he meets his childhood friend Cristy (Vilma Santos) who works as a counselor for family planning. Eventually they develop a romantic relationship and end up as a couple. However, a mysterious lady appears one day while Al tends to his mother’s grave. Al falls in love with the stranger and is now torn between her and Cristy. Haplos is another cinematic masterpiece by famed screenwriter Ricardo Lee. It is the official entry to the 1982 Metro Manila Film Festival. With Vilma Santos and Christopher De Leon in the lead roles and supported by Rio Locsin, Haplos is a brilliant movie with a mind-boggling twist in the story. It’s a must-see for all Pinoy film buffs…” – neTVision (READ MORE)

A ghost living in a delapidated house near a cemetary.

Kamay na Gumagapang (1974) – “…Pablo S. Gomez is one of the top komiks writers in the Philippines. He is also a movie scriptwriter and director. His most popular works include Kurdapya, Petrang Kabayo, among others…Among the prolific writers in the Philippines, Gomez created more than 1,000 komiks novels and stories. Some 300 of which were given film adaptations by movie studios like Sampaguita Pictures, Lea Productions, FPJ Productions, Seiko Films, Viva Films, and Regal Films…In the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, his list of works that became blockbuster movies were…Kampanerang Kuba (1973), Kamay na Gumagapang (1974)…” – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Serialized in Pilipino Komiks, its a scary story about a “live” hand.

Lipad Darna Lipad! (1973) – “…First episode: “Ang Impakta,” starring Gloria Romero as Miss Luna, Narda’s school teacher who has a dark secret. She is actually a flying blood sucking creature at night. In this thrilling episode she knows the secret identity of Narda. The most memorable part was when Ms. Luna asked Narda to help her with some paper works. Little that she know, while she was busy checking the papers Ms. Luna excused herself, she then went to the next room and transformed into a scary vampire. Ding found out that Ms. Luna is the vampire and Narda forgot to bring the magical stone , he rushed to her sister who then was being strugled by the monster. As soon as he got there, he threw the stone to her much terrified sister and she immediately changed to Darna. Followed was the famous aerial fight scene. Nanette Medved and Bing Loyzaga tried to copy the infamous fight scene in 1990 Viva films Darna. Episode one was directed by Maning Borlaza….” – Eric Cueto (READ MORE)

The first episode of the trilogy, a scary flying vampire played by Gloria Romero fights the super heroine, Darna.

Anak ng Asuwang (1973) – “…featuring the Vilma/Gloria mother and daughter team had to be made. Gloria reprised her role as the vampire minus Darna. Vilma was her “doomed” daughter. Gloria was so identified as Impakta that when the second Darna flick cameabout she have to do do a cameo appearance!…” – Mario Garces (READ MORE)

Deglamorized veteran movie queen Gloria Romero played the vampire villain to Vilma Santos, the late Leopoldo Salcedo played Vi’s father.

Hatinggabi Na, Vilma (1972) – “…Joey re-emerged in the movie scene in 1972, bristling with fresh ideas. This time he made a big gamble by helping his brother Victor and some friends put up Sine Pilipino, the company that would revolutionize trends in local movie-making. SP specializes in campy, stylish movies with imperative, three-word titles: Takbo, Vilma, Dali; Hatinggabi na, Vilma; Zoom, Zoom Superman!l; Si Popeye Atbp.; and Sunugin Ang Samar. Except for the last mentioned which was an action saga, the four SP flicks were spoofs characterized by madness. They revived the all-star casting system, lumping together in one movie several big stars. The flicks made money. Joey Gosiengfiao had his “sweet revenge.” “It was not easy for us in the beginning,” Joey relates. “Just before the showing of our first film, Takbo, Vilma Dali!, Martial Law was declared. There were no newspapers then so we had to post bills all over the city, hanggang Pasay nagdidikit kami nina Douglas. We also distributed hand bills. Sa awa ng Diyos, kumita ang pelikula…” – Expressweek, December 12 1974 (READ MORE)

Vilma Santos teamed up with Barbara Perez, the late Joey Gongsiengfia directs.

Filmography: Anak ng Asuwang (1973)

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Basic Information: Directed: Romy Susara; Story: Tommy Marcelino; Screenplay: Nilo Saez; Cast: Vilma santos, Gloria Romero, Daisy Romualdez, Rosanna Marquez, Lucita Soriano, Edgar Mortiz, Nick Romano, Leopoldo Salcedo, German Moreno, Larry Silva, Francisco Cruz, Pons De Guzman, Roger Saulog, Totoy Laki, Angel Comfiado, Romy Luartes, Chito Guerrero, Greg Lozano, Oscar Ramirez, SOS Daredevils, Elizabeth Vauchen, Lolet Garcia, Lita Rodriguez; Original Music: Tito Arevalo

Plot Description: Vampire Gloria Romero terrorizes Vilma Santos, veteran actor, leopoldo Salcedo played Vilma’s father.

Film Achievement: One of Vilma Santos and Gloria Romero 13 films – (Anak ang Iyong Ina, Iginuhit ng Tadhana, De Colores, Pinagbuklod ng Langit, Anak ng Aswang, Lipad Darna Lipad, Happy Days are Here Again, Karugtong ang Kahapon, Nakakahiya?, Hindi Nakakahiya, Makahiya at Talahib, Saan Nagtatago Ang Pag-ibig?, Kapag Langit Ang Humatol) – RV (READ MORE)

Film Review: “…featuring the Vilma/Gloria mother and daughter team had to be made. Gloria reprised her role as the vampire minus Darna. Vilma was her “doomed” daughter. Gloria was so identified as Impakta that when the second Darna flick cameabout she have to do do a cameo appearance!…” – Mario Garces (READ MORE)

“…Noong 1973 ay naglitawan sa mga tabloids ang allegedly nakitang aswang o bampira. Yun pala ay ipapalabas ang Anak Ng Aswang ni Vilma Santos. Kasama sa nasabing pelikula sina Gloria Romero, Daisy Romualdez, Rosanna Marquez at Edgar Mortiz…” – Tess Clarin, FAP, Nov 27, 2009 (READ MORE)

“Impakta” or an “Asuwang” Roles – “…Eric C: Vilma, You have done every role already except playing “Impakta” or an “Asuwang”. Would you consider playing a Darna villainess like what Gloria Romero did? Vilma: Yikes! Do I already look like a Vampire? (Laughs out loud) Actually I starred in a Vampire movie already “Anak ng Aswang” (Vampire’s Child) but I was not the Vampire. Gloria Romero played the Vampire. Actually I think that’s an interesting role and I don’t mind playing a Villainess as long as it’s a good story…” – Eric Cueto (READ MORE)

Nang ginagawa ni Vilma ang Lipad, Darna, Lipad sinasabi niyang marahil iyon na ang pinakamahirap at challenging pic niyang nagawa. Kasi, dito’y nabilad siya ng husto sa init ng araw. Nalubog pa sa putik. Alam naman ninyo ang balat ng top superstar…manipis, maputi at sensitive. Tinubuan siya tuloy ng skin rashes. Sa Lipad, muntik na rin magkaroon ng nervous collapse si Vi. Dahil sa pakikipaglaban niya sa maliit na sawa. Heaven knows na gaano na lang ang takot ni Vi sa tulad nito and other slimy, crawling things. And so, akala nga ni Vi ay ang Lipad na ang pinakamahirap niyang pic na nagawa. But she was wrong. Pagkat, sa Dyesebel ay lalong hirap ang inabot niya. Nabilad siya rito sa init ng araw, nababad pa siya nang todo sa tubig. Ang God! ang difficulties niya sa paglipat-lipat sa sets. Paano siya makakakilos e, naka-buntot siya? At matatandaan pa ba ninyo na ilang ulit na naospital ang top superstar pagka’t nanganib na mapulmonya? Kaya minsan pa’y nasabi ni Vi na ang Dyesebel na ang pinakamahirap na pic niyang nagawa. Nguni’t sa paggawa niya ng Anak ng Asuwang para sa Roma Films, tambak na hirap na naman ang inabot niya. Masasabi ninyong hindi naman gaano marahil. Pagka’t dito’y hindi naman naka-costume ang superstar di tulad sa Lipad at Dyesebel. – Cleo Cruz, Bulaklak Magazine, 1973