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When it Rains, It Pours – “…Ate Vi to fans and friends, the enduring actress was born in 1953. She turns 64 on her birthday counting more years of contribution to society both as a public servant and as movie queen…Incidentally, Caveat was one of the few friends from the press made to sit with the audience during the taping, giving ample time to exchange pleasantries with the actress while she was in the holding area. The conversation meandered to her recent tour de force performance in “Everything About Her” which earned her Best Actress Award from the 1st Eddys Award given to her by the Society of Philippine Entertainment Editors or SPEED. This was followed by another Best Actress Award for the same film bestowed on her by the Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) Star Awards for Movies…It is also worth mentioning that the Star for All Seasons was also bestowed Best Actress Award for the same film by Tony Awards Philippines from its founder and fearless film critic Tony Aguilar. The critic, who also comes out annually in his entertainment column with a list of worst films and worst performers, even thinks “Everything About Her” would have stood a bigger chance at the Oscars than the “Birdshot” of Mikhael Red. Other Best Actress Awards that Vilma Santos earned for “Everything About Her” included the 1st Guild of Educators & Mentors (GEM) Awards, Gawad Tanglaw, Pasado Award, and Philippine Entertainment Portal ( PEP’s) List of Awardees. Indeed, in a manner of speaking, when it rains awards it pours as well…” – George Vail Kabristante, Manila Times, 27 October 2017 (READ MORE)

Gigi – “…The role of Gigi was meant to conunterpoint the labor problem. Other scenes could have been included which would highlight that Vilma had some success with her counselling job.” May mga puna sa pelikula, tulad ng mga may pagka-talky raw ito? “Yeah, napansin din ng iba ito. I was worried that the film was becoming more talky as we went on, pero sabi ni Mike, talk is as important as the visuals.” May pagka-claustrophobic daw ang effect ng pelikula? “I think it was deliberate. I can remember Mike telling our production designer, Cesar Hernando, to give a claustrophobic effect to the sets, particularly the interiors. With regard to the criticism na ang mga workers ay malilinis, ang masasabi ko, ang mga trabahador sa isang factory ng cooking oil ay malilinis naman.” Pagkapanood mo ng pelikla, anong bahagi ang nais mo pang baguhin? “Maaari kong dagdagan ang mga eksena sa Caritas na ipinapakita ang ibang alaga roon, at gusto ko ring ipakita ang relasyon ni Vilma sa kanyang pamilya. Kung tatanungin ako, na kung dapat inabuso pa si Vilma sa kamay ng mga goons, hindi yon totoo, wala pa naman akong nalalaman na ginagawa yon sa mga madre, sa aking pagkakaalam.” Anong mga reaksiyon ng mga nanood na sa pelikula? “Generally positive. That is as far as the selected audiences where the pricture was shown. Generally, sabi nila, masakit daw, nakakakonsyensiya daw, nakakagalit. May kanyang pala-palagay sa mga detalye.” Personally, what is the merit of the film? “I hope it can change the perceptions of people with regard to certain realities, open their eyes probably. Well, the censors felt it was not subversive, not anti-government. Sana hindi mangyari sa pelikula ang ginawa nila sa pelikulang Sakada…” – Mike Feria, Jingle Extra Hot Magazine, 06 July 1984, Posted by James DR, 21 July 2016 (READ MORE)

Vilma’s “Katuparan” on GMA-7 Tonight – Vilma Santos’second venture into television production, the tele-movie “Katuparan” is scheduled for telecast tonight on Channel 7, 8 to 10. “Katuparan” teams up Vilma for the first time with action star Ronnie Ricketts (with Vilma above). Together, they pit acting talents with veteran actor Dante Rivero. Ronnie plays Vilma’s ex-boyfriend and Dante plays Ronnie’s older brother who married Vilma. Adapted from the foreign telemovie “The Fulfillment of Mary Gray,” “Katuparan” is directed by Marilou Diaz Abaya and written by Raquel Villavicencio. – Mike Herrera, from Facebook.

Superb Child Star – ” Vilma Santos started her movie career in 1963 at a young age of 9 in a movie, “Trudis Liit,” which she topbilled along with veteran stars Lolita Rodriguez and Luis Gonzales. She won the FAMAS Best Child Actress for her superb performance in that movie…At the age of 9, Vilma was tapped to star opposite Gloria Romero & Rita Gomez in the movie “Anak, ang Iyong Ina.” She was discovered by her uncle Mr. Amaury Agra, who was a cameraman at the Sampaguita Studios. When she, together with her mother went to the Sampaguita compound to report, an audition was going on. Seeing the more than a hundred kids auditioning, Vi went and watched. Dr. Jose Perez, producer of Sampaguita, saw the little Vi and asked her to join the audition. Vi was hesitant because she know that she’s there for a different movie, but she was prodded to join. When her turn came, she acted with veteran Bella Flores. All the people were impressed, much more Dr. Perez! Vilma got the title role for the movie “Trudis Liit.” So, that at age 9, she was making two movies at the same time! She continued doing movies as daughter of big stars Gloria Romero, Lolita Rodriguez, Rita Gomez, Marlene Dauden, Eddie Rodriguez and a lot more. In 1968, at the age of 15, she got the Best Supporting Actress award from the San Beda College awards for the movie “Kasalanan Kaya?” She was also nominated for a FAMAS award…” – Eric Nadurata, Reposted by Simon Santos, Video48, 04 November 2007 (READ MORE)

Guaranteed Immortality – “The year was 1982, exactly two decades ago, and we well remember being enthralled by the sheer force of its powerful images and quietly devastating performances. We are one of the blessed few who own a video tape copy of the film that has remained, through the years, Nora Aunor’s signature film. The pint-sized superstar delivered a miracle of a performance as Elsa, the false visionary. Perhaps, the finest performance by a Filipino actor ever recorded on celluloid. If the diminutive multimedia luminary ever decides to leave the movies for good, Himala is enough reason to guarantee her of immortality…we believe that Nora Aunor should have swept all the best actress awards for that particular year. She was pitted against Vilma Santos’ heartfelt portrayal of the mistress in Relasyon and the latter scored a grandslam. This is not to belittle Santos’ portrayal but if one were to be objective, it would be easy to see that Aunor had the more complex role and only an actress of her caliber can pull off the part with much persuasion. It calls for a restrained, self-effacing acting style. And Aunor, the consummate actress that she was (take note that we used the past tense because the more recent film outings of the actress are far from her best. She has become very florid, like a bad version of a hysterical Charito Solis), strikes not a false note in her performance. It is, in one word, mesmerizing. And Himala is without a scintilla of a doubt the pinnacle of her cinematic achievements…” – Arnel Resma Ramos, reposted by Simon Santos, Video48, 29 December 2007 (READ MORE)

Fernado Poe Jr. and Vilma Santos: 1974 Box Office King and Queen – “Action King Fernando Poe, Jr. and Vilma Santos were awarded the Box-Office King and Queen in 1974. That year, both stars starred and appeared in the movie, “Batya’t Palu-Palo,” a sensational hit.” – Simon Santos, FPJ-daking, 26 March 2009, Photo credit: Eric Nadurata (READ MORE)

For Miss X: Off to Amsterdam With Vilma Santos and Party – “Miss Vilma Santos and her entourage which includes her mommy and daddy flew off to Amsterdam one Sunday afternoon para sa pelikulang Miss X ng Sining Silangan which will be shot ther in entirety. The group who saw them off at the airport was headed by Jesse Ejercito and some Sining Silangan bigwigs, fans of Vilma at ilang close friends from the press. Nauna rito ay nagkaroon ng ilang tenaw moments ang mga tao sa likod ng proyektong ito nang kung ilang ulit na mabalam ang pagalis ni Vi. We understand from some sources that the company was about to make a sudden change of decision kaugnay ng roles ni Vi nang biglang makahulagpos ang superstar sa kanyang mga commitments dito at ipasiyang lumipad na nga patungong Amsterdam. Ayon sa aming balita, matapos ang shooting doon ay tutuloy sa Los Angeles si Vi together with her parents upang duon idaos ang kanyang birthday, Nov. 3. This decision of hers of course saddened many of fans here pero parang higit diumano ang axiety ngayon ng Bancom, Regal at Lea dahil umano’y slated si Vi na gumawa ng pelikula sa kanila. Bancom for one is pinning their hopes on the early return of Vi dahil ang pelikulang ito si Charito Solis at siyang isasagupa sa tambalang Nora-Lolita Rodriguez naman ng para rin sa festival.” – Jingle Extra Hot Magazine, October 29, 1979, Posted by James DR, 28 October 2017 (READ MORE)

Kung May Guy si Erap, May Vilma si Ronnie

Tuloy na tuloy na. Anytime now the cameras will grind. At ang magkakasama ay ang pinanabikan ng lahat sina Erap at Guy. Yes si Mayor Joseph Estrada at si darling bulilit Nora Aunor. Together, tiyak na theyèll be a riot twosome sa pelikulang Erap is My Guy. Sa titulo na lang, click na. And for sure, pipilahan ito. Just right for the new pair. No hindi sila love team. More of Magka-sidekick.

While showbiz is agog sa big news na ito, mukhang another equally gigantic happening ay nasa planning stage. The King himself, FPJ, ay makakasama naman ng sweet na si Baby Vi, Vilma Santos. So may Guy si Erap pero si Ronnie may Vi. Aba, sapak rin. Ano, mas mabigat ba? No huwag natin silang i-compare. Dahil hindi naman sila talu-talo. As far as some scribes are concerned, Nora and Vi have kissed and made-up.

Ngayon, kung may kaunti pang samaan ng loob na namamagitan sa kanila, despite publicities and printed materials na nagbati na sila, that is for the two to decide. Whereas kind Ronnie at Erap, alam natin ang real score…para silang magkapatid, parang nag-blood compact. Ilang taon nang tested ang friendship nila. Come hell or hi-water, nadoon pa rin ang dalawang chokaran, together they stand, divided they fall.

So, marmi ngang nagulat nang napadalaw si Ronnie sa shooting ni Vilma. More than once. At ang malimit na biro ni Ron, malapit silang magkasama sa isang super-production. Noon ngang unang dalaw ni Ronnie sa set ni Vi, ang biniro niya ay sina Jay Ilagan at Edgar Mortiz who happened to be her leading men sa ginagawang pelikula. At ang bulong ni Ron kay Vi, “Huwag mo na ngang pansinin ang dalawang iyan. Marami naman silang chicks.”

Kaya nga the loudest whisper ay ito, although it isn’t on the record yet. May kasunduan ang TIIP at FPJ. Na malamang, makasama si Ronnie sa war picture ng TIIP where he co-stars with Jay, Edgar and some young stars. Na matapos ito, sina Jay naman ang gagawa sa FPJ. Though maliwanag na malapit na ring magsama sina Ronnie at Vilma, malakas rin ang posibilidad na mag-change partners sina Joseph at FPJ.

Chances are matapos ang pelikula nina Erap at Guy, si Guy naman ang gagawa sa FPJ. And Erap’s next target might be Vilma. While patuloy nga ang paglakas pa sa takilya nina Erap at FPJ as the real McCoy superstars, marami rin ang nagtatanong kung darating pa ba raw ang panahon na maabot ng ibang young male stars ang kanilang kinaroroonan. Jay Ilagan in place of FPJ – that is if the latter decides to retire.

Kasi, hindi mo basta mapapalitan ang isang institusyon like FPJ. Para siyang haligi na kahit dumating pa ang lindol o bagyo ay maiiwang nakatindig. Ang who’ll succeed Erap? It could be anyone – like Pip? or Cocoy? Edgar? We can’t think of anyone na hindi bantog sa music world ang puwedeng kandidato. The trouble nga with out young stars ay napakarami nila. Pero kaunti lang ang gusto ng publiko. Kakaunti ang pumapasa.

Mas marami ang mga bumabagsak. At this stage, marami rin ang humuhula: If Erap is paired with Guy and Ronnie with Vilma, then malaki rin ang posibilidad na the following witll emerge: Susan-Jay starrer; and Amalia-Pip flick; at ilang pang combination ng senior at junior superstars. Pero ang maganda nga nito, beautiful ang kanilang samahan. Walang intrigue at no professional jealousy. – Bee Kay Jay, Bulaklak Magazine No.66, 05 February 1973, reposted by Pelikula Atbp (READ MORE)

Fernando Poe Jr. and Vilma Santos (Videos)

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On the set of “Alay kay Da King,” a new TV special on the life and times of Action King Fernando Poe Jr., segment host and “Star for All Seasons” Vilma Santos reminisces about her favorite leading man. But, in the middle of a heartfelt spiel, she’s interrupted by a passing ambulance, an airplane … and a tricycle. Since the production is using live sound, such incidental noises can grate on some people’s nerves. Not Ate Vi’s. The Batangas governor jests: “Maybe Ron (FPJ’s nickname) is toying with us.” That’s a seldom-seen side of Da King, she later tells Inquirer Entertainment in an exclusive interview. “He’s a jester.” Paired in three movies (1974’s “Batya’t Palo-Palo,” 1976’s “Bato sa Buhangin” and 1996’s “Ikaw ang Mahal Ko”), they shared an uncommon friendship that withstood the test of time … and, she recalls candidly, political intrigues. Although she’s recovering from an illness, she turned up at the studio in Parañaque, a day after the Manila Peninsula debacle, to tape the TV special, to be aired Dec. 9 on ABS-CBN. The TV special was put together by the Kapamilya network, Asian Eye Productions and the Poe family to premiere a 38-minute music video that was edited by Da King shortly before his passing three years ago. The music video is composed of choice scenes from his 200 or so movies—including those with favorite leading ladies, from Charito Solis to Sharon Cuneta, and favorite co-actors, from Van de Leon to Lito Anzures. Da King’s pet cause, Mowelfund, is the project’s main beneficiary. Highlight of the music video is a scene from “Batya’t Palo-Palo”—which Ate Vi considers “unforgettable.”

What’s it like shooting this TV special? I miss Ron. I really miss Ron. When I saw his pictures on the set, I told everyone: It’s as if he never left us. He’s still here; we just don’t see him.

How did it feel when you saw the wedding scene from your first movie together? Memories! I started reminiscing instantly. I want to ask Ate Susan (Roces, FPJ’s wife) nga for DVD copies of our three movies. I was only 21 when we made “Batya.” Ninety percent of the movie was shot in Hacienda Luisita (Tarlac) where we stayed for two months. He taught me how to swim in the hacienda’s swimming pool. We were with (co-star) Lorna Tolentino then. I admit that I didn’t know how to swim when I did “Dyesebel.” But the most memorable scene [from “Batya”] was the ending, where I ran after him, while he was aboard a train.

What did you call him again? Ron.

What did he call you? Vi! But I call Ate Susan, Ate Susan.

What was the real Ronnie Poe like? Oh my God! It’s true what [the special’s] script says: He was the quiet type. Very sensitive and the most generous man I ever met in the entire industry. Please allow me to generalize. Among all my leading men, no one’s like him. It’s true that if you were his leading lady, he’d treat you like a queen. He’d give you everything you needed and wanted, just to make you feel comfortable. However, he extended the same respect and care to the staff. One time, I craved balut. He bought balut not only for me, but for the entire crew. The mambabalut ran out of balut so Ron asked him to call his vendor friends. Ron treated everyone on the set equally. That’s why he’s the most respected actor in the industry, along with Dolphy. It’s a well-earned respect. You cannot buy that respect. You have to work for it. He was not an overnight success. He started as a stuntman, as an extra. He started from scratch.

That was something you shared? Yah! And we both joined politics. When I first ran as mayor [of Lipa in 1998], Ron was among the few people I sought, for advice. He told me one thing: “You can do it. You have the character for politics. But can you give up your earnings as an actress?” (Laughs.) The next time we saw each other was at the wedding of Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez in Baguio two years later. I was then running for a second term, so he teased me: “I thought you didn’t want to run?” Then, two years later, we saw each other again at the Metro Manila Film Fest parade, we both had entries then (hers, “Dekada ‘70;” his, “Ang Alamat ng Lawin”). It was my turn to tease him: “I heard you’re running?” I asked if he was really considering it and he told me that he’d rather not, but that he couldn’t ignore the public clamor. Unfortunately, we ended up in different political parties when he ran for president in 2004 (she’s with the administration; he was an oppositionist). We were even pitted against each other. There was a rumor that I didn’t allow him to campaign in Lipa. But our friendship went beyond politics.

Did you get to talk to him after that? Yah. But we only talked about our friendship. The only time politics was mentioned was when he congratulated me on my work as mayor. He never mentioned the controversies. But that’s Ron. He was a class act. That’s why I have such high respect for him.

What’s the secret of the FPJ charm? It was in his character. He was very malambing (affectionate). When in the mood, he was also a comedian. Very caring.

Why does the masa love him so? That’s the magic of Ronnie Poe. I’m also an actor; my life is the masa, but that’s something I can’t explain.

Was it because he was makatao (pro-people), matulungin (helpful) and mapagkumbaba (humble)? Was it because he made movies that told the stories of the masses? He also gave importance to the principles and struggles of our Muslim brothers. That’s why he’s still well-loved in Mindanao. There’s this famous story. His movie (“Eseng ng Tondo”) was playing in a [Quiapo] moviehouse. In the scene, he was about to be shot by his enemy (played by Chuck Perez). An audience member shouted: “Duck!” Then, someone shot at his enemy on the movie screen!

What were the lessons you picked up from him? That, in spite of your fame and achievements, you should keep your feet on the ground and continue to help those who have less in life.

After doing this special, how did your perception of FPJ change? It just confirmed what I already knew. I really meant every word I said in the spiels. Even if the world turned upside down, no one can replace him. Like I said at the end of my spiel “Long live Ron!” – Bayani San Diego Jr. , Inquirer, Dec 02 2007 (READ MORE)

Total Number of films with Vilma Santos: 5 – Batya’t Palu-Palo, Bato sa Buhangin, Ikaw ang Mahal Ko, Dugo At Pag-ibig sa Kapirasong Lupa, Mga Mata ni Angelita

Ronald Allan Poe y Kelley (August 20, 1939 – December 14, 2004), better known as Fernando Poe, Jr. and colloquially known as FPJ and Da King, was a Filipino actor and cultural icon. From the 1950s, Poe played steadfast film heroes who fight for the common man, which won him respect and admiration. He did not complete high school but went on to win numerous awards and prizes as an actor and film director. During the latter part of his career, he ran an unsuccessful bid for President of the Philippines in the 2004 presidential election against the former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. In 2011, witnesses revealed in a Senate inquiry that Poe would have won the 2004 elections had there been no cheating. He was honored on May 24, 2006 as Philippine National Artist through Philippine Proclamation No. 1065 (Wikepedia).

Action King Fernando Poe, Jr. and Vilma Santos were awarded the Box-Office King and Queen in 1974. That year, both stars starred and appeared in the movie, “Batya’t Palu-Palo,” a sensational hit. – FPJ Da King (READ MORE)


Remembering Vilma’s 18th Birthday!

The year was 1971, when ate Vi celebrated her debut. Ang tagal na pala. Parang kailan lang when I cut these photos sa isang newspaper. I was still in grade school then, at wala pang pambili ng mga magazines. So, I content myself sa newspaper naming sa bahay. As far as I can remember, isang bonggang birthday celebration iyon. Nagkaroon ng isang asalto on the eve of her birthday. Meron din fans party na ginanap sa Mehan garden, pero ang talagang coming-out party niya ay ginanap sa The Plaza restaurant. Wala na itong restaurant na ito ngayon, but it was very popular ng mga panahon na iyon.

The restaurant, which was, located sa Makati, ay siya ring naging venue ng reception ng wedding nina FPJ at Susan Roces. Ang asalto, fans party sa Mehan garden at ang debut party ay added attraction sa movie nina ate Vi at Edgar na “Eternally.” Ang gown ni ate Vi was made by Ben Farrales. Sa isang write-up interview kay Danilo Franco, na siyang gumawa ng wedding gown ni ate Vi, nabanggit nito that he was working for Mang Ben during that time. The white gown bore hand-painted pink roses, which were made by Danilo Franco. Star-studded ang party ni ate Vi. Halos lahat ng young stars of the era ay dumating. Ang mga kasamahan niya sa TV show na The Sensations ang siyang mga kasali sa cotillion.

Dumalo rin ang big stars of the era like sina Rosemarie at Ricky Belmonte, at doon nila inannounce na magpapakasal sila the following month. Special guest din si Mr. Manda Elizalde of Panamin, na tinulungan noon nina ate Vi at Edgar para ikampanya para sa Senado. Dumalo rin ang super big action star noon na si Tony Ferrer kasama ang kanyang misis na si Mutya Ng Pilipinas winner, Alice Crisostomo. Naroon rin ang mga producers ni Ate Vi at ang mga press people. It’s now 2005, 34 years na ang nakakaraan, pero andito pa rin si Ate Vi at siyang nangungunang Reyna ng pelikulang Pilipino. Nawala na ang mga kasabayan niya at maging ang mga sumunod sa kanya, pero nanatiling nag-iisa ang tunay na Reyna ng Pelikulang Pilipino sa lahat ng panahon. – Eric Nadurata, V Magazine 2006

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