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Special Film: High School Circa ’65

”…As far as he can recall, his first gay outing was in the critically acclaimed High School Circa ’65. “Doon naman, I was nominated for Best Supporting Actor considering na 15 or 16 pa lang ako noon. I was the comic relief of the movie.” Bibeth Orteza, who played a teacher in High School Circa ’65, created a gay character for him in the sitcom “Tepok Bunot.” “Nag-hit ‘yon,” says Roderick. Then a producer gave him the lead role in Charot, a movie inspired by Dustin Hoffman’s gender-bending performance in Tootsie. Before Roderick knew it, other offers to do gay roles started coming his way, with one of them from a very persuasive line producer-actress. “After Charot, ayoko munang tanggapin ang mga gay-gay roles,” he says. “But it was Charo Santos who convinced me to do a gay movie where I would be paired with Maricel (Soriano).” The project was Regal Films’ Inday, Inday sa Balitaw which ended up being a huge success. “The rest is history!” Roderick exclaims. “Yun na! Sunud-sunud na sa box-office…” (READ MORE)

Maryo J. delos Reyes was born on October 12, 1952 in Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippines. He finished his primary education at Malate Catholic School and when he reached high school, he decided to give priesthood a chance and graduated at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary. His dream of being a director never left him so he enrolled at the Institute of Mass Communications of the University of the Philippines where he graduated with honors. While in school, he became active with PETA, the country’s premiere theater group in the seventies. He started handling acting workshops and a scriptwriter for the film Disco Fever. He then became the creative head of Agrix Films where he directed High School Circa ’65, his first directorial venture in 1979. He received nominations for his work on this film. Since then, he has directed 56 feature films, several television programs and specials, commercials and stage plays. – Tiburon Film Festival (READ MORE)

Source: Pelikulapinoy103

FAIR USE NOTICE (NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE): This site contains copyrighted materials the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to preserve the film legacies of actress, Vilma Santos, and to make her career information available to future generations. We believe this is NOT an infringement of any such copyrighted materials as in accordance to the the fair dealing clauses of both the Canadian and U.S. Copyright legislation, both of which allows users to engage in certain activities relating to research, private study, criticism, review, or news reporting. We are making an exerted effort to mention the source of the material, along with the name of the author, performer, maker, or broadcaster for the dealing to be fair, again in accordance with the allowable clauses. – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Filmography: Engkanto (1992)

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Basic Information: Directed: Tata Esteban; Cast (in credits order) Vilma Santos, Robin Padilla, Roderick Paulate, Raul Zaragosa, Janice de Belen, Susan Lozada, Francis Magalona, Maila Gumila, Cita Astals, Tanya Gomez, Evelyn Vargas; Original Music: Jaime Fabregas; Cinematography: Vic Anao

Plot Description: As modern man continues to plunder our environment, the Engkantos prepare for battle to protect what is left. Always remember: We are not alone in this world! – Kabayan Central (READ MORE)

Film Accomplishments: 1992 Metro Manila Film Festival Third Best Picture

Film Reviews: “…He gave free passes to people from the showbiz industry to earn more clout in the business. He met Celso Ad Castillo, Lino Brocka and Mario O’Hara who opened for him a new world: directing. In 1985, at age 29, he directed his first movie, “Alapaap,” starring Tanya Gomez. It won 13 awards in the Metro Manila Film Festival and was bought later to Japan for the Tokyo Film Festival. Tata Esteban discovered that he had the gift. He was proud of his achievements. “I became a star builder,” he says. “I made many actresses, bold stars, famous. I gave them movies and built their names…” – Aliwan Avenue (READ MORE)

“Lea Salonga’s leading men in Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal, Aga Muhlach and Ariel Rivera won as best actor and best supporting actor in the Metro Manila Film Festival’s Gabi ng Parangal Monday night. Gina Alajar was Best Actress….best supporting actress went to Sylvia Sanchez…Although the Eddie Garcia-Eddie Gutierrez starrer Andres Manambit did not win acting awards, the movie nevertheless won the most number of awards, including the plum Best Picture that came with P250,000.00 cash…Second best picture and P150,000.00 went to Takbo, followed by Engkanto which received P100,000.00 as third best picture…” – Manila Standard, Dec 28, 1992 (READ MORE)

“…Maribuhok is an enchanted place deep in the mountains. The dwellers of Maribuhok are engkantos (nature spirits or elementals) tasked to protect nature. They are headed by Uban (Francis Magalona) the deity of animals and Yorac (Roderick Paulate) the deity of plants. Uban rejuvenates as a young man and proceeds to reinvent himself as a star specializing on cause-oriented environmental songs. He neglects his kingdom and his daughter Karina (Janice de Belen) grows up away from his guidance. Meanwhile illegal loggers continue to denude the forests and Yorac decides to do something about it. He holds some loggers hostages including Carlo (Raul Zaragosa) Karina’s boyfriend. Karina discovers the land of her birth including the fact that Uban is her father. She asks his help regarding Carlo. But Yorac remains unyielding. Uban and Yorac gear up for a showdown until Mother Nature (Vilma Santos) herself intervenes. Her meaningful lesson? We must all work for the preservation of our environment before it is too late…” – Mav Shack (READ MORE)


Filmography: Teribol Dobol (1975)

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Basic Information: Directed: Luciano B. Carlos; Story, screenplay: Bert R. Mendoza; Cast: Chiquito, Vilma Santos, Walter Navarro, Caridad Sanchez, Lorlie Villanueva, Roderick Paulate, Tony Carrion, Robert Miller, Jesse O’Neil, James O’Neil, Raquel Montesa, Nympha Bonifacio, Joe Garcia, SOS Daredevils; Executive producer: Emilia Blass; Original Emie Munji; Cinematography: Ricardo Periodica

Plot Description: Teribol Dobol is a classic comedy movie. Maritess (Vilma Santos) asked for help from Frankie (Chiquito) a private investigator to investigate her father, who’s foolishly in love with a young lady. This lady & her family only wanted the wealth and fortune of her father. They will plan to poison Don Cosme (father of Maritess) and accuse Maritess for the caused of his death. Will they succeed to bring Maritess to jail? – Kabayan Central (READ MORE)

Film Achievement: No Available Data

Film Review: “If one is not enough, two can’t be too much!…..” Teribol Dobol (June 27, 1975) ng Lea Productions na pinangunahan nina Vi, Chiquito, Walter Navarro, Caridad Sanchez, Lorli Villanueva, Roderick Paulate, Tony Carrion, Robert Miller, Racquel Montesa at Nympha Bonifacio sa panulat at iskrip ni Bert R. Mendoza at sa direksiyon ni Luciano B. Carlos. – Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)

“Lights…camera…action…yan ang sigaw ng mga film director kapag nagsushooting ng pelikula. Masasabing ang film director ang tumatayong “captain of the ship” dahil sila ang responsable sa camera angles, lens effects, lighting at set design. Sila din ang nagsisilbing story teller. Malaki din ang role ng film director sa post-production ng pelikula. Ngayong buwan ng Agosto… ating ALAM NYO BA? Part 74 ay bigyang daan naman natin ang mga naging director ng Star for All Seasons na si Ms. Vilma Santos sa kanyang mga naging pelikula. Sa mahigit sa apat na dekadang pamamalagi sa larangan ng pelikula…..humigit kumulang sa dalawang daang pelikula din ang nagawa ni Vi sa mahigit na pitumpong direktor na nagdirek sa kanya…Nakagawa din si Vi ng pelikula na si Luciano B. Carlos ang direktor at ito ay sa mga pelikulang Pag-ibig Masdan Ang Ginawa Mo (1969), Teribol Dobol (1975) at Let’s Do The Salsa (1976)…” – Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)

Filmography: Kasalanan Kaya? (1968)

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Basic Information: Directed: Eddie Rodriguez; Story: Liza Moreno; Screenplay: Louise de Mesa; Cast: Marlene Dauden, Nello Nayo, Renato Robles, Eddie Rodriguez, Lolita Rodriguez, Vilma Santos; Original Music: Tony Maiquez; Cinematography: Ricardo Remias

Plot Description: One of several Love triangle films of Lolita-Eddie-Marlene. Vilma played the daughter.

Film Achievement: 1968 FAMAS: Best Story – Liza Moreno; Best Photography – Ricardo Remias; Best Musical Score – Tony Maiquez; Best Picture Nomination ; Best Actor Nomination – Eddie Rodriguez; Best Actress Nomination – Lolita Rodriguez; Best Supporting Actress Nomination – Vilma Santos; Best Director Nomination – Eddie Rodriguez; 1968 Manila Film Festival: Best Picture in Drama; Best Actor – Eddie Rodriguez; Best Actress – Lolita Rodriguez; Best Director – Luis Enriquez (Eddie Rodriguez); Best Child Performer Nomination – Vilma Santos; Best Child Performer – Roderick Paulate; Best Story – Louise de Mesa; Best Music – Tony Maiquez; Best Sound – Flaviano Villareal; 1968 San Beda Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress – Vilma Santos

One of film projects Rodriguez and Santos collaborated. (Ex-Wife 1981 (director), Halik sa Kamay Halik sa Paa 1979, Hindi Nakakahiya 1976 (director), Ikaw Lamang 1971, Kasalanan Kaya? 1968, Nakakahiya? 1975 (director), Simula ng Walang Katapusan (director) 1978) – RV (READ MORE)

Film Review: Luis Enriquez aka Eddie Rodriguez first directed a young Vilma Santos in 1968 Kasalanan Kaya, another love triangle genre starring the dramatic trio of Marlene Dauden, Eddie Rodriguez and Lolita Rodriguez. Vilma received an early acting recognitions from this film by receiving a FAMAS Nomination for Best Supporting Actress. When Enriquez directed Vilma again, it was a calculated risk that allowed a still young Vilma into a bikini-clad lead role opposite his director himself, Eddie Rodriguez. The film, Nakakahiya, a may-december affair between an older man and a young woman was an entry to 1975 Bacolod City Film Festival. Aside from making the the film a smash hit, Vilma received the festival’s Best Actress. Enriquez will direct Vilma in five more films, the last one was Ex-Wife in 1981 where surprisingly Luis used in film credits his screen name, Eddie Rodriguez. Theri total number of colloborations were seven (Ex-Wife 1981, Halik sa Kamay Halik sa Paa 1979, Hindi Nakakahiya 1976, Ikaw Lamang 1971, Kasalanan Kaya? 1968, Nakakahiya? 1975, Simula ng Walang Katapusan) – RV (READ MORE)

“…This started the showbiz career of Ate Vi. Her most unforgettable film as a child actress is the Hollywood movie, “The Longest Hundred Miles,” where she co-starred with international film stars Ricardo Montalban, Katharine Ross and Doug McClure. From 1963 to 1969, she did 27 movies as a child actress. At 14, she got her first FAMAS nomination as a supporting actress in “Kasalanan Kaya?” where she played the daughter of Lolita and Eddie Rodriguez…” – Mario Bautista (READ MORE)

“…A total of 16 movies vied for top honors in the 1968 Third Manila Film Festival. Manila Open City, Nepomuceno Productions’ monumental and ambitious movie was awarded the Grand Rajah Soliman Best Picture Award. Virgo Productions’ Kasalanan Kaya…? won 8 of 20 awards— Eddie Rodriguez (Best Actor); Lolita Rodriguez (Best Actress); Luis Enriquez (Best Director); Roderick Paulate (Best Child Actor); Louise de Mesa (Best Story); Tony Maiquez (Best Music); Flaviano Villareal (Best Sound) and Best Picture in Drama. Eddie Garcia won the award for Best Supporting Actor in the movie Kailanma’y Di Ka Mag-iisa while the Best Supporting Actress went to Lourdes Medel in LEA Productions’ Salamism. Emar Pictures’ Cuadro de Jack emerged the top grosser…” – Video 48 (READ MORE)

“…Ipinanganak nga marahil si Ma. Rosa Vilma Tuazon Santos sa show business dahil sa pagitan ng taping ng “Larawan..” ay nagkasunod-sunod na ang kanyang mga pelikula…“Kasalanan Kaya” ng Virgo Films (Hunyo 16 – 28, 1968)…hanggang “Young Love” ng VP Enero 1 – 21, 1970) ng lumikha ng rekord sa takilya….Makalipas ang mga tatlong buwan, nakatanggap ng maikling sulat si Mama Santos muka lay G. Agra. Naghahanap ang Sampaguita Picutures ng batang babae na gaganap ng mahalagang papel sa “Anak, Ang Iyong Ina!” at isinali ng amain ang pangalan ni Vi. Hindi puwedeng lumiban si Papa Santos sa pinpasukang government office, at ayaw naman nilang mapahiya ang kamag-anak, kaya napilitan si Mama Santos na humingi ng day=off sa opisina (Aguinaldo’s). Pagdating sa studio, wala si G. Agra at nasa location shooting, ngunit totoong naroroon ang pangalan ni Vi, kaya’t pinapasok sila sa tanggapan. Napadaan sa harapan ni Mama Santos si Bella Flores na dala ang script ng “Trudis Liit.” Nagulumihanan si Mama Santos. Binasa niyang muli ang liham ni G. Agra. Mali yata ang napuntahan nila! Akma niyang tatawagin si Vi na noon ay nkikipaglaro sa iba pang mga bata upang yayain na itong umuwi, nang pumasok sina Mommy Vera, Dr. at Mrs. Perez, at Eddie Garcia. At doon nagsimula ang movie career ni Vi na magpahanggang ngayon ay batbat pa rin ng iba’t ibang panunuri, opinyon at konklusiyon…” – Ched P. Gonzales (READ MORE)

“…Kung sa pagpupunyagi kong marating ang rurok ng tagumpay at makalimot sa mga mahal sa buhay, kasalanan kaya?…Kung ang aking pagmamahal at mga pagpapakasakit ang maging katumbas ay ang pagwawalang bahala at kapabayaan ng aking asawa at siya’y iniwan ko, kasalanan kaya?…Kung sa pakikiramay ko sa dalamhati ng iba at sa aking puso’y kusang kumatok ang tawag ng pag-ibig, kasalanan kaya?…” Ang award-winning na pelikula ng Virgo Films na inilahok sa 3rd Manila Film Festival na Kasalanan Kaya? (released: June 16, 1968) ay pinangunahan nina Vi, Eddie Rodriguez, Lolita Rodriguez, Marlene Dauden, Roderick Paulate, Renato Robles at Nello Nayo na idinerek ni Luis Enriquez. Si Louise de Mesa ang gumawa ng kasaysayan samantalang si Tommy C. David ang gumawa ng iskrip. Ang pelikulang ito ay nagkamit ng walong parangal mula sa Manila Film Festival: best drama picture, best actor (Eddie Rodriguez), best actress (Lolita Rodriguez, best director (Luis Enriquez), best child actor (Roderick Paulate), best story (Louise de Mesa), best music (Tony Maiquez) at best sound (Flaviano Villareal). Si Vi naman ang best supporting actress ng San Beda College. Si Louise de Mesa ay nanalo ng FAMAS best story…” – Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)

judges’ favorite – “…Your promo for “Lolo” was mainly on Facebook. You also have lots of old photos as a child star on your Facebook page. Friends requested that I post more old photos. There’s one of me with Vi (Vilma Santos). That was the first time I beat her as Best Child Performer (for “Kasalanan Kaya?” in the 1968 Manila Film Festival). Vi played my sister in that movie. Whenever Vi and I talk about that, we get a good laugh. I make it a private joke when we fight “Basta, I beat you when I was 6 and you were almost 15!” She’d claim I was the judges’ favorite. I’d counter, “I did a death scene at age 6!” Yes, how did you do that? I had Lolita Rodriguez, who played my mom, as my teacher. Of course, as a child, I had no concept of death. She pressed her hand to my chest and asked, “How do you feel?” I said I couldn’t breathe. She told me to deliver my lines as if I was gasping for air. That movie also starred Eddie Rodriguez and Marlene Dauden. I had the best mentors…” – Bayani San Diego Jr., Philippine Daily Inquirer, 27 July 2010 (READ MORE)

“…According to Celso de Guzman Caparas, Funfare’s “other beauty expert cum showbiz chronicler,” Eddie then directed two love-triangle movies, Kasalanan Kaya? and Ikaw!, using his real name, Luis Enriquez, which both gave him a Best Director trophy at the now-defunct Manila Film Festival (forerunner of the Metro Manila Film Festival). His wife-actress Liza Moreno (a.k.a. Louise de Mesa, also deceased) wrote the stories of Kapag Puso’y Sinugatan and Kasalanan Kaya?, winners of Best Story in both MFF and the FAMAS. The couple’s film outfit, Virgo Productions, produced four of the movies: Kapag Puso’y Sinugatan, Sino Ang May Karapatan? and Kasalanan Kaya? and Ikaw! Here’s the triumvirate’s hit starrers with interesting information and their vintage ads, prepared by Celso:…Kay Tagal ng Umaga, shown on Aug. 23, 1965. It was a DZRH radio serial sponsored by Darigold. Then child actress Vilma Santos co-starred in this movie, her first among the four films she appeared with the troika…Kasalanan Kaya?, shown on June 16, 1968. An official entry to the 3rd Manila Film Festival, it won eight awards: Best Dramatic Picture, Best Actor (Eddie Rodriguez), Best Actress (Lolita Rodriguez), Best Director (Luis Enriquez), Best Child Actor (Roderick Paulate), Best Story (Louise de Mesa), Best Music (Tony Maiquez) and Best Sound (Flaviano Villareal). It also won three FAMAS awards out of eight nominations: Best Cinematography (black and white, Ricardo Remias), Best Story (Louise de Mesa) and Best Musical Score (Tony Maiquez). Other nominations: Best Picture, Best Director (Luis Enriquez), Best Actor (Eddie Rodriguez), Best Actress (Lolita Rodriguez) and Best Supporting Actress (Vilma Santos). Vilma won Best Supporting Actress at the San Beda College Awards…” – Ricky Lo, The Philippine Star, Feb 06 2013 (READ MORE)

Filmography: Let’s Do the Salsa (1976)

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Basic Information: Direction: Luciano B. Carlos; Cast: Vilma Santos, Walter Navarro and Rolly Quizon/ with Ronnie Henares, Chichay, Caridad Sanchez, Roderick Paulate, Arnold Gamboa, Winnier Santos, Maribel Aunor and Ike Lozada/ Also Starring Joe Garcia, J. Antonio Carrion, Estrella Kuenzler/ Featuring Trixia Gomez, Fanny & Mari Boquer (courtesy of Cabaret Royale), Raul Aragon, Lorli Villanueva, Eddie Mercado, German Moreno; Story and Screenplay: Bert R. Mendoza; Cinematography: Arnold Alvaro; Music: Doming valdez; Production Company: Lea Productions; Release Date: March 5, 1976 – Video48

Plot Description: No Available Data

Film Achievement: Ranked 64th on Top-US-Grossing Tagalog-Language Feature Films Released In 1976

Film Review: “…Ate Vi thus became the chief opponent of Nora Aunor as the movie queen of the 1970s. Her edge is that she also became the queen of hit disco movies filled with singing and dancing, like “Swing It, Baby,” “Disco Fever,” “Rock Baby Rock,” “Let’s Do the Salsa,” and the movie she did with Latin idol Junior, “Good Morning Sunshine…” – Mario Bautista (READ MORE)

“…I credit Ronnie Henares for discovering me,” said Geleen. “He saw me in a fashion show in Hyatt in 1978. John Gaddi, my first dancing partner, and I were modeling na pa-sayaw-sayaw. I guess natuwa sa akin si Ronnie so he got me into Penthouse 7 hosted by Archie Lacson…I was Vilma’s choreographer for her movies (Disco Fever, Good Morning Sunshine, etc.) and at the same time I was also choreographing for Nora on her show Superstar. When Vilma had her own TV show, she got me as choreographer but I stayed with her for only one month. The network bosses told me that I shouldn’t be handling two superstars at the same time. Nora was on Channel 9 and Vilma was on Channel 13. Because of loyalty, I chose to stay with Nora kasi mas nauna naman ako sa kanya. I was with her for four years na at that time. But first, I talked to Vilma who is a ninang of my son Miggy. I left Vilma with a heavy heart…” – Ricardo F. Lo (READ MORE)

“…Very few probably are aware that Ronnie was once a matinee idol in the music profession. He was the other half of the famous singing duo called The Two of Us. His partner was Jojit Paredes, the cousin of Jim Paredes, who was also a kilabot ng mga colegiala as part of the Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society, now better known as the APO. Ronnie and Jojit were schoolmates in La Salle grade school, while Jim and his then large group were from rival Ateneo…After The Two of Us, Jojit eventually disappeared from the scene (he is now in L.A. married to an American and works as an assistant administrator in a hospital), while Ronnie’s popularity lingered, especially when he and Vilma Santos began dating. Ronnie also joined Penthouse 7 as executive producer/dancer and also part of the group was Ida Ramos, who many years later would become his wife. (Ida Henares now heads GMA Artist Center.) In between, he also hosted his own variety shows on TV, primarily in the Broadcast City stations…” – Butch Francisco (READ MORE)

“…This being Vilma Santos’ 50th year in show business (she started as a child star in 1963 with the dramatic tearjerker, “Trudis Liit”), her loyal fans are perfervidly recalling the highlights of her “golden” acting career…By 1976, Vilma was “going musical” again with “Let’s Do the Salsa,” unveiling the dancing ability that the would land her a long-running hit show on television years later. But, she also made sure to come up with dramas like “Makahiya at Talahib,” and romances like ‘Bato sa Buhangin’…What’s up next for everybody’s Ate Vi? Higher political office, quite logically and obviously. But, we hope against hope that, every couple of years or so, she will continue to gift us with another memorable screen portrayal, to further enhance her already exceptional filmography. She’s simply too good a thespian to surrender completely to politics…” – Nestor U. Torre, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 03 August 2012 (READ MORE)

Filmography: Halik sa Paa, Halik sa Kamay (1979)

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Basic Information: Directed: Luis Enriquez; Story: Beybs Pizarro Gulfin; Screenplay: Luis Enriquez, Beybs Pizarro Gulfin; Cast: Vilma Santos, Ronald Corveau, Eddie Rodriguez, Rosemarie Gil, Jose Vergara, Roderick Paulate, Ester Chavez, Angie Ferro, Angge, Virginia Montez, Aurora Salve; Executive producer: Vilma Santos; Original Music: E Veron; Cinematography: Loreto Isleta; Film Editing: Abellardo Hulleza

Plot Description:   No Available Data

Film Achievement: 1979 FAMAS Nomination Best Actress – Vilma Santos

Film Review: Luis Enriquez aka Eddie Rodriguez first directed a young Vilma Santos in 1968 Kasalanan Kaya, another love triangle genre starring the dramatic trio of Marlene Dauden, Eddie Rodriguez and Lolita Rodriguez. Vilma received an early acting recognitions from this film by receiving a FAMAS Nomination for Best Supporting Actress. When Enriquez directed Vilma again, it was a calculated risk that allowed a still young Vilma into a bikini-clad lead role opposite his director himself, Eddie Rodriguez. The film, Nakakahiya, a may-december affair between an older man and a young woman was an entry to 1975 Bacolod City Film Festival. Aside from making the the film a smash hit, Vilma received the festival’s Best Actress. Enriquez will direct Vilma in five more films, the last one was ExWife in 1981 where surprisingly Luis used in film credits his screen name, Eddie Rodriguez. Theri total number of colloborations were seven (Ex-Wife 1981, Halik sa Kamay Halik sa Paa 1979, Hindi Nakakahiya 1976, Ikaw Lamang 1971, Kasalanan Kaya? 1968, Nakakahiya? 1975, Simula ng Walang Katapusan) – RV (READ MORE)