Filmography: Vivian Volta (1974)

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Basic Information: Director: Bobby Santiago; Screenplay: Antonio B. Pascua; Cinematography: Alfonso Alvarez; Music: D’Amarillo; Cast Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz, Eddie Garcia, Paquito Diaz, Romy Diaz, Leopoldo Salcedo, Leonor Vergara, Darius Razon, Cristina Reyes; Production Company: GPS Productions – Andrew Leavold (READ MORE)

Plot Description: Martial arts Vilma fights bad guys as Vivian Volta.

Film Achievement:  Box office hit of 1974

Film Review: “…There was a time in the 70s, particularly in 1973 and 1974, when a spate of Pinoy fantasy films featuring Pinoy superheroes graced our big screens. I think it was Vilma Santos’ Lipad Darna Lipad that started it all. It ushered in this wave of so-called trend in fantasy movies. Besides Darna, Vilma came up with Wonder Vi (1973), Phantom Lady (1974) and Vivian Volta (1974); Nora Aunor had Super Gee (1973) based on a popular komik serial; Superman and Batman had their local counterparts in Zoom, Zoom Superman (1973) with Ariel Ureta and Fight Batman Fight with Victor Wood. Vilma came out with another sequel of Darna titled Darna and the Giants, also in 1973; Dolphy had his own version of Captain Barbell in Captain Barbell Boom (1973). It was the movie, Supergirl (1973) which starred Pinky, that made a major impact among the moviegoers that time. It was a surprise hit that year. It was reshown several times due to insistent public demand…” – Simon Santos (READ MORE)