Remembering George Masangkay Canseco

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Musical Director – “…Arguably the best composer in the land, George Canseco was born on April 23, 1934. He took Liberal Arts at the University of the East, but did not finish his course…Aside from composing movie theme songs, he has also been musical director for many films, such as “Burlesk Queen,” “Pagputi ng Uwak , Pag-itim ng Tagak,” “Atsay,” and “Miss X.” The great songwriter has won almost every musical award for a composer: best composer, best theme song, song of the year, best musical director, and best musical scoring from several award giving bodies. His best theme song awards were for “Kapantay ay Langit,” 1971, and “Imortal,” 1989, for the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF); “Huwag Bayaw,” 1979, “Langis at Tubig,” 1980, “Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan?” 1982, “Paano Ba ang Mangarap?” 1983, “Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin?” 1984, and “Hihintayin Kita sa Langit,” 1991, all from the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS). His other musical directing awards include “Hiram,” Star Awards, 1987 and “Sinasamba Kita,” 1982, “Misis mo, Misis ko,” 1988, and “Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit” from the film academy awards (FAP). He was also chosen as the Best Musical Director by the MMFF for “Bato-bato sa Langit,” 1975; “Burlesk Queen,” 1977; “Pagputi ng uwak, Pag-itim ng Tagak,” 1978, “Huwag Bayaw,” 1979; “Miss X”, 1980, “Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan?” 1982, and “Palimos ng Pag-ibig,” 1988, by the FAP Awards for “Paano Tatakasan ang Bukas,” 1988, and by the Star Awards for “Magdusa Ka!” 1987. Among his award winning songs are “Sinasamba Kita,” 1982, and “Langis at Tubig,” 1983, both chosen by the Cecil Awards as best song written for a motion picture. “Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan?” gave George the Cecil Song of the Year award 1984, and “True love came too late,” Awit Awards’ Song of the year, 1970….” – Carrie B. Yan (READ MORE)

P1.5M for a song – “…Canseco said that Marcos paid him P1.5 million to write the song, which was interpreted by Kuh Ledesma. The song also became the theme for a bank’s television commercial. The songwriter also brought honor to the country by winning in foreign music festivals. The song “Ako ang Nagwagi,” interpreted by Dulce, lost in the Metro Pop Music Festival in 1978. But it brought home top honors for Canseco and the country from the Hong Kong Music Festival the same year. The following year, he bagged the grand prize in the Metro Pop Music Festival with the song “Ngayon,” interpreted by Basil Valdez. He also wrote music for the movies and won countless awards for his scores. However, Canseco was not proud of his movie scores, because “not one of them stands out.” He composed his last film score in 1989 for “Paano Ang Ngayon Kung Wala Nang Bukas,” which starred Kring Kring Gonzales and Ronaldo Valdes. He also wrote the movie’s theme song, “Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas,” sung by Basil. Canseco wrote jingles for radio and television commercials. Like his songs, these jingles were also timeless. A jingle for a cigarette commercial which he wrote in the ’70s is still being used today….” – Nini Valera, Philippine Daily Inquirer, November 20, 2004 (READ MORE)

George Masangkay Canseco (23 April 1934 in Naic, Cavite, Philippines – 19 November 2004 in Manilla, Philippines) was a Filipino song composer…He died on November 19, 2004 in Manila, Philippines due to cancer. – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

George Canseco’s Music in Vilma Santos Films

  • Imortal (1989) – George received the best musical score and best original song from the 1989 Metro Manila Film Festival, Vilma recieve the best actress.
  • Saan nagtatago ang pag-ibig? (1987) – George recieved the FAMAS hall of fame award this year while Vilma Santos recieved her fifth best actress award that elevated her to be the following year’s hall of famer awardee.
  • Palimos ng pag-ibig (1986) – George received the best musical score award from FAMAS while Vilma recieved a best actress nomination.
  • Muling buksan ang puso (1985) – George was ignored by the award giving bodies for his work on this film, Vilma received a nomination from FAMAS.
  • Minsan pa nating hagkan ang nakaraan (1983) – Basil Valdez performed the soundtrack, both George and Vilma weren’t recognized for their work on this Diaz-Abaya film.
  • Paano ba ang mangarap? (1983) – George received the best theme song from FAMAS for the soundtrack, “Paano ba ang mangarap” while Vilma did not received any acting award for this film but was recognized for another film, Bernal’s Broken Marriage.
  • Sinasamba kita (1982) – Both George and Vilma were big winners from the very first Luna Awards. He recieved the Academy Award for best original song for the soundtrack, “Sinasamba Kita” while she received the best actress trophy.
  • Gaano kadalas ang minsan? (1982) – Canseco received the FAMAS best musical score and best theme songs for the soundtrack, “Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan” while Vilma did not received any acting award for this film but instead recognized for her grand slam film, Bernal’s Relasyon.
  • Langis at tubig (1980) – Canseco received the best theme song from FAMAS for the soundtrack, “Langis at tubig,” performed by a very young, Sharon Cuneta, Vilma received a nomination for best actress from FAMAS.
  • Miss X (1980) – He received the best musical score award from FAMAS while Vilma did not received any acting award for this film but was recognized for Langis at Tubig.
  • Good Morning, Sunshine (1979) – George was credited as contributor lyricist for the single, “Yakap,” one of the soundtrack of this musical and sung by Latin singer, Junior but this clearly needs official citation.
  • Coed (1979) – Both George and Vilma did not received any awards or nomination for this film.
  • Pagputi ng uwak…Pag-itim ng tagak (1978) – George received the best musical score from FAMAS and a nomination from Gawad Urian (Pinakamahusay na Musika) and Vilma received the best picture trophies both from FAMAS and Gawad Urian as the film’s executive producer.
  • Bakit kailangan kita (1978) – The soundtrack, “Kailangan Kita” composed by George and performed by Leah Navarro was this year’s biggest hit song.
  • Burlesk Queen (1977) – Both Vilma and George were big winners at the 1977 Metro Manila Film Festival, she received the best actress while he got the best musical score. They also recieved nominations from Gawad Urian in their respective categories.
  • Mga rosas sa putikan (1976) – Both George and Vilma did not received any awards or nomination for this film but Vi performed the film’s soundtrack, “Mga Rosas sa Putikan.”
  • Vilma and the Beep Beep Minica (1974) – The very first film of Vi and George as actor and musical scorer. Although both did not received any award or nomination on this project, Beep Beep Minica was a huge hit.

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