Ronnie Henares and Vilma Santos

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Teen Heartthrobs – “…The ‘Two of Us’ story started when Jojit and Ronnie were invited to spend a weekend at the Laurel beach house in Matabungkay, Batangas. They sang on the beach with their acoustic guitars just hanging out with Suzie, Lynnie, and Cocoy Laurel, Vicky Lopez, and other friends who came to party. They were astonished by Jojit and Ronnie’s phenomenal vocal blending. The ‘‘two of them’’ were surprised by the clamor. By the sands of Matabungkay Beach, the ‘Two of Us’ was born. Shortly, they became widely popular among college and university campuses around Manila that they could not cope with invitations. In the early days their invitations were mostly from exclusive private schools. Later on they transcended socio-economic barriers and found themselves invited to school campuses public or private all over Metro Manila. They were spreading their fame by connecting rich and poor with the universal language of music. Their popularity exploded from school campus on to radio, print, and television. After their first appearance on “ABS Musical Extravaganza,” a noontime TV show, the phone board was jammed with calls. The next show they were back by popular demand. Their meteoric rise in Philippine showbusiness was phenomenal. Soon the ‘Two of Us’ had gigs on prime time TV doing musical specials, live shows, road tours, concerts, radio shows, and numerous personal appearances. Lem Balagot, Ronnie’s classmate at the Ateneo, introduced them to Tower Productions where they composed “Tina” for Tina Revilla and their first movie theme “Funny Girl.” Famous DJ celebrity Ike Lozada introduced them to Tony Santos, director of the highest- rated primetime TV show, ABS-CBN Ch. 3’s “D’Sensations” with Vilma Santos. They were offered “permanent cast” status on the spot by Director Tony Santos when the studio audience broke into a screaming frenzy at their first song. For a couple of years, every Sunday evening the ‘Two of Us’ serenaded audiences all over Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao in a prime time TV show that transformed them from teen heartthrobs to Philippine Idols…” – Live from Los Angeles (READ MORE)

After The Two of Us – “…That time, The Two of Us (as managed by Ronnie’s younger brother Atom Henares) was more popular than the APO since the duo was more visible on TV than the APO (although both groups made a killing doing campus tours). I actually was more familiar with Jojit because his dad was the classmate of my parents in law school. The older Paredes, from Abra I was told, was a very good-looking man — as my parents pointed out in their school annual…After The Two of Us, Jojit eventually disappeared from the scene (he is now in L.A. married to an American and works as an assistant administrator in a hospital), while Ronnie’s popularity lingered, especially when he and Vilma Santos began dating. Ronnie also joined Penthouse 7 as executive producer/dancer and also part of the group was Ida Ramos, who many years later would become his wife. (Ida Henares now heads GMA Artist Center.) In between, he also hosted his own variety shows on TV, primarily in the Broadcast City stations…” – Butch Francisco (READ MORE)

The Proposal – “…But it was Ronnie Henares, Jojit’s partner in Two of Us, who became Vilma’s next boyfriend after Edgar Mortiz,” Jojo told PEP. “Ayon sa mga balita noon, niyaya niya si Vi na magpakasal noon, kaya lamang ay hindi pa handa si Vi na lumagay sa tahimik noong panahong iyon. After ng breakup nila ni Vi, he married Merce Henares [na lumabas bilang anak nina Rosa Rosal at Ronald Remy sa TV show na ‘Yan ang Misis Ko].” Single again, a slew of suitors once again tried their luck with Vi. “Kabilang pa sa mga nanligaw kay Vi sina Richard La Torre na pamangkin ni Sylvia La Torre, si Joey Sonora na only brother nina Susan Roces at Rosemarie Sonora, yung mga basketball players na sina Dave Brodeth at Atoy Co, ‘tapos U.S. Air Force lieutenant pa na si Les McCoy at yung Fil-Am na si Nelson Anderson from San Francisco,” narrated Jojo…” – Rommel R. Llanes (READ MORE)

Ronnie Henares – Before becoming the manager of Regine Velasquez, Henares is famous member of a duo, Two of Us. He was also a television personality during the 70s with TV show, Penthouse at Seven.

Ronnie Henares and Vilma Santos

Let’s Do the Salsa (1976) – “…Ate Vi thus became the chief opponent of Nora Aunor as the movie queen of the 1970s. Her edge is that she also became the queen of hit disco movies filled with singing and dancing, like “Swing It, Baby,” “Disco Fever,” “Rock Baby Rock,” “Let’s Do the Salsa,” and the movie she did with Latin idol Junior, “Good Morning Sunshine…” – Mario Bautista (READ MORE)

Darna vs. the Planet Women (1975) – “…In this 1975 film (the 3rd in a 4 Darna film franchise), the story of Darna is rebooted as this new installment is NOT a continuation of the 1st and 2nd films. In this revamped version, Narda (Vilma Santos) is a cripple who dreams of accomplishing great things for the betterment of humankind despite her physical limitations. One day, she discovers her suitor (Zandro Zamora) paralyzed after having been attacked by a UFO. Together with her brother Ding (Bentot Jr.), she prays for help and offers to sacrifice herself for the sake of her suitor’s survival. A voice from beyond answers and sends her an enchanted amulet of power. The power of Darna contained within the magic pebble. With her newfound powers, she battles The Planet Women- Alien Amazons who are trying to transport the Earth to their own star system…” – Eric Cueto, Mars Ravelo’s Darna (READ MORE)

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