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lucky Seven – “…Reports have it that Vilma Santos has recently acquired a house in Greenhills for a whopping amount of seven million pesos. Santos, the reports add, will move in to the new residence on her birthday, Nov. 3. The number 7 seems to play a significant role in the actress’ life. In 1981, she discovered – to her horror – that she was buried in debt to the tune of 7 million pesos. Seven years later, she’s lording it over on television’s rating’s chart with her top rated musical variety show on Channel 7. And wasn’t her son Lucky, now seven year-old, born weighing 7.7 lbs. and was baptized on the 7th day of the 7th month in 1981? And now she bought a new house for seven million pesos. At any rate, now that Santos’new abode is located in the Greenhills area, the San Juan exclusive subdivision might as well be considered the new Beverly Hills of local movies. No less than the local movies’biggest stars reside in the neighborhood, to with: Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces, Dolphy and recently Nora Aunor. And soon Santos of course. …” – Meg Mendoza, Manila Standard, 04 Oct 1988 p25 (READ MORE)

1988 Asean Film Festival – “…If plans push through, Vilma Santos is slated to represent the country at the Asean Film Festival to be held in Ginza Tokyo, Japan on Dec. 1-9. The top actress is supposed to leave with director Marilou Diaz-Abaya for the exhibition of their movie Baby Tsina and Ishmael Bernal for Himala. Whoever is responsible for selecting the three artists should be commended for they couldn’t have chosen better representatives. Santos, Abaya and Bernal’s award-winning films have become a source of inspiration of their fans and peers in the movie industry.” – Meg Mendoza, Manila Standard, 02 Oct 1988 p27 (READ MORE)

Vilma Turns 35 – “…Top movie actress and tv host Vilma Santos celebrated her 35th birh anniversary today. As a fitting tribute, a two-week celebration is going to be presented on her top-rating show, Vilma, tomorrow and on Nov. 11. Santos has been in the business for 26 years now and there is never a year in her memorable career that she did not come up with small and big surprises. For this year, it looks like she’s limited herself to only two movies (Pahiram ng Isang Umaga, the actress says, is going to be shown before the year ends), but her tv show has earned for her added success. Last Oct. 6, we saw Ging, her second movie as a child star in Channel 13’s Golden Tagalog Classic and even then, she showed that she was to the screen born. The hardworking actress’ never-ending search for new things to learn and her amazing determination to succeed have made her the longest reigning and highest paid movie and tv queen. No wonder, until now she still gets the juiciest movie and tv offers and the meatiest roles to portray Indeed, at 35, Santos has made her showbiz, years well accounted for – and how…GMA-7’s “Seven Days to Remember in November”kicks off on Nov 7 with Lamat sa Kristal, a two-hour Vilma Santos drama special; Nov 8 – Double Title Fight with Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Donny “Golden Boy” Lalonde live via satellite from the Cesar’s Palace at 10:30 a.m. (Manila time); Nov 9 – GMA Gems presents Windmills of the Gods; Nov 10 – Jake and the Fat Man; Nov 11 – Vilma Birthday Presentation 2; Nov 12 – Martin Nievera’s show MAD goes live; and Nov 13 – the NBA Games More special shows from the station’s regular programs are going to be shown from day one to seven…” – Meg Mendoza, Manila Standard, 03 Nov 1988, p25 (READ MORE)

Vilma Draws The Line – “…Contrary to reports, Vilma Santos and her boyfriend of three years Ralph Recto are still very much together. In a recent interview, the top actress explained their present situation. “Hindi totoo yung balita. We’re still okay. In any relationship, there are ups and downs but as you can see, payat ako ngayon. Anybody who knows me well enough, can tell if I’m happy or not. Kung tumataba ako, siguradong may problema.” Between her and Recto, who usually admits his/her mistake and say sorry? “Pareho kami. One thing about Ralp is that he doesn’t meddle in showbiz life, may sarili siyang daigdig pero naiintindihan niya ang mundo ko.” But Recto seems so mysterious. Is it deliberate on her part to keep him away from the limelight? “In a way, yes,” Santos continues, “I have always been honest to everybody I have never keep my relationship with Ralp a secret I have admitted that he’s y boyfriend and that’s as far as I can go. “Besides, hindi naman siya artista, bakit kailangang halukayin pa? Hindi naman ako naglilihim ng tungkol sa kanya at hindi naman ako puwedeng maglihim dahil malalaman din ng tao. We’re okay and I’m happy. Kitang-kita naman di ba?…” – Meg mendoza, Manila Standard, 03 Dec 1988, p15 (READ MORE)

Legal Action – “…We just don’t know if their reconciliation would mean Eric’s return to “Loveli-ness” when he is now a regular co-host of another variety show, “Vilma!” And may we ask: Eric alam ba ni Dolor Guevarra (his manager) ang pagbabati ninyong ‘yan ni Ness?…Some people are egging Vilma Santos to take legal action against her detractors. But the actress reportedly chooses to be silent. “Kung ikaliligaya nila na siraan ako, it’s fine with me. Basta ba nakakatulog ako nang mahimbing sa gabi, okay lang sa akin!…” – Dennis Adobas, Manila Standard, 05 August 1989 p24 (READ MORE)

Celso’s Proposal – “…After Vilma Santos received the much-coveted “Hall of Fame” title from the Famas, Malaysia-based director Celso Ad Castillo asked her to do a movie in Malaysia. Will Vilma squeeze in her hectic schedule to accomodate one of her favorite directors proposals? We heard Celso Ad is making the necessary negotiations with Atty. Espiridion Laxa who has been helping the actress in her legal and business deals. The director wants to do a telemovie with Vilma as the lead star. He wants no other actress in this project but Vilma alone. This will be shown in Malaysia and Singapore. Atty. Laxa says Vilma will most likely approve the proposal since she has a high regard for the director. “It’s easy to convince Vilma since she has always been impressed with Celso. Vilma has already been handled by Celso in several movies. But I think it should be something which can be finished within five days. If Vilma can hole herself in Tagaytay for five days, what difference does it make if she does a telemovie in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore?” Atty. Laxa said…” – Eddie Libo-on, Manila Standard, 06 June 1990 p16 (READ MORE)

Once There Was A Love – “…Aga’s on and off career worked to a great disadvantage, making producers and fans shun away from him. However, his wholesome, totally refreshing and boyishly-appealing look makes him adorable on screen. His latest TV opus with Vilma Santos titled “Once There Was a Love” was a success prompting many producers to get him again in the movies. Asked why his carer never really took off, he says: “Well, I lack the much-needed support in my career. There were many times I’m almost there, tapos wala namang kasunod agad; so napaglilipasan agad, di ba? I am also partly to be blamed because I was in a limbo for a while. All I know and care about is that I have the money spend on luxurious cars, squash, water sports and my nightlife. I also keep on changing managers.” This year, Aga is quite determined to become serious with his career. he’s slated to do movies outside Regal Films – for RJ Films, Seiko and Viva. It also means having to lose weight for his comeback on the big screen. He says: “I want to look really good when I start doing more movies this year. I’m on a liquid diet. I don’t eat anything. For the meantime I only drink juice, water and slim-fast.” Aside from cutting his food intake, Aga likewise cuts his expenses. “I’m really saving for the future now. I can’t afford to maintain more expensive cars (at the moment he only owns two European cars, a 230-E and a 7-35). I also have to do away with my water sports for awhile. Alam ko ang mawalan ng pera and one thing with me, I never run to my parents to ask for some if I need it. Ever since I started working at afe 14, I’m my own…” – Jackie R, Manila Standard, 09 Jan 2013, p17 (READ MORE)

First Meeting – “…Vilma Santos did not expect that her first experience at the Lower House could be so pleasant. “They were very nice. I was expecting that they’ll just tolerate me kasi artista lang ako, but they even posed with me,” she shared. Glas de Venecia, wife of the speaker, asked her to join the Congressional Ladies Group. Ate Vi said that as soon as things settle down after the December 11 wedding to be held at the Lipa Cathedral, she will organize a foundation for street children. First in Lipa and later here in Metro Manila. Vi said that her latest movie Sinungaling Mong Puso, slated to open today is inspired by her tele-movie, Oce There Was A Love which also starred Aga Muhlach. “I really wanted Aga to be my leading man in this movie since we started our tele-movie.” The movie also reminded her of the time when she and Ralph met for the first time. He was then only 21, or 11 years her junior. Vi does not plan to stop making movies. “I’ll be bored with just being a housewife,”she averred. “Sinungaling…, she said, “is the story of three women and how they relate to the men in their lives. This is more intense compared to Ipagpatawad Mo. She is set to do two more movies this year – one for Moviestar with Cesar Montano and Ronnie Rickets to be directed by Chito Roño; and another one for OctoArts with perennial screen partner, Christopher de Leon with Mike de Leon as director…” – Nena V., Manila Standard, 27 Aug 1992 (READ MORE)

Relationship with Santos – ” …And speaking of talents, Ike Lozada is “starmaker” in his own right. At previously mentioned he was responsible for the rise of several actors, actresses, and singers. A lot of people know that if German Moreno is often associated with Nora Aunor, then he in turn is associated with Vilma Santos. But it seems that while Moreno is still close to Aunor, his relationship with Santos has cooled off. How does he feel about it? “I feel na nakalimutan lang niya ako. May pinagsamahan naman kasi kami (he’s know her even before she was 10 years old).” he had been hoping that he would somehow be invited to guest in Santos’show, specially at the time when “I lost my show and I was out of circulation. Baka hindi siya ang may ayaw; maybe she has her reasons.” He feels no resentment though, and to prove it he adds: “I still care for her.” The fact that he has mellowed since his trip to the US has helped him improved his relationship with his peers in the business. If he used to hold grudges against them, he has resolved to sort it out with them. “Willing akong makipagbati. Ayoko na nang may kaaway.” He has since reconciled with Angge in Inday Badiday’s show. Lately, Ike Lozada’s been busy with a lot of things. Aside from co-hosting a daily shows and managing his talents, he produces shows in nightclubs, has a hand in a jewelry business and helps build and sell houses. Not bad for someone who’s trying to revive his status in the business. With the proliferation of teen and variety shows, luck in on his side. “The more programs, the better. They would as outlets for my talents,” he says…” – Marie T. Dimapilis, Manila Standard, 01 Oct. 1988 p24 (READ MORE)

Costliest Commercial – “Vilma Santos renews her contract with Metro Drugs Inc. manufacturers and distributors of the popular Eskinol line of beauty products. This year marks the eight year the actress will portray the glamorous Eskinol Girl, a role and image she has kept as the product’s longest-reigning model. The new Vilma Santos Eskinol commercial is a multi-million peso productions, perhaps the costliest commercial produced to date. Santos will receivea hefty talent fee, reportedly the highest of its kind so far in the industry.” – JC Nigado, Manila Standard, 08 Dec 1987 p11 (READ MORE)

Starry, Starry night… – “…Dawn Zulueta, regal in white and with a period haido that framed her lovely face, was seated on the front row. Next to her was Carmina Villaroel, wearing almost the same hairstyle…Beside her was Rustom Padilla, now sporting an earring on his left ear, his new look somehow meant to remind people that he is indeed Robin’s brother and not as bland as others think him to be…It seems the PICC people have lost control of manning the gate, or they probably just allowed anyone into the PICC Hall. Every arrival was met with resounding shrieks from the gallery above, and fans freely mingling with the guests…Aga Muhlach’s arrival was met with loud screams too…But the loudest screams were reserved for the arrivals of Sharon Cuneta and Vilma Santos. Sharon did a song-and-dance number in a Muslim-inspired gown. She was in her element waving to the crowd at every turn. later Sharon changed into another gown when it was her turn to do the emceeing honors with Richard Gomez. The fans were obviously watching the two closely – they would scream everytime the two acted sweetly to one another. They sure looked like a coosome twosome again. Vilma’s portion was very Hollywoodish. She sang and danced with a dozen dancers dressed almost like her. Then she proceeded to do her emceeing job with Christopher de Leon as partner…Dolphy got the Lifetime Achievement award from the Nora Aunor Foundation as “Ulirang Artista.” Maricel Soriano, Roderick Paulate and Vandolp offered a production number to Dolphy, which almost brought tears to his eyes. Other winners: Best Picture – Gaano Kita Kamahal; Best Child Star – Sarah Jane Abad; Best Supporting Actor – Ronaldo Valdez; Best Supporting Actress – Sharmaine Arnaiz; Best Director – Butch Perez; Best Actor – a tie between Christopher de Leon and Philip Salvador; and Best Actress – Vilma Santos…” – Norma Japitana, Manila Standard, 16 March 1994, p19 (READ MORE)

Three Famas Hall of Famers ensure “Dolzura” quality – “…Dahil Mahal Kita (The Dolzura Cortez Story) is the first film to have three hall of famers in the acting arena cast together. Boyet de Leon was elevated to Hall of Fame last May. Vilma Santos made it in 1989, Charito Solis in 1984. To be elevated to the Famas Hall of Fame, one must have been a winner five times in the same category. Vilma santos was Famas Best Actress in “Ibulong Mo Sa Diyos” (1988), “Tagos Ng Dugo” (1987), “Relasyon” (1982), “Pakawalan Mo Ako” (1981) and “Dama de Noche” (1972). Charito Solis got the Famas Best Actress trophies for “Don’t Cry For Me Mama” (1983), “Igorota” (1968), “Angustia” (1963), “Emily” (1960), “Kundiman Ng Lahi” (1959). Boyet received the Famas Best Actor honors in “Ipagpatawad Mo” (1991), “My Other Woman” (1990), “Kapag Napagod Ang Puso” (1988), “Ganito kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon” (1976), and “Tinimbang ka Ngunit Kulang” (1974). OctoArts Films, which was organized only in 1991, is not new in fielding a prestigeous and excellent entry in a film festival. It’s “Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal,” starring Lea Salonga, AGa Muhlach and Ariel Rivera, received several major awards in the 1992 Metro Manila Film Festival, and grossed an unprecedented revenue of more than 30 million in Metro Manila along…” – Maritoni Fernandez, Manila Standard, 15 June 1993 (READ MORE)

Ate Vi Goes To Batangas – “…What does the “Star for All Seasons” Ms. Vilma Santos do when she is not in front of the camer? Find out and take a trip with Ate Vi as she brings you to Batangas in her role as Mrs. Ralph Recto, this friday at 7:00 p.m. on GMA. Viewers can also catch the lively one-on-one interview of Ms. Santos with Mr. Joe Quirino. SExy actress Carmi Martin will do an exciting opening number, followed by an array of stars headed by Techie Agbayani, Dennis Padilla, Gellie de Belen, Joey Palomar, IC Mendoza and The Art Start Band. Tonight’s co-host are William Martinez and Miguel Rodriguez…” – Manila Standard, 02 May 2013 (READ MORE)

Meng Fei’s son makes his mark in “Hardman” – “Before the legendary Bruce Lee became popular, Meng Fei was considered a martial arts superstar. He made numerous films mostly capitalizing on his kung fu expertise and the most successfull of them were the series King Boxer. Hir archrival during that time was Wang Yu, well-loved for his acrobatic swordmarship. At present, however, Meng Fei is simply known as the extranged husband of our very own Elizabeth Oropesa. But did you know that Meng Fei is being rumored to have a son from another woman? he looks like him and fights like him. That’s why its no wonder that movie producers tried to convince him to become an action star now that his alleged father is not as active as he used to be. After all, he is an expert in both kung fu and kickboxing. The young man is named Meng Fei Jr. who is launched to stardom in Golden Films’ release of Hardman, an action-packed movie filled with hard hitting encounters, death-defying stunts and massive gunplays. He plays the title role of a “bad boy” who changed his habits, used his fighting skills against a notorious syndicate and risked his life of the love of a woman. Harman features Miss Teen Hong Kong Helen Yu. The movie also stars Johnny Chiu and Sibelle Wang.” – Ester G. Dipasupli, Manila Standard, 16 Sep 1994 p22 (READ MORE)

Defining Moments – “…Other scoops are spectacular in terms of their instant impact or how they led to defining moments in Philippine history. An example of a high-impact scoop was the Dolzura Cortez story by Ceres Doyo in 1992. On the other hand, a February 2001 story on the last days of the Estrada administration, as reported by then Executive Secretary Edgardo Angara, was an example of a scoop that changed the course of our history. Cortez was the first Filipino with full-blown Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) to come out and tell her story. Past interviews with Filipinos afflicted with AIDS had been on condition that no names were mentioned and no photographs were taken. Cortez not only allowed the publication of her name but also her photograph. She also gave the Inquirer a photograph of herself before she got AIDS. Her before-and-after-AIDS pictures were revealing?they showed the readers how ravaging the disease could be. Cortez’s story serialized from Aug. 31 to Sept, 3, 1992, gave AIDS a “name and face.” It got tremendous response from readers and helped raise awareness of the disease. Doyo also won a number of awards and a full-length movie was produced on Cortez’s life….” – Lawrence de Guzman, Minerva Generalao, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 29 Nov 2010 (READ MORE)

Amsterdam screens Filipino AIDS films – “The Asian Cinema Centre of the University of Amsterdam will screen this January Filipino-made films on AIDS during the international film festival entitled “Focus on AIDS in Asia.” Scheduled for screening are: “Dahil Mahal Kita, The Dolzura Cortez Story,” “Poison Blood” and “A+, AIDS Education in a Positive Light.” An OctoArts production, Dahil Mahal Kita is the first Filipino full-lenght feature film to tackle the delicate issue of AIDS. The film tells the story of Dolzura Cortez, a person with AIDS who came out through interviews with columnist Ceres Doyo. The role of Cortez won for veteran actress Vilma Santos several acting awards…” – Manila Standard, 04 January 1995, p23 (READ MORE)

A Graceful exit for Vilma – “There is one star who knows how to time her exit – Vilma Santos. Vilma must have wise counsel and also the ability to shift career gears in the right direction. It was a tearful goodbye to Vilma, the weekly TV show she nurtured for 15 long years, but it was the way it should be. The show, if we have to be frank (Aminin!) was starting to show signs of fatigue. It was the type of show that should be vibrant and exulberant all the while. And Vilma herself was starting to show wear and tear. She was at that age when it was already ridiculous to dance and prance on stage every Friday of your life. Her stature also as a politician’s wife made it more unsettling to say the least. Therefore, she made the right decision. Among other things, it also saves Channel 7 and her staff those long hours of cracking their heads on what to do next. As announced, Vilma and husband Ralph Recto will go back to the US. Congressman Ralph is taking a course in a US university there and Vilma, just plain housewife for a month, will accompany him. My guess is that they will have medical authorities help in their desire to have a baby. That cannot be done here. Besides, the biological clock is ticking fast for Vi and it is now or never. She should go for it while there’s still time. Artificial insemination is now an easy process and a lot of childless couples have used it. Remember when Sophia Loren was having that problem. She had to stay prone in a bed in Switzerland so as not to disturb the fetus inside her. All for Ralph, Vilma says. But most of all for her too. Pregnant or not, she is set to come back here after one month. Her next project will be a dramatic series like the Nora Aunor drama series that will soon start. This is just the right vehicle for Vilma now. No more dancing and being thrown up in the air for her. Thank heavens she had the sense to quit on time…” – Norma Japitana, Manila Standard, 09 August 1995, p23 (READ MORE)

Song For The Homeless – “…Musical theater actor and singer Cocoy Laurel topbills a benefit concert for the homeless on June 22 at the main theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Joining him onstage are sister Iwi and nieces Denise Laurel and Nicole Asensio. The show will alse serve as a thanksgiving concert for Cocoy who recently went through a complicated medical procedure at the Medical City in Pasig. “He was complaining of excruciating stomach pain so we brought him to the hospital. There was too much acid that caused some linings in his intestines to burst. He stayed at the ICU for two days, but thank God, he’s well now, and ready to sing again,” shares his mother Celia Diaz-Laurel who has always supported Cocoy’s penchant for things artistic and spiritual. Cocoy’s vast exposure and experience in the performing arts landed him significant roles in Cameron MacKintosh’s West End and Australian production of Miss Saigon where he portrayed the Vietnamese Commissar and the male lead role of The Engineer. He also used to be a sought-after multimedia artist in the seventies, having been paired with superstars like Nora in the unforgettable romantic flick, “Lollipos and Roses at Burong Talangka.” The concert, which will have Professor Rodel Colmenar conducting a 42-piece orchestra, will also serve as the world premiere of Cocoy’s unpublished works and compositions as a songwriter, including his version of The Lord’s Prayer, which he recorded at the Vatican Recording station in Rome. He gave this song as a personal gift to the late Pope John Paul II in 1987…To benefit from the concert is the Gawad Kalinga – Doy Laurel Village in Balete, Batangas. The ongoing project will give shelter to 80 poor and homeless families…” – The Manila Times, 06 June 2007 pC1 (READ MORE)

Consumer Products – “…Film actors are consumer products and each one needs distinctive star or screen imagefor a profitable market position. Packaging, therefore, is of utmost importance and oftentimes, the package imprisons. Rare are the instances when a star successfully negotiates for a change of image, for that is tantamount to changing a consumer product’s uniqueness – best concretized in its package – in a sea of similar products vying for buyer’s attention. Yet for some, the decision to stick to an image or package proves wise, for it means longevity. The personality behind the image may remain imprisoned but nonetheless, some of them evolveto higher forms of respectability and influenceas cultural icons. Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) and Dolphy are premiere examples; so are Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos. Indeed, film stars are a curious lot. From the time of their construction until they reach the staturef revered cultural icons, they are an embodiment of contradictions. On the one hand, they are en embodiment of contradictions. On the one hand, they are consumer products that are package and sold along with their films; on the other hand they are product endorser, selling their own films as they do other consumer products, the bigger ones among them, moreover, capable of adding unto themsleves viability or success of future film procucts manufatured in answer to the needs their manufaturer-producers, who in turn responds to the demands and specifications of their consumers the movie going public; at another, they are power-wielder that command individual as well as public adulation and identification…” – Johven Velasco, The Manila Times, 04 Sep 2007, pC1 (READ MORE)

Cultural Icons – “…A cinema/cultural icon is one through whose works and screen persona or lifestyle represents certain or ideological values of his/her time and as such commands on the one hand, awe, admiration and adulation, and inspiration, and on the other, identification or emulation. To mention some: FPJ is “Ang Panday,” the mythical hero who will redeem his people from the clutches of evil forces; Joseph Estrada is “Geron Busabos,” one of the masses who will lead his class from oppression to liberation; Dolphy is “Jill” and “Pacifica Falayfay,” the lovable cross-dresser who eventually regains machismo…Nora Aunor is “Elsa”of Himala, a small, insignificant-looking lass from an obcure town at first glance but possessing tremendous power of persuassion and inspiration. Vilma Santos is the Liberated, working woman of the 1980s-90s in the person of the kind-hearted mistress with wifely martyr complex of Relasyon or the working wife of Broken Marriage, who has to balance the demands of her home and those of her profession…A few things have to be clarified at this point. The person behind the star does not necessarily have to embody, in real life, the qualities ascribed to him or to his screen persona. But this is of small consequence because the business of star imaging has little to do with reality. Much of is has to do with appearances the representation of an absense or what is not really there. Then, too, the star image has many meanings to the star, and in particular meaning may be valid only for a particular time…Finally, while most of the icons have been typecast in their roles for the most part of their career and therefore imprisoned in their images, a few would successfully negotiated for more variety. Vilma Santos remain an outstanding example in that several times, she successfully negotiated for some change in her image, thereby portraying a variety of roles and ably responding to the ideological needs of the times…” – Johven Velasco, The Manila Times, 04 Sep 2007, pC1 (READ MORE)

Spotlight on Vilma – “…Despite the starès showbiz commitments and in-demand status, Vilma rearranged her priorities so she would not let the people of Lipa down. By the time she finished her course, she was so hungry for education that she told me she regretted that it was over too soon, and wished to learn more. Vilma has since became a voracious reader. It also helps that she has a husband like Ralph to help her out. A recent visit to Lipa told me that she did learn more. The city is teeming with commercial establishments and the streets are so clean you could lie down on them. When we saw Vi at the municipal hall, I saw her talking to some of her staff, discussing the dayès agenda. After the meeting, she immediately went to greet us saying, “Para ‘tong shooting, a!” If you are still unclear as to who Vilma Santos-Recto is, then allow me:

Fighter – Vilma is a fighter and will never allow anyone to step on her. And when she loses, she’s the type who says. “I’ll do better next time” and doubles her efforts. She’s also the type of person who doesn’t want to get into anything she’s not knowledgeable about. As an achiever, Vilma sacrifices big in order to gain big. Being the type who’s maselan magbuntis, for example, she forced herself to stay in bed for months so she could bear Ralph’s son. As a mayor, Vilma stays in Lipa during the weekdays to serve her constituents. On weekends, she commutes back to Manila to spend time with her kids (or sometimes they go to Lipa to visit her). Though some of her detractors spread rumors that she rarely goes to Lipa, I think otherwise. She would never compromise the Lipeños (just look at Lipa and you’ll know). Speaking of motherhood, do you know that Vilma is one great mom? She’s the type who checks on her kids no matter how busy she is. Remember the commercial she did when she called her son by phone? That’s Vilma in real life! She carefully plans her shooting days so she can still spend time with her kids.

Love – In jest she tells me, “I’ll be the most despised mother-in-law!” because she knows the love and care she showers her children with are hard to approximate by anyone. The last time we talked, I asked Vi if she plans to run for senator. As usual, Vi gave a noncommittal answer, saying that she is still has so much more to do for the Lipeños. But I think Vilma will not stay mayor forever. Her track record shows that like Hillary Clinton, she’s ready to go higher up the ladder when she proper time comes. And when she does, I have a feeling Vi will make sure she’ll deserve it. To Mayor Vi and the people of Lipa, congratulations. On a scale of one to 10, Mayor Vilma Santosis a nine in my book!…” – Inday Badiday, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 02 Dec 2000 (READ MORE)

Remarkable Child Star – “Young and cute Vilma Santos is one of the few child stars who have hit the screen with continued success. Although not as well-publicized as the adult stars, she is gaining popularity with lot of fans who recognize her warm personality and talent. Her successful debut in Sampaguita Pictures’ Trusdis Liit gave her more movie offers. Vilma, who just turned 13 last Nov. 3, has been in the movies for three years and already has 16 pictures to her credit. A talented youngster, she often steals the spotlight from her senior colleagues. In Ging, Naligaw Na Anghel, Anak Ang Iyong Ina, and many other films, she was a standout in tear-jearking scenes. As a result, she is always in demand for such roles. Despite her success, Vilma remains unaffected as a child. At the St. mary’s Academy where she is a six-grader, she has more than her share of friends not because she is a celebrity but because of her natural chumminess. In fact, she is so fond of her friends that their house on Lunas St in La Loma, Quezon City is often filled with them. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Amado Santos, do not discourage her gregariousness and instead look upon it as part of her developing personality.

Bright Future – One of Vilma’s ambitions is to take up fine arts – that is, if the movies wouldn’t completely claim her in the future. Dr. Jose R. Perez has made a tempting offer to sign her to a contract with Sampaguita and VP Pictures when she reaches the age of 14, that is, one year from now. Vilma’s movie commitments don’t prevent her from being a good student. She could have been easily way above average if only her shooting schedules sometimes do not prevent her from attending her classes. “Doing two tasksat the same time gave me a hard time at the beginning but I’ve adjusted to it now,” said this youngster who still goes for lollipops, ice cream, toys, and play. Vilma, who spends her leisure hours listening to radio dramas, dancing and playing with her three other sisters, will be seen in her coming films, Sigaw Ng Batingaw of Argo Productions. – Julio F. Silverio, The Weekly Nation, 31 December 1965, reposted at Pelikula Atbp blog (READ MORE)

Hibiscus Rosasinensis – “…Vilma Santos, acclaimed as moviedom’s “Star for All Seasons,” has been immortalized in “another world”. It is the world of floriculture, or the art and science of growing and propagating flowers and other ornamentals. Not long ago, a hybrid gumamela(scientific name: Hibiscus Rosasinensis) was launched by the University of the Philippines-Institute of Plant Breeding (UPLB-IPB) in honor of the talented, multi-awarded actress. Named “Hibiscus rosasinensis:Star for All Seasons,” the Vilma gumamela is the first in IPB’s new batch of Hibiscus hybrids, the Celebrity Star series, to be named after veteran and accomplished Filipino actresses. A hybrid is the product of crossing of two plants with superior qualities. These superior qualities of both parents are passed on to the seed and results in a phenomenon called “hybrid vigor” or “heterosis.” The Hibiscus hybrids in the celebrity star series were selected from the 3,000 progeny seedlings from the mass hybridization conducted in 1998, reported Dr. Candida Adalla, the first woman to become dean of the UPLB College of Agriculture since it was founded on the foothills of legendary Mt. Makiling in 1909. Dr. Adalla and noted plant breeder, Reynold Pimentel presented Hibiscus Rosasinensis – Star for All Seasons plant to Mayor Vilma Santos during the Lipa City (Batangas) 56th Foundation Day celebration last Aug 25. The actress-mayor was ecstatic in thanking UP Los Banos for giving her that honor and privilege. In her extemporaneous speech, the petite actress-politician, in jest, cited the plant’s “semi-dwarf” character, saying that she would be eternally grateful for UPLB’s gesture of naming a gumamela hybrid after her. …” – E Nadurata, 25 Aug 1998 (READ MORE)

Tabla sa Urian – “…Hindi Mas kumpleto ang malalaking bituin mula sa pinilakang-tabing nung gabi ng 13th Gawad Urian, maituturing pa ring well-attended ang nasabing parangal. Iba nga e, basta’t present sina Nora Aunor at Vilma Santos, matatakpan na ang lahat ng kakulangan. Sa dalawa pa lamang, nagkakagulo na ang mga tao kung sino sa kanila ang tatanghaling “Reyna ng Gabi.” Bangayan at palakasan ng tiliang labanan ng Noranians at Vilmanians. Nakuntento lamang ang mga ito nang tanghaling Best Actress kapwa ang kanilang mga idolo. Kabado ang lahat bago pa lamang ihayag ang nasabing titulo. Inaasahan pa nga ng marami na ang Star for All Seasons ang mananalo dahil pumuwesto na agad ang mga photographers sa harap ni Vi sa pag-aakalang siya nga ang mananalo. Nagulat na lamang ang lahat nang i-annouce na tie sila ni Guy. Parang nagkakahiyaan pa sina Nora at Vilma kung sinong mauunang umakyat sa stage, at kung sino ang mauunang magsalita. “Maraming salamat po sa inyong paniniwala sa aking kakayahan, isa na naman po itong inspirasyon,” ayon kay Vi. “Maraming salamat sa inyong paniniwala sa mga tunay na kaibigan na patuloy na nagpapatawad, umiintindi at naging inspirasyon sa aking pamilya sa aking mga anak.” maluha-luhang sabi naman ni Guy. “Mas masarap pala ang feeling ng pangalawa,”say naman ng tinanghal na Best supporting Actor na si Daniel Fernando na halos nagtagal din sa stage dahil sa dami ng pinasalamatan. Man of few words Ishmael Bernal uttered “Maraming Salamat po!” Binigyan buhay ng magagandang production numbers ang gabi ng parangal, walang itulak kabigin sa mga performances, particular ang bilang nina Cynthia Patag at Nolyn Cabahog. Kasama ang men ang Musicsa kanilang awiting pilipino na ginawang klasikal. Pati na ang grupo ni Dulce, Lilet, Rachel Alejandro kasama sina John Lesaca at ang UP Guitar Ensemble…” – Un-name source, posted at Facebook of Mike Herrera