The Men behind Vilma’s films

MEMORABILIA - Eddie Rodriguez

01. He played Vilma’s disabled father in Burlesk Queen, other films with Ate Vi were Biktima and Vivian Volta.

02. His father played Ka Dencio in Sister Stella L. But he, himself did a number of unforgettable films with Ate Vi mostly in the 70s, films like The Sensations, Young lovers, Kampanerang Kuba, Biktima.

03. She called Ate Vi “precious” and made films with her in the 70s, films like Dingdong, Teenage Senorita, Aloha My Love, Don’t Ever Say Goodbye, Sweet Sweet Vilma, Tsismosang Tindera, Dyesebel, Darna and the Giants, Biktima, Tok Tok Palatok.

04. Not your typical mestizo type matinee idol, he was one of Ate Vi’s regular screenmates in many musicals in the 70s like Love letters, My Pledge of Love, From the Bottom of My Heart, I love You honey, May Hangganan ang Pag-ibig, Renee Rose, The Sensation, Angelica, Young Lovers, Dalagang Nayon.

05. He played Ferdinand Marcos while Ate Vi was Imee in Pinagbukold Ng Langit.

06. This matinee idol won grand slam best supporting actor for playing Ate Vi’s son in Dekada 70.

07. He’s a famous PBA player in the 80s and was one of Ate Vi’s leading man in Tagos Ng Dugo.

08. Prior to becoming the cheater husband in Ina Ka Ng Anak Mo, he did 2 musicals with Ate Vi (Young Love and Sixteen) and later on a dramatic film directed by Luis Enriquez, Ex-Wife.

09. He made history playing a quiet writer who happens to be homosexual in Palipat-lipat, Papalit-palit then later became her leading man in Miss X.

10. He was rumoured to have an affair with Snooky Serna and Nora Aunor, he co-starred with Ate Vi in a smash hit musical, “Good Morning Sunshine.”

11. This trio did three box office hits with Ate Vi (“Swing it Baby,” “Doctor, Doctor I am sick,” “Rock Baby Rock”) and just like Ate Vi, one of them now a serious politician.

12. One of Ate Vi’s serious relationship after her break up with Edgar Mortiz was with this man, now the ex-talent manager/agent of Regine Velasquez, they only did one film, the forgettable but a box office hit, “Lets Do The Salsa” (He appeared briefly in Darna VS The Planet Women in a memorable dance scene).

13. He’s a the regular leading man of Amalia Fuentez but also did unforgettable films with Ate Vi like Mga Reynang Walang Trono, Asawa ko Huwag Mong Agawin, Bulaklak at Paruparo, and Promo Girl.

14. Although not directly link to Vilma, he was known to have a crush on her. He eventually was paired with other teen star. Despite this, he did a number of films with Ate Vi. Films like Vilma & the Beep Beep Minica, Dyesebel at ang Mahiwagang Kabibe and Kamay na Gumagapang.

15. Prior to his teaming up with Ate Vi’s rival, he was originally paired with Ate Vi in the 70s. They did Young Love, Nobody’s Child, Dingdong, Pinagbuklod ng pag-ibig and Give me Your Love.

16. One of the sex symbol of the 70s. He was a regular leading man of Ate Vi. Some of their memorable films together were: Lipad Darna Lipad, Hindi Nakakahiya, Amorseko Kumakabit, Kumakapit, Takbo Vilma Dali, Hatinggabi na, Vilma.

17. Known as character actor, this man did several films with Ate Vi in the 70s, films like Vilma & the Beep Beep Minica, Phantom Lady, Ibong Lukaret, Tatlong Mukha ni Rosa Vilma, Anak ng Aswang, Wonder Vi and Vilma Veinte Nueve.

18. Famous for his song Kamusta Ka, he jumped into films costarring with Ate Vi in Never Ever Say Goodbye.

19. Aside from his numerous hits like Balatkayo, he confirmed his sex symbol status by making a number of movies, one of them was the movie with Ate Vi, 1981’s Pakawalan Mo Ako where Ate Vi won a Famas Best Actress.

20. He is Louie in one of Viva’s explosive film in the 80s. This actor became one of Ate Vi’s most reliable leading man. He gave us unforgettable performances in Langis at Tubig, Hiwalay, Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan, Alias Baby tsina, Muling Buksan ang Puso, Kampanerang Kuba, and T-Bird at Ako.

21. Palimos Ng Pag-Ibig and Romansa were the only films Ate Vi did with this actor.

22. Almost as famous with his “over-emphasized” delivery of lines, this actor did a number of films with Ate Vi. Films like: Karma, T-Bird at Ako, Imortal, Relax ka Lang Sagot Kita, Biktima.

23. They did this mild hit in 1980 way before he married his now ex-wife (an international beauty queen). This ex-action star is now a politician.

24. He was “Enpoy” before becoming Ding, the only child actor and second male (next to the late Dolphy, Chiquito wore a supposed to be a Darna costume in Teribol Dobol but this should not be counted because he did not look as close to Darna) to wear the “Darna” costume in the 1980s.

25. Before he was linked to Marianne Dela Riva, he did this wonderful film with Ate Vi, Halik sa Paa Halik sa Kamay and later did a cameo role in Palimos ng Pag-ibig.

Answers: 01. Leopoldo Salcedo, 02. Tony Santos Jr., 03. Ike Lozada, 04. Romy Mallari, 05. Luis Gonzales, 06. Piolo Pascual, 07. Francis Arnais, 08. Raul Aragon, 09. Mark Gil, 10. Lyod Samartino, 11. Tito, Vic and Joey, 12. Ronnie Henares, 13. Eddie Gutierrez, 14. Romeo Miranda, 15. Tirso Cruz III, 16. Ernie Garcia, 17. Nick Romano, 18. Nonoy Zuniga, 19. Anthonoy Castelo, 20. Dindo Fernando, 21. Edu Manzano, 22. Tommy Abuel, 23. Lito Lapid, 24. Nino Muhllach, 25. Ronald Corveau – V Magazine, No. 3 (READ MORE)