Political Roles

ARTICLES - Politics in Movies

Release Dates 1960s Film Titles – Political Roles

  • Jan 20, 1964 Ging – Child Labour/abuse in the entertainment industry
  • Sep 07, 1965 Iginuhit ng Tadhana – First propaganda movie of the Marcoses; Vi portrayed Imee Marcos
  • Dec 30, 1966 Ito ang Pilipino – Fictional story about Spanish revolt of 1896
  • Jun 18, 1967 Longest Hundred Miles – Fictional story about Japanese invasion of the Philippines
  • Jul 27, 1969 Pinagbuklod ng Langit – Second propaganda movie of the Marcoses; Vi portrayed Imee Marcos for the last time

Release Dates 1970s Film Titles – Political Roles

  • Jun 14, 1970 Love Letters – Group of teens protested by picketing with placards against the parents of lovers Vi and Bot
  • Dec 22, 1973 Darna and the Giants – Superhero Darna fight an evil monster Helen Gamboa who wanted to mind control the masses
  • Jun 12, 1975 Dugo at Pag-Ibig sa Kapirasong Lupa – Vi was featured in one of the episode about young rebels who fights the establishment and seek refuge in the mountain provinces
  • Dec 25, 1977 Burlesk Queen – The disappearing art of burlesque in a moralistic elitist establishment who wanted to abolish it
  • Jul 14, 1978 Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-itim ng Tagak – Sneaky indention of the Hukbalahap story line as the back drop to the love story of the main characters
  • Jul 23, 1978 Kampus – liberation of Vi’s character who doesnt want to be married tied into one conservative man

Release Dates 1980s Film Titles – Political Roles

  • Feb 22, 1980 Miss X – Vi played a deported prostitute from the Red District of Amsterdam
  • Dec 25, 1980 Langis at Tubig – Vi played one of the wife of a bigamist
  • May 29, 1981 Pakawalan Mo Ako – Vi played a prostitute accused of murdering a son of a powerful rich man
  • Jul 12, 1984 Sister Stella L. – Vi played a political nun
  • Oct 18, 1984 Alyas Baby Tsina – Vi played an ex-convict who fight the internal organization group in women’s penetentiary
  • Jul 20, 1989 Rizal Alih, Zamboanga Massacre – Vi is the wife the government military’s muslim enemy
  • Dec 25, 1989 Imortal – Vi played an escapist nun who was kidnaped by rebel groups in the provinces

Release Dates 1990s Film Titles – Political Roles

  • Aug 17, 1992 Sinungaling Mong Puso – Vi portrayed a wife of an abusive and psychopatic politician
  • Jun 24, 1993 The Dolzura Cortez Story – Vi portrayed the first Aids victim who came forward to the media in the Philippines
  • Sep 16, 1998 Bata, Bata…Paano Ka Ginawa? – Vi is a liberated mother with two kids from different man, a taboo in conservative Philippines

Release Dates 2000s Film Titles – Political Roles

  • May 12, 2000 Anak – Domestic flight of the OFW
  • Dec 25, 2002 Dekada’70 – Fictional story of the Martial Law years of the 1970s

Release Dates 2010s Film Titles – Political Role

  • Jul 26, 2013 Ekstra, The Bit Player – Senior Labour/abuse in the entertainment industry

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