Daria Ramirez in The Healing – July 25 2012

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Sexy Stars – “…The 70s saw the rise of several talented and sexy stars besides the so-called Crown Seven beauties namely Chanda Romero, Elizabeth Oropesa, Daria Ramirez, Alma Moreno, Lorna Tolentino, Beth Bautista and Amy Austria. Stars like Vivian Velez, Leila Hermosa, Carmen Ronda, Barbara Luna, Janet Bordon, Trixia Gomez and Rio Locsin also made their mark in the movie world in the 70s. They were launched to stardom though most of them had a brief and short movie career…” – Simon Santos (READ MORE)

Best Actress – “…The 1977 Urian Awards further established the reputation of the Manunuris as discoverers of new or ignored talents. Word spread around that “you don’t have to spend a cent for PR to win in the Urian” after Daria Ramirez (Sino’ng Kapiling, Sino’ng Kasiping) bested formidable co-nominee Vilma Santos (Burlesk Queen) for the best actress plum. The choice of Ramirez was not a popular one either, for her portrayal of a middle-class wife was devoid of the “pang-FAMAS” hysterics usually equated with good acting in Philippine movies. The most significant event of 1977, however, was the debate on which criterion should take precedence in choosing the best film: cinematic style or filmic content? It had been decided before that if two films were equally well-made, the film with the more significant content would be chosen. But the application of the criterion became very difficult with the two films being deliberated on: Robert Arevalo’s Hubad na Bayani and Ishmael Bernal’s Dalawang Pugad, Isang Ibon. Hubad is a truthful portrayal of the peasant uprisings of the 30’s, but it was marred by technical flaws. Dalawang Pugad, centering on the problem of infidelity, was narrower in scope but was just as truthful in its portrayal. Hubad had its good moments but was uneven as a whole, while Dalawang Pugad had a tighter orchestration of cinematic elements…” – The Urian Anthology 1970-79 (READ MORE)

Daria Ramirez is a veteran Filipino character actress who started in the movie industry during the 70’s. She had two children, Kempee and Chenee from actor/comedian, Joey de Leon. Ramirez has earned two awards and several nominations from different award-giving bodies. – Wikipilipinas (READ MORE)

Daria Ramirez and Vilma Santos

“…Nagkwentuhan naman si Vi at Daria Ramirez tungkol sa huling pelikulang pinagsamahan nila kung saan sa lighthouse (parola) sa Lobo, Batangas nag-shoot ang nasabing movie. Pag pumupunta daw si Daria sa Lobo ay dumadaan siya dun sa pinagsyutingan ng Ibong Lukaret…” – Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)

The Healing (2012) – “…Stories about the Filipino tradition of going to faith healers for guidance and treatment of ailments have not yet been tackled in-depth in movies. And in our film, the viewers will not just be horrified, they’ll somehow be challenged to think as to how faith healing has already been part of our culture…” – ABS-CBN News (READ MORE)

Big Ike’s Happening (1976) – “…Enrique “Big Ike” Lozada (August 13, 1940-March 8, 1995) was a Filipino comedian, actor and TV host. He was born on August 13, 1940 in Iloilo City. He started acting at the age of 11 on the movie Mga Bituin ng Kinabukasan with the younger Susan Roces. He died on March 10, 1995 in Manila, of heart attack. He was 54. His had lain at Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque City…” – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Ibong Lukaret (1975) – “…Before he was Vilma’s leading man in Makahiya at Talahib, Rudy Fernandez played a supporting role in Ibong Lukaret. Both films were released in 1975…” – The 28th (READ MORE)

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