Special Film: Mahinhin vs. mahinhin (1981)

Mahinhin vs. mahinhin (1981) is a movie directed by Danny L. Zialcita. It was a continuation of the film Si Maganda at Si Mahinhin which was produced in 1980. Produced by Sine Silangan Productions in 1981, the movie featured the late Dindo Fernando, Ronaldo Valdez, Adul de Leon, and Elizabeth Oropesa. The young Carmi Martin and Edu Manzano were also part of the movie. The story revolved around the life of Billy de Gracia (Dindo Fernando), a homosexual who tried to live as a man by marrying Juana (Elizabeth Oropesa). Billy’s life turned upside down as he met Archie (Edu Manzano), boyfriend of Peter Frias (Ronaldo Valdez). Peter, unlike Billy, was a multi-millionaire homosexual. Billy pretended to be woman when he tried to offer Archie some money. When Peter learned about that, he and Billy agreed to share Archie with each other. The following scenes showed how Peter and Billy rivaled for Archie’s attention. – Wikipilipinas (READ MORE)

Danny Zialcita is a fun-loving gifted and colorful filmmaker who left his mark as one of the best in the stimulating era of the ’60s and ’70s. Then without any warning he left the industry. Stories of drug addiction, withdrawal from the world, and worse, loss of sanity dogged his absence until even his colleagues lost touch with him and didn’t know what to believe. Zialcita is a master of improvisation on the set, he also had the knack for casting the right actors, choosing the right material, and pleasing his producers. One of his favorite actors was Dindo Fernando whom he termed “the complete actor” and cast him in such movies as Langis at Tubig, Karma, Gaano Kadalas Ang Minsan, Mahinhin at Mahinhin, its sequel Malakas, si Maganda at si Mahinhin and Ikaw at ang Gabi which gave Dindo his first Urian Best Actor trophy. Other favorites were Vilma Santos cast in Karma, T-Bird at Ako, Langis at Tubig; Pinky de Leon; Laurice Guillen; Ronaldo Valdes; and Beth Bautista who won Best Actress award in Hindi sa Iyo ang Mundo Baby Porcuna. – Bibsy M. Carballo (READ MORE)

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