Movie Queen and Vilmanians Magazines

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Star-worship – “…The komiks of the 1970s reflected the general view of the Filipinos to Philippine movie stars. The late 1960s decade saw the emergence of the star-studio system-wherein movie stars were groomed to become studio assets. The drive to publicize the groomed stars (like Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos, Tirso Cruz III, and Edgar Mortiz) made sure that even komiks-magazines carried their photos and gossip stories. Some publishers even came up with komiks-magazines that bordered on the star-worship, with titles like Superstar Nora Aunor Movie Entertainment Magazine, Movie Queen Vilma Santos Showbiz Magazine and Topstar PIP Movie Entertainment Magazine. These komiks (and other similar titles) turned the komiks pages mostly into photo albums of stars and gossip columns, which may have attracted a following from young fans, but alienated the more mature komiks readers. The young fans, of course, were mostly high school and university students who were spending a large portion of their allowance collecting these fan komiks-magazines. In general, parents became concerned about this and forbade the reading of komiks, contributing to the general view that komiks had no educational value….” – Antonio S. Velasquez, komiklopedia (READ MORE)

Movie Queen Vilma Santos Showbiz Magazine – “…is an entertainment komiks magazine published by Gold Star Publishing Corporation. First released in 1970 with Mar F. Cornes as Editor, this magazine contained showbiz news, articles, moviestars pin-ups, movie ads and illustrated short stories of different genres. Its title was named after Vilma Santos, a motion picture star who was then very popular. When Martial rule was imposed in 1972, its title was changed into ”Movie Queen Showbiz Magazine….” – Antonio S. Velasquez, komiklopedia (READ MORE)

Die Hard Vilmanians Magazine – “…is an entertainment comics magazine published by ACR Publications. Its maiden issue came out in 1971 with Angel C. Reyes as Managing Editor and Phil. Ver. Posadas as Editor. The title of the magazine was named after Vilma Santos’ die hard fans or followers…” – Antonio S. Velasquez, komiklopedia (READ MORE)

Paper Doll – “…Written by Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz, Illustrated by Rudy Nebres, Kislap Magasin, 1974-1975…” – Antonio S. Velasquez, komiklopedia (READ MORE)