Marlene Dauden and Vilma Santos

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The Original Queen “…Okay, here’s another Here Are They Now story, this time about the great drama actress Marlene Dauden who, in the late ’60s, used to win as FAMAS Best Actress year after year. I remember Marlene too well because when I started writing movie articles way back when (please don’t ask me for dates, please don’t!), the late Danny Villanueva, mentor of several movie journalists (Ethel Ramos and myself included) would assign me to interview Marlene for the Weekly Nation everytime Marlene won one of her many awards. How can I forget the day I walked blocks to get to Marlene’s home in White Plains, Quezon City, lugging my textbooks (I was still in school then) and my near-dilapidated tape recorder! It was all worth it because Marlene was always nice and accommodating, very fine-mannered. She smiled when I reminded her that one time, I even ran after her at the old Life Theater in Quiapo to get her autograph. Those were the days when Sampaguita stars would grace the opening day of their movies to greet fans and sign autographs. Tagal-tagal na n’un, ‘no? At Sampaguita, Marlene did heavy dramas, along with the likes of Rita Gomez, Paraluman and Lolita Rodriguez; while Gloria Romero, Susan Roces and Amalia Fuentes “specialized” in fan movies. Of course, they eventually matured into serious acting and won awards in the process. Marlene was memorable in such dramas as Anino ni Bathala (for which she won a Best Supporting Actress award), Pagpatak ng Ulan and Rosa Rosinni; and later, when she went freelancing, Sapagkat Kami’y Tao Lamang (said to be her favorite movie, with Eddie Rodriguez and Lolita Rodriguez as co-stars; it started the love-triangle plots which have persisted until this very day), Kapag Puso’y Sinugatan and Sa Bawat Pintig ng Puso…

…With the late Mitos Villarreal as director, Marlene starred in TV drama series – The Original – such as Salamisim and Panagimpan. In 1972 when Martial Law was declared, Marlene (a ’50s St. Scholastica’s graduate) and her husband, former La Salle basketball star Nonggoy Hernaez (whom she married when she was already in showbiz), migrated to the States with their children. She seldom comes home, her last visit having been a few years ago when she told friends, “I felt like an outcast because most everyone that I knew was either gone or not active anymore.” Her last movie, Kung Kaya Mo, Kaya Ko Rin (where she played Christopher de Leon’s lover), was shown in 1978, done during her vacation here. Combat Killers, a World War II drama she did in 1980 with the late Leopoldo Salcedo, is available by special order on the Web. So whatever happened to Marlene? According to Ferdy Villar, Marlene and Nonggoy are enjoying their retirement in a quiet town in California, close to their three married daughters and eight grandchildren. “They are a close-knit family,” said Ferdy, “and they enjoy their family get-togethers.” Now 66, Marlene worked as medical office manager, a job she almost didn’t land because the hiring officer found out that she was an actress and he didn’t want to hire a famous person deemed “over-qualified” for the position…” – Ricardo F. Lo (READ MORE)

Marlene Dauden“…Marlene Daudén (born in Philippines) is considered one of the greatest Filipina drama actresses of all time. She achieved her legendary status as a film thespian during her film career that spanned from the 1950s up to the 1970s. During the height of her fame, she was one of the most bankable stars of Sampaguita Pictures, which used to be one of the leading Philippine movie studios of the era…Marlene made her last film in 1978 entitled Kung Kaya Mo, Kaya Ko Rin with Christopher de Leon, after which she went home to the United States. She also appeared in Combat Killers with Leopoldo Salcedo and the film was released as a class B movie in the United States. She is currently married to former De La Salle Green Archer basketball star Ernesto “Nonggoy” Hernaez, with whom she has three children. They now reside in California…” – Wikipedia (READ MORE)

Marlene Dauden and Vilma Santos

Happy Days Are Here Again (1974) – “…In 1974, the Big 3 studios of the 50s, LVN Pictures, Sampaguita Pictures and Premiere Productions reproduced a full-length movie showcasing a compilation of the musical comedies produced by the three studios. It was a painstaking job for the researchers since most of the best musicals produced by the three studios were either lost or destroyed. At the start of the project, director Lamberto V. Avellana was supposed to direct the film but eventually replaced by Ciro Santiago after so many changes in the project including the script. He ended up as consultant of the movie. The film was HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN, with brief narrations by movie stars like Gloria Romero, Nida Blanca, Susan Roces, Leopoldo Salcedo, Jaime de la Rosa, Eddie Gutierrez, Tirso Cruz III, Pugo, German Moreno and Ike Lozada…” – Pelikula Atbp (READ MORE)

Kasalanan kaya? (1968) – “…Kung sa pagpupunyagi kong marating ang rurok ng tagumpay at makalimot sa mga mahal sa buhay,…kasalanan kaya?…..Kung ang aking pagmamahal at mga pagpapakasakit ang maging katumbas ay ang pagwawalang bahala at kapabayaan ng aking asawa at siya’y iniwan ko,…kasalanan kaya?…..Kung sa pakikiramay ko sa dalamhati ng iba at sa aking puso’y kusang kumatok ang tawag ng pag-ibig,…kasalanan kaya?…..” Ang award winning na pelikula ng Virgo Films na inilahok sa 3rd Manila Film Festival na Kasalanan Kaya? (June 16, 1968) ay pinangunahan nina Vi, Eddie Rodriguez, Lolita Rodriguez, Marlene Dauden, Roderick Paulate, Renato Robles at Nello Nayo na idinerek ni Luis Enriquez. Si Louise de Mesa ang gumawa ng kasaysayan samantalang si Tommy C. David ang gumawa ng iskrip. Ang pelikulang ito ay nagkamit ng walong parangal mula sa Manila Film Festival… drama picture, best actor (Eddie Rodriguez), best actress (Lolita Rodriguez, best director (Luis Enriquez), best child actor (Roderick Paulate), best story (Louise de Mesa), best music (Tony Maiquez) at best sound (Flaviano Villareal). Si Vi naman ang best supporting actress ng San Beda College. Si Louise de Mesa ay nanalo ng FAMAS best story…..” – Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)

Sino ang may karapatan? (1968) – “…Ligaya sa unang pag-ibig, sa dibdib ay natanim, nguni’t nang magkalayo ibang puso ang umangkin…..sino ang may karapatan? una o pangalawang damdamin sa kaligayahang walang maliw?…..” Sino Ang May Karapatan? (November 16, 1968) ang pelikulang pinangunahan nina Vi, Lolita Rodriguez, Eddie Rodriguez, Marlene Dauden, Renato Robles, Patricia Mijares at Marifi na idinerek ni Ding de Jesus at iskrip ni Jose Flores Sibal…” – Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)

Hindi nahahati ang langit (1966) – “…The greatest love story of all time is now a great motion picture…..” Hindi Nahahati Ang Langit (January 9, 1966) na pinangunahan nina Vi, Lolita Rodriguez, Marlene Dauden, Eddie Rodriguez, Carina Mujer, Ben Perez at Mary Walter. Inihandog ito ng Larry Santiago Productions sa direksiyon ni Lauro Pacheco. Si Jose Flores Sibal ang gumawa ng istorya….” – Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)

Kay tagal ng umaga (1965) – “…The team that conquers the dramatic world…..nakakainip na paghihintay…..” Kay Tagal Ng Umaga (August 23, 1965) na pinangunahan nina Vi, Lolita Rodriguez, Marlene Dauden, Eddie Rodriguez at Vilma Valera. Ito ay napakinggan sa DZRH Radio sponsored by Darigold at prinudyos ng Larry Santiago Productions sa direksiyon ni Lauro Pacheco. Si Aning Bagabaldo ang gumawa ng istorya samantalang si Jose Flores Sibal ang sa iskrip…” – Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)

Maria Cecilia (1965) – “…A DZXL Radio and Tagumpay Magazine serial sponsored by Procter & Gamble PMC na pinangunahan nina Vi, Van de Leon, Jose Mari, Alona Alegre, Tony Cruz Jr. at Marlene Dauden bilang Maria Cecilia (May 15, 1965) ay prinudyos ng Larry Santiago Productions. Ito ay sinulat ni Susana C. de Guzman.samantalang ang iskrip at direksiyon ay si Ding M. de Jesus…” – Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)

Sa bawat pintig ng puso (1964) – “…A bittersweet love story tender, yet gripping in its heartaches and happiness”…..Sa Bawa’t Pintig Ng Puso (November 16, 1964) ay inihandog ng Larry Santiago Productions at pinangunahan nina Vi, Zaldy Zhornack, Marlene Dauden, Alona Alegre at Sammy Barretto. Ito ay serialized sa Bulaklak Magasin at sa direksiyon ni Armando de Guzman. Ang sumulat at gumawa ng iskrip ay si Jose Flores Sibal…” – Alfonso Valencia (READ MORE)

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