Why Vilma won’t stop singing

It’s been almost 20 years since Vilma Santos started to sing professionally, but until now she refuses to be called a singer. And, as everybody would agree, rightfully so. In fact, if there’s any single facet in her long and successful showbiz career that has been the object of continued public censure it is her singing. But be that as it may, the 33-year-old actress persists in singing, seemingly oblivious of the flak that comes her way. Has she, in any way, become calloused throught the years? “No, I still get affected by criticisms,” she onced said. “The thing is I have learned to accept them as part of the business and as something I can’t do without. I think the secret is in learning how to deal and live with them.” That singing was once a passion for her is a fact that the actress does not deny, but she adds “not anymore.” According to her, the success, her first and best-selling record, in the ’70s was fullfillment enough. But that doesn’t mean she no longer enjoys singing. As a matter of fact, she does

And, as far as her singing is concerned, this attitude is the hardest thing to contend with, Santos likes to sing and no amount of reproof – especially when it comes from people she doesn’t respect and believe in – could stop her from doing so. As I see if the actress is one person who does not run away from challenges or problems – the more she is criticized the more she tries to prove her point. Some time ago, in one of her late-night recordings, I asked the actress if she ever had to formal voice lessons. “No, I didn’t have,” she replied while waiting for her cue. “Some voice coaching lang tulad ngayon. Hindi naman talaga ako singer – it is not my craft. I only because I am requested to. Besides, I like doing it for my fans. I don’t think I’ll ever be a professional singer. Acting is really my career.” Tonight, as Vilma Santos celebrates her first year anniversary in Channel 7 and her seventh year on television. “The Star for all Seasons” will show her admirers and detractors alike that singing has not hurt her and her career. Instead, it has endeared her to her audiences and, whether we like it or not, her amateurish singing has helped made her show a sort of a “family affair.”

Anniversary Celebration Special Guest Co-Host: Edu Manzano

Opening Number – One of the biggest production numbers ever produced in television variety shows. GMA 7 says it is the first of its kind ever staged for Phlippine TV – in terms of costumes, special effects, set and other production design that go with it. With a cast of 35-40 dancers, the opening production number alone costs more or less P25,000.00 Vilma’s dance is expected to surpass even the most difficult and talked about numbers she has ever done on TV.

Boogie Dance No. – Vilma and Edu will do a boogie dance number that promises to bring the house down because its originality and showmanship. This is the first time Edu will do a spectacular boogie number on TV.

Revival Medly – Vilma and Ricky Davao will do a medley of this year’s most popular revivals like Black is Black, Sweet for my Sweet, When I Fall In Love, etc. Randy Santiago’s production number with V.I.P. Dancers features a sneak preview of his first major solo concert to be held at the ULTRA tomorrow. Maricel Soniano’s dance number after an absence from the TV variety scene. OPM medley of hits in 1987 as rendered by Aga Muhlach, JC Bonnin, Gretchen Barreto, Leah Salonga, Bing Loyzaga and Keno.

Pasadalamat sa Inyo – Kundimans of different regions in different dialects to thank Vilma! viewers all over the Philippines to be done by Lani Mercado, Manilyn Reynes, Marco Sison and Richard John Reynoso. Lorna Tolentino, Maricel Soriano and Gabby Concepcion Trio – the three stars will do a special number to promote their movie Pinulot Ka Lang Sa Lupa.

VMWVilma’s Music Watch to showcase once again the week’s hottest music and dance with Vilma, Maribeth and John Robinson and 40 dancers. Finale – a classical music disco dance – Disco dancing to the classical music of Mozart with special props.

Surprise Romantic NumberVilma and Edu will thrill their fans as they do another musical number.

Stars Greetings – From Sharon Cuneta, Kris Aquino, Tonton Gutierrez, Ricky Davao, Helen Vela, Kuya Germs, Inday Badiday, and many other Regal and Viva film stars. – JC Nigado, Manila Standard – Oct 2, 1987 (READ MORE)