3 K


As we celebrate the day that Vilma Santos was born, I could not help but reflect on her accomplishments and contributions to the Philippine movies in particular and to the Philippine nation in general. No movie star in the Philippines, past or present, can equal or surpass, the accomplishments of Vilma Santos in and out of showbusiness. Why? Because of Vilma’s 3 KKKs in her career.

The first K in Vilma’s career is walang KATULAD. Vilma is walang katulad among the female actresses or stars in Philippine movies. She is the most versatile female star the of them all. Proof? Look at her filmography. She essayed varied and interesting roles like a nun in Sister L to a go-go dancer in Burlesk Queen. She was a querida in Relasyon to a hard working OFW mother in Anak. She was an AIDS victim in Dolzura Cortez and a hunchback bell ringer in Kampanerang Kuba. She was a flying heroine in Darna and a swimming mermaid in Dyesebel. The different roles that Vilma has played in her movie career is the most varied that any actress has ever portrayed in the movies. The closest actress that comes close to her when it comes to versatility is Maricel Soriano. But Maricel has not been that successful in essaying any Pinoy heroines in her movie career. Vilma was not only the most succcessful Darna, she was also the most successful Dyesebel. How about her other talents? Granted that she is not a singer like Nora Aunor or Sharon Cuneta but she is a graceful and excellent dancer like Maricel Soriano. Just as Nora and Sharon can sing, Vilma and Maricel can dance. Tit for tat. Vilma is not only a versatile actress and a graceful dancer, she is an excellent and successful Mayor of Lipa City as well. She is a three term Mayor of that city. She also has received numerous awards as Mayor of Lipa. Again, no female star, past and present, has ever done that before. Only Vilma does. An actress in the first calibre, a good dancer in her own right, and a successful civil servant of a city, that’s Vilma Santos. Thus, Vilma is walang KATULAD.

The second K of Vilma is walang KAPANTAY. Some female stars, past and present, are considered by the film critics, directors, movie scribes and by the public as great actresses in their own rights. Aside from Vilma, some female stars that comes to mind are Nora Aunor, Gina Alajar, Hilda Koronel, Lolita Rodriguez, Maricel Soriano, the late Nida Blanca, Charito Solis and RIta Gomez. Though known for their acting talents, they are not considered by many, save for Maricel Soriano, as Box-Office Queens. They can certainly act but can they carry a movie to the box-office? While other female stars, past and present, are considered by the movie industry as Box-Office Queens. Sure they can bring money to the tills but they are not known as acting thespians. Aside from Vilma, females stars considered as Box-Office Queens, either today or during their days, are Sharon Cuneta, Gloria Romero, Susan Roces, Amalia Fuentes, Kris Aquino, Ai-Ai delasAlas, Claudine Baretto, Regine Velasquez. The closest female star that come close to Vilma in this regard is Sharon Cuneta. Like Vilma, she is a Box-Office Queen Hall of Famer. These female stars might have won an award or two, but the general concensus are that they are not acting greats compared to the first group. Vilma, on the other hand, is not only the most awarded actress we have in the Philippines but she is also the original Box-Office Queen. Acting and box-office appeal wise, she is number one. Thus, Vilma is walang KAPANTAY.

The final K in Vilma’s career is walang KUPAS. Ever since Trudis Liit up to Mano Po 3, Vilma has been reaping awards after awards. Recently, she was awarded the GAWAD PLARIDEL by the College of Mass Communication of the University of the Philippines. She was also awarded the GAWAD SURI by the University of Mindanao. Those who came before her in Philippine showbusiness and even her contemporaries can not compare to her durability. She is the most durable star the Philipines movies has ever produced. Many of her contemporaries are either gone and have retired from showbusiness or are no longer considered as bankable but not Vilma. Stars, male and female, have come after her, but Vilma can still command the respect and admiration of her peers, fans and the general public. She can still attract the moviegoers to her movies. Fact? Anak is considered as the second highest movie of all times. After so many years in the business, she is still considered as the number one actress and star among them. She is the Queen for All Seasons and Reasons for nothing. In terms of durability no one can top her. In summary, Vilma Santos’ place in the history of the Philippine Entertainment Industry will forever be remembered. We may have superstars, megastars, diamond stars around us. But Vilma is the one and only Queen for All Seasons. From the 1970’s up to the present she remained on top. She is THE Legend, THE Icon and THE greatest actress that everybody will continue to admire, respect and love. Thus, Vilma is walang KATULAD, walang KAPANTAY at walang KUPAS! – Juancho Gutierrez (READ MORE)