ARTICLES - Vilma and Me

I must admit that it is an honor for me to be counted among the millions of loyal Vilmanians. When I begun chatting with other fans of Ate Vi, it was just to pass some of my time. However, as days and weeks and months, passed by, I begun to feel that chatting in this group is now a part of my vocation.

I believe that there is more to chatting, there is more in sharing stories and news about the STAR OF ALL SEASONS AND REASONS. This is the reason why I am sharing with you my thoughts about VILMA. Vilma Santos, the longest reigning QUEEN of the PHILIPPINE MOVIES, should be admired not only for exceptional talents but for the good examples that she has shown us and continue to show us throughout the years. Ate Vi does not only entertain us through her works in movies and television but she has shown us how to touch other people’s lives through her life in public service.

Ate Vi, the Mayor of Lipa, has deeply touched the lives of the people of that city and beyond. She shows us how to use her God-given talents and resources for the benefit and good of others. She once said: “If I depend on my salary as a mayor, it is not enough to help the people who come to my office and ask for financial help.” In other words, Ate Vi truly acknowledges that her blessings are truly a gift from ABOVE and that is why she shares this with others especially among the most unfortunate ones.

My dear Vilmanians, as we continue to follow the latest happenings with our idol, may we also imitate the good things she has been doing. Let us reach out to others, Vilmanians and non-Vilmanians alike, especially the less fortunate among us. Let us continue to share our resources with them because through our acts of charity that they will see God’s love. Let us be instruments of God’s peace and generosity with others.

As a servant of God, please be assured of my continuous prayers for you and your loved ones. May the Good Lord continue to bless us all especially our dear Ate Vi. Let us continue to make a difference in this world by what we say, think and do. Long Live, Vilma Santos, our QUEENSTAR! – Father J (READ MORE)

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