The Queen comes to America

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August 20th and 21st are two special dates for the VILMANIANS living in the United States especially those among us who live in the East Coast. On those dates, the QUEEN for All Seasons and Reasons, Ms. VILMA SANTOS, will be in New Jersey as a special guest of the annual Filipino Fiesta Celebration held in the Meadowlands. I am sure that all the Vilmanians in the United States and those in the eastern part of Canada are excited and happily anticipating the arrival of Ate Vi. We are filled with happiness because it is not often that we get to see her. Certainly, her visit would bring great joy to us, Filipinos, especially to the Vilmanians. There is no doubt that Vilma Santos is very much around and still on top of her career even after so many decades as a movie star Vilmanians continue to admire and love her not only as an actress but as person as well. I am sure that her visit would surely bring joy and happiness to the Filipinos of the eastern seaboard. I am sure that she will have a great time with the welcome that she is going to receive from us, her kababayans. At the same time, I am sure that we would have a great time being around her. Her visit may only be publicized in the Filipino newspapers here and be seen in the Filipino Channel, unlike the Holy Father’s visit who gets full attention from all major publications and news channels, yet we should be grateful because Ate Vi, the longest reigning Queen of the Philippine Movies, is coming primarily for us, her kababayans. Anyway, as I have said, her visit is surely going to bring joy to all of us who will be at the Meadowlands with her on August 20th and 21st. Allow me conclude this article with a short reflection on the idea of making a visit as we await the visit of Ate Vi to Tri-State area. It is summer season once again here in the United States and Canada. It is the time to visit our loved ones, relatives and friends who are far from us. For many of us in the United States and Canada, it is a time to go home to the Philippines to see our families and friends. When we do this, it is always a moment of joy and happiness. We, like Ate Vi, brings excitement and joy to our families and friends in the Philippines. I am sure you see this, the moment you step out of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport as we see our loved ones running towards us to greet us with a kiss, a hug or a “mano po” gesture. It is through this that we feel the joy as they welcome us home. This is one of the things that we, Filipinos, can be proud of and should be commended. No matter how long we have been away from our families and friends, whenever we go home, we get a sincere and warm welcome. Naturally, this moves us to feel the joy that they feel seeing us even for just a short period of time or no matter how long we spend time with them. So I encourage you, my dear Vilmanians, to follow Ate Vi’s example, no matter where we are going this summer, that we may always bring joy and happiness to those people we see and meet, whether it be our loved ones, friends or even strangers. Remember Jesus said: “Whoever welcome me, welcomes the One who sent me.” – Sincerely yours, Father J (READ MORE)