Vilma and the Vilmanians: Truly Blessed by God

ARTICLES - Vilma with Father JMeeting Vilma Santos, the Star for All Seasons and Reasons, at the Philippine Fiesta on August 21, 2005 was truly a moment of blessing for me. I have been an avid fan of hers since Grammar School. I never thought in my wildest dream that I would meet her face to face here in New Jersey. Meeting her, I found out that she was really a down-to-earth person. She never acted like a diva or the famous movie star and successful Mayor that she is in the Philippines. I admire her more for this. I guess this is the reason why today more and more people continue to admire her. This only means that we, Vilmanians, continue to grow in number. With hundred of movies under her belt, a collection of numerous awards, both locally and internationally, a three-term Mayor of Lipa City, Vilma is the epitome of success. She is success personified. Throughout her years in movies and politics, she has amassed so many blessings in life. When I met her last August 21st, she showed me the traditional respect that we Filipinos give to our elders and those in position of leadership in our community by making the “mano” gesture to me.  I admire her more for this because it was a sign of her humility and grace. The greatest actress the Philippine Cinema has ever produced making “mano” to an unknown priest in New Jersey was truly a humble experience not only for her but for me as well. At that moment, I see in Vilma someone who is humble, approachable and sincerely acknowledges the blessings God has bestowed on her. August 21, 2005 will always be a very special day for me.  I will always remember it as a blessing from God.  My dear Vilmanians, this issue of our newsletter is dedicated to the day that our Queenstar was born.  We rejoice with her. We are united in praising God for her gifts of time, talent and even treasure.  We are grateful to God for her good health and the many blessings she continues to receive.  We thank Vilma for serving the people of Lipa City and for the joy she gives to us Vilmanians.   As we reflect on her birthday, I invite you to take some time to reflect on the blessings that you also have received in life.  I for one consider it a blessing to be a member of the e-groups dedidedicated to the Gawad Plaridel Awardee for Film.  As a member of these e-groups, I not only get the latest news about her but I also have found friends in all of you.  Though we live in the different corners of the world, it gives me so much joy to know more about Ate Vi and about you.  Good health, surounded by loving family and friends and being a Vilmanian, are blessings from God. As I reflect on these things, they give me great satisfaction and happiness. Whether you are aware or unaware of them, I am so sure that you too have so much blessings in life.  So my dear Vilmanians, take some time to count your blessings and reflect on them.  Thank God for them.  If it would help, take a piece of paper and list down the things you consider as blessings from our Father in heaven. Once you have done that, then you will agree with me that we, like Ate Vi, are truly blessed by God.  Sincerely yours, Father Juancho Gutierrez (READ MORE)

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