Discography: Sing Vilma Sing (1972)

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COVERS - 1970S Wakas 1971Sing Vilma Sing (1972)
Side A

1. Da Doo Ron Ron – arranged by Orly Ilacad
2. Aba Daba Honeymoon – arranged by Orly Ilacad
3. Tweedlee Dee – arranged by Orly Ilacad
4. A Kookie Little Paradise – arranged by Orly Ilacad
5. Bobby Bobby Bobby – arranged by Orly Ilacad
6. The Ricky -Tick Song – arranged by Orly Ilacad

Side B
1. It’s Been A Long Long Time – arranged by Orly Ilacad
2. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do – arranged by The Music Machine
3. You Made Me Love you – arranged by Orly Ilacad
4. The Birds And The bees – arranged by The Music Machine
5. He’s so Near ( Yet So Far Away) – arranged by The Music Machine


Vocal Supervision: Bobby Guzman, Ernie De La Pena
Creative Director: Oscar Salazar
Photography: Vicor Studio
Cover Design: Nick B. Fertierra
Back Cover Notes: Baby A. Gil
Sound Engineer: Ric A. Santos, Jun Orenza, Jess Payumo
Recording Studio: Cinema Audio Inc.
Produced by: Vicor Music Corporation

Back cover LP text: – It is common knowledge that a few years ago, Vilma Santos was regarded solely as an up and coming young actress. Without a doubt, a most talented one, for by that time,she was already holding several acting honors under her belt. Not one to be typed, however she turned to recording. Vilma Santos recordrd “Sixteen” and in the process made recording history. “Sixteen” was that year’s biggest hit and resulting acclaim that came along made a singing star out of the actress. Today Vilma Santos is one of the most fabulous figures in show business. Just a hit short of being legendary. Nearly countless is the number of Vilma’s films which made a magnificent killing at the box office. Now a Famas Best Actress Awardee, Vilma is well on her way to becoming the country’s undisputed movie queen.

As a recording artist, she has her credit several hit albums. A Golden Record Award for the song “Palong Palo Ako” and another possible Golden Record Award for “Tweedlee Dee” – which is one of the songs included in this album. This is how for this young actress has come in the recording field. When Vilma decided to try her hand in recording, she wasn’t by a long shot merely trying to prove her versatility. The truth is the girl-Vilma-loves to sing and she wasn’t about to pass up the chance of waxing some of the songs she loves. In every recording session, there emerges in Vilma the inherent desire of every artist to do her work to the hilt. Vilma is a professional who can’t help but give her best. This comes accross with every movie role, with every performance and in this case with every song. It comes accross distinctly with this L.P. Here, Vilma glistens with a different, dazzling kind of brillance, further intensified by the sparkling beauty of the twelve songs contained in this album.

In “He’s so near (Yet So Far Away)” and “It’s been a long, long time, ” Vilma is wishful, in love. In “Abadaba Honeymoon” and “The Ricky-Tick Song,” she is wacky, a kook, impish, even irrepressible. She is all these in “Sing Vilma Sing.” Vilma Santos is indeed so many things to so many people. Superstar, Award-winning actress. A-one recording artist. She is all these and more. And to think that she’s great as any of them! How many Vilma’s are there? Which is the greater one? Well it really depends on who you’re looking for. Here we present Vilma, the singer. Listen to her to your hearts’ delight. So “Sing Vilma Sing” and make this a brighter, lovelier world to live in.