Top 100 Vilma Santos Films (part nine)

Spanning five decades with 197 films credits and almost two hundred awards, Vilma Santos’ filmography is a kaleidoscope picture of changes in times. Different genres, from teen musicals, folksy fantasies, campy horrors, animated actions to mature adult dramas, her films demonstrated her inner acting talents honed by directors, maneuvered by film producers/benefactors (who some are no longer with us) and supported by her ever loyal fanatics. The results were a long list of film titles that covered several social relevance that capture each decades. A long list of record-breaking box office returns that gave her the title, “the longest reigning box office queen of all time.” A long list of films that sustained her career to different transformation, ensuring her longevity no other Filipino movie queen ever enjoyed. We have painstakingly choose the best of the best. Basing our selection with three criteria. First, the financial success of the film. Cliche it maybe, financial success sustained her bankability and longevity. Second is the critical recognitions the film received. Third, is the other factors that contribute to the overall success of the film, namely, relevance, entertainment value, and the question of, is this film a career milestone or is this film contributed to her popularity. Here are Vilma Santos’ top 100 films.

Total score consists of (A) 10 points for box office records, (B) 10 points for critics recognitions, (C) 10 relevance/longevity, (D) “other factors” that contribute to overall success, gives us total score of 30 points.


20.  Tag-ulan sa Tag-araw 1975
SCORE: 8(A) + 10(B) + 7(C) + 0.4(D) = 25.4(T)
Directed by Celso Ad. Castillo, co-starring:  Christopher De Leon, Eddie Garcia, Joseph Sytangco, Lorli Villanueva, Odette Khan, Alma Moreno, Eva Darren, Edna Diaz, Nympha Bonifacio, Joonee Gamboa, Rez Cortez, Soxy Topacio.  The first film of Christopher Deleon and Vilma Santos, as of 2008, total 23 films. – MORE INFO

19.  Sinasamba Kita 1982
SCORE: 7(A) + 10(B) + 8(C) + 0.5(D) = 25.5(T)
Directed by Eddie Garcia, co-starring:  Christopher Deleon, Philip Salvador, Lorna Tolentino, Irene Celebre, Loleta Abesamis, Norma Blancaflor, Moody Diaz, Luz Fernandez, Kristina Paner, Yvonne, Ramil Rodriguez, Danny De Cordova, Larry Leviste, Fanny Serrano.  Written by Gilda Olvidado.  1982 Top Box Office Record Breaker.  The original film became a TV movie in 2007 by GMA Network, directed by Joel Lamangan, starring Sheryl Cruz as Divina and Valerie Concepcion as Nora. – MORE INFO

18.  Paano Ba ang Mangarap? 1983
SCORE: 7(A) + 10(B) + 8(C) + 0.6(D) = 25.6(T)
Directed by Eddie Garcia, co-starring:  Christopher Deleon, Jay Ilagan, Amy Austria, Perla Bautista, Armida Siguion Reyna, Vic Silayan.  Written by Nerissa Cabral.  Broke box office record of 1983 – MORE INFO

17.  Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan? 1982
SCORE: 8(A) + 10(B) + 7(C) + 0.7(D) = 25.7(T)
Directed by Danny Zialcita, co-starring:  Dindo Fernando, Hilda Koronel, Chanda Romero, Suzanne Gonsales, Tommy Abuel, Mark Joseph Enriquez.  Broke box office record of 1982, Earned P7.3 million during its first day of showing in Metro Manila – MORE INFO

16.  Trudis Liit 1963
SCORE: 7(A) + 10(B) + 8(C) + 0.8(D) = 25.8(T)
Directed by Jose De Villa, co-starring: Luis Gonzales, Lolita Rodriguez, Connie Angeles, Bella Flores, Charlie Davao, Ramon D’Salva.  Written by Mars Ravelo.  This film is immortalized in small screen in 2010 by GMA 7 .  A remake was filmed in the 1990s.  Vilma Sanots won a FAMAS Best Child Actress.  – MORE INFO (no available video)

15.  Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-itim ng Tagak 1978
SCORE: 10(A) + 5(B) + 10(C) + 0.9(D) = 25.9(T)
Directed by Celso Ad. Castillo, co-starring:  Bembol Roco, Angie Ferro, Olivia O’Hara, Mona Lisa, Robert Talabis, Joonee Gamboa, Mario Escudero.  As the film producer, Vilma received the highest recognition for best film of the year FAMAS and Gawad URIAN.  She also received a nomination for best actress from FAMAS. – MORE INFO

14.  Adultery: Aida Macaraeg 1984
SCORE: 10(A) + 8(B) + 8(C) + 0.6(D) = 26.6(T)
Directed by Lino Brocka, co-starring:  Phillip Salvador, Anita Linda, Deborah Sun, Alvin Enriquez, Mario Montenegro.  Vilma received best actress nomination from PMPC Star Awards. – READ MORE

13.  Tagos ng Dugo  1987
SCORE: 8(A) + 10(B) + 8(C) + 0.7(D) = 26.7(T)
Directed by Maryo J. De los Reyes, co-starring:  Caridad Sanchez, Lucita Soriano, Alicia Alonzo, Mia Gutierrez, Raquel VillavicencioMichael De Mesa, Miguel Rodriguez, Francis Arnaiz, Richard Gomez, Mark Joseph, Lito Pimentel, Joey Hipolito, Joey Marquez, Tony Santos Sr.  Vilma Santos won the 1987 FAMAS and CMMA Best Actress awards.  She also received nomination from FAP. – MORE INFO

12.  Anak 2000
SCORE: 8(A) + 10(B) + 8(C) + 0.8(D) = 26.8(T)
Directed by Rory B. Quintos, co-starring: Claudine Barretto, Amy Austria, Cherry Pie Picache, Sheila Mae Alvero, Tess Dumpit, Jodi Sta. Maria Joel Torre, Baron Geisler, Leandro Muñoz, Gino Paul Guzman, Cris Michelena.  Philippines’ official entry to 73rd best foreign language OSCAR.  Philippines’ official entries to 2001 international film festivals including Fukuoka, San Francisco.  Vilma received the 2000 PMPC STAR award for best actress as well as the 2000 PASADO and nomination from FAP.  She was also crowned the 2000 GMMSF Box Office Queen.  – MORE INFO

11.  Imortal 1989
SCORE: 8(A) + 10(B) + 8(C) + 0.9(D) = 26.9(T)
Directed by Eddie Garcia, co-starring:  Christopher De Leon, Tommy Abuel, Ricky Davao, Gelli De Belen, Cherie Gil, Jacklyn Jose, Liza Lorena Richard Reynoso, Roi Vinzon.  Written by Orlando Nadres.  Vilma won the 1989 Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress. –  MORE INFO

20. Tag-ulan sa Tag-araw 1975
19. Sinasamba Kita 1982
18. Paano Ba ang Mangarap? 1983
17. Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan? 1982
16. Trudis Liit 1963
15. Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-itim ng Tagak 1978
14. Adultery: Aida Macaraeg 1984
13. Tagos ng Dugo 1987
12. Anak 2000
11. Imortal 1989

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