Top 100 Vilma Santos Films (part six)

Spanning five decades with 197 films credits and almost two hundred awards, Vilma Santos’ filmography is a kaleidoscope picture of changes in times. Different genres, from teen musicals, folksy fantasies, campy horrors, animated actions to mature adult dramas, her films demonstrated her inner acting talents honed by directors, maneuvered by film producers/benefactors (who some are no longer with us) and supported by her ever loyal fanatics. The results were a long list of film titles that covered several social relevance that capture each decades. A long list of record-breaking box office returns that gave her the title, “the longest reigning box office queen of all time.” A long list of films that sustained her career to different transformation, ensuring her longevity no other Filipino movie queen ever enjoyed. We have painstakingly choose the best of the best. Basing our selection with three criteria. First, the financial success of the film. Cliche it maybe, financial success sustained her bankability and longevity. Second is the critical recognitions the film received. Third, is the other factors that contribute to the overall success of the film, namely, relevance, entertainment value, and the question of, is this film a career milestone or is this film contributed to her popularity. Here are Vilma Santos’ top 100 films.

Total score consists of (A) 10 points for box office records, (B) 10 points for critics recognitions, (C) 10 relevance/longevity, (D) “other factors” that contribute to overall success, gives us total score of 30 points.


50. Hatinggabi Na, Vilma 1972
SCORE: 6(A) + 10(B) + 5(C) + 0.9(D) = 21.9(T)
Directed by Joey Gosiengfiao, co-starring: Barbara Perez, Zeneda Amador, Angie FerroRomeo Rivera, Ruel Vernal, Dick Israel, Ernie Garcia, Cloyd Robinson, Subas Herrero, Lito Trinidad – MORE INFO (no available video)

49. Dama De Noche 1972
SCORE: 7(A) + 7(B) + 7(C) + 0.95(D) = 21.95(T)
Directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza, co-starring: Edgar Mortiz, Lillian Laing, Matimtiman Cruz, Fred Montilla, Cloyd Robinson. Recieved first FAMAS Best Actress and best actress nomination at the 1972 Quezon City Film Festival. – MORE INFO

48. Darna and the Giants 1973
SCORE: 6(A) + 8(B) + 8(C) + 0.2(D) = 22.2(T)
Directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza, co-starring: Helen Gamboa, Loreta Marquez, Rosanna Marquez, Desiree Destreza, Florence Aguilar Romeo Miranda, Ike Lozada, Pepito Rodriguez, Cesar Ramirez, Zandro Zamora, Max Alvarado. Top Box Office Film of 1973 Metro Manila Film Festival – MORE INFO

47. Kampanerang Kuba 1974
SCORE: 6(A) + 10(B) + 6(C) + 0.3(D) = 22.3(T)
Directed by Nilo Saez, co-starring: Edgar Mortiz, Patria Plata, Metring David, Greg Lozano, Joaquin Fajardo. – MORE INFO

46. Muling Buksan ang Puso 1985
SCORE: 7(A) + 8(B) + 7(C) + 0.4(D) = 22.4(T)
Directed by Leroy Salvador, co-starring: Dindo Fernando, Lorna Tolentino, Sandy Andolong, Coney Reyes, Rowell Santiago, Jimi Melendez. Written by Nerissa Cabral. Vilma received a best actress nomination from 1985 FAMAS – MORE INFO

45. Palimos Ng Pag-ibig 1986
SCORE: 7(A) + 8 (B)+7 (C)+0.5 (D)=22.5(T)
Directed by Eddie Garcia, co-starring: Dina Bonnevie, Cherie Gil, Laurice GuillenEdu Manzano, Pepito Rodriguez. Written by Nerissa Cabral. – MORE INFO

44. Langis at Tubig 1980
SCORE: 7(A) + 8(B) + 7(C) + 0.6(D) = 22.6(T)
Directed by Danny Zialcita, co-starring: Amy Austria, Lucita Soriano, Suzanne Gonzales, Adul De Leon, Martha SevillaDindo Fernando, Ronaldo Valdez, George Estregan, Ruben Rustia, Johnny Vicar, Augusto Victa, Vic Diaz, Vic Silayan, Mario Escudero. Vilma received a best actress nomination from 1980 FAMAS – MORE INFO

43.Pinay, American Style 1979
SCORE: 7(A) + 8(B) + 7(C) + 0.7(D) = 22.7(T)
Directed by Elwood Perez, co-starring: Christopher De Leon, Bembol Roco, Cocoy Laurel with Rosa Mia, Alexandra Dulaney, Nova Villa, Bella Flores, Angge. One of eight box office hit films Vilma Santos did in 1979 – MORE INFO

42.Ibulong Mo Sa Diyos 1988
SCORE: 7(A) + 8(B) + 7(C) + 0.8(D) = 22.8(T)
Directed by Elwood Perez, co-starring: Eric Quizon, Gary Valenciano, Miguel Rodriguez, Eddie Garcia, Nida Blanca, Barbara Perez, Nadia Montenegro, Armida Siguion-Reyna, Perla Bautista, Rachel Ann Wolfe, Deborah Sun, Vangie Labalan, Nena Perez Rubio, Ruben Rustia. Written by Orlando Nadres. Vilma recieved her fifth FAMAS best actress that earned her the FAMAS Hall of Fame award. She also received a film academy nomination. – MORE INFO

41.Haplos 1982
SCORE: 7(A) + 8(B) + 7(C) + 0.9(D) = 22.9(T)
Directed by Antonio Jose Perez, co-starring: Christopher De Leon, Rio Locsin, Delia Razon, Eddie Infante, Rez Cortez, Juan Rodrigo, Jaime Fabregas. Written by Ricardo Lee. The film won the 1982 Metro Manila Film Festival 3rd Best Picture award. – READ MORE

50. Hatinggabi Na, Vilma 1972
49. Dama De Noche 1972
48. Darna and the Giants 1973
47. Kampanerang Kuba 1974
46. Muling Buksan ang Puso 1985
45. Palimos Ng Pag-ibig 1986
44. Langis at Tubig 1980
43. Pinay, American Style 1979
42. Ibulong Mo Sa Diyos 1988
41. Haplos 1982

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